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  1. Sir, i want a professional email regarding charged without taking ride. Theme line: Ola cabs.

    I have to sent this mail to customers pls help me in that

    1. Greetings from the Team of Ola Cabs,

      We’ve come to know that you’ve been charged without taking the ride. As you know, the system is software based whenever you’ll request any ride it will automatically make fare for it unless it is cancelled as soon as possible. From next time you have to be careful while requesting for the ride or you’ll have to pay cancellation charges as well. We are currently removing the fare charges as it was entirely by mistake. We’re glad to cater your request.


    1. The Director,
      ABC Associations.
      Subject: Letter for Allowances
      Dear Sir,
      I am writing to inform you that I have been working with this group since last 2 years and during the tenure I’ve been a diligent and hardworking person. Sir, according to company’s policy after completion of 3 years I am able to avail certain allowances. These include, travel and food allowances, as my work nature is characterized by these parameters. It’s hard for me to manage these expenses in my limited monetary values. I request you to kindly consider it as my request and provide me with such allowances through company. I shall remain obliged.

  2. Please, i apply for application for assistant electrical engineer in my company last month but another memo have come to supercedes the early one i therefore want to re-write or apply as assistant electrical engineer in my company

  3. Please, i apply for application for assistant electrical engineer in my company last month but another memo have come to supercedes the early one i therefore want to re-write or apply as assistant electrical engineer in my company.
    Very Urgent. Please

    1. The Concerned Person,
      With extreme reverence it is stated to inform you that my job visa for (Designation) is not sanction yet and my mobility period is to be ended in a few days. I request you to please consider my application on urgent basis. I shall be highly obliged.
      Thanking You.
      Name and Contact

  4. Plz help me as i m running my printing n designing office . Also deals in indoor outdoor marketing. I need ur help to how to write a promotional mail of services i m providing to my client through mail.

  5. Hello sir,
    Please tell me, how should I write an application for change father’s name in kendriy vidyalay. I have adopted her. They have specially rule for this. Below is it’s circular

    I am to refer to your letter NO.F. 14044/6-15/2012-KVS/Bhopal/5931 dated 12-09-2012 on the subject mentioned above and it is to inform you that under law the biological father’s name cannot be changed till such time the said father allows or gives away the child in adoption under adoption laws. The biological mother cannot unilaterally allow her child to change the name to new person whom she will marry or has married. Under these circumstances, it is not legally permissible to change the name of biological father.
    In the case of single biological mother who has been either divorced or has lost her husband on account of death etc. the rule position is that before she marries again, she is permitted to change the name of her child. This is permissible in law however she is not allowed to change the name of the child while the father is alive and without his consent.

    This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

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