Article on Importance of Water 

Article on Save Water. The Importance of Water and Current Scenario of water.

Article on Importance of Water


Water is a source of survival for all living things:

Plants, animals, birds, and insects and off course, human beings. As far as the ratio of water is concerned in comparison to land, 75% of planet earth is constitute of water and the remaining 1 % is comprised on land. The marvelous logic behind this great division is the consumption level of water who are inhabitants of planet earth and the 1 % is getting crowded day by day so in order to meet up their future needs, GOD, the most merciful had provided them with 75 % of water for their need fulfillment. There are two types of water, fresh water and salty water. We rely upon mainly on fresh water that we get from number of rivers, lakes, streams, wells, cascades and tube wells. The salty water is found in seas and hardly of any use for steering the activities of life’s routine.


Water is important for us as our body is made up of 80 % of water and all that we need is feed on water as well. In the category of feeding relationship, human are the tertiary consumers and bagged the rank of OMNIVORE. We must understand the concept of Food Chain/Web before proceeding further on the vitality of water for us.
In the chain of feeding relationship, the only Food Producer is the plant or the entire agricultural system, after that comes the Primary Consumer, it is the first one who fed upon the plant, the primary consumer can be an insect, bird or animal, then comes the Secondary Consumer, it is the one who fed upon the primary consumer and can be a bigger insect, bird or animal, the Tertiary Consumer is the third one who fed upon the secondary consumer and called Predator who fed on the prey.

If we carefully see the Food chain, then, we will come across with the term Agriculture and it is nothing without Irrigation and it is nothing without water! So, whatever we all are getting is due to WATER! We use water for washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking, processing, diluting and nourishing. Keeping in mind the significance of water, reservoirs, multipurpose dams and barrages had been built to store the water for longer time period. The stored water can be used for the fulfillment of needs of the future.
Industrialization is of pivotal importance in the development of any country and almost all the major factories: cement, steel, sugar, oil
refineries, textile, shoe etc. heavily depends on the availability of electricity and the major source of electricity is hydro power plants that run on electricity and they also generate it. Power plants are built on dams and barrages to produce certain megawatts as depend on the need of that area or country.

Farming, dairy farms, poultry farms, fruit orchards and the products related to them cannot deny the prominence of water for them. Water is life for them and being human, we are nowhere in true sense of meaning without industry and farming or whatever is growing and rearing on earth. Water is crucial for sustenance.


‘War on Water’ is a phrase that can excellently pronounce and showcase the current situation! Everyone seems to be in battle with other on the issue of water. The reason why all seems to be in fashion of fight is the decrease of water level under the ground. Why the situation comes to this point? The answer will simply be, ‘the wastage of water’ and reckless ways of handling with water.
A greater amount of water is wasted by in the quota of salinity. Irrigating the land more than required, result is salinity, making the land infertile. The toxic oils and water gushing out of factories and licking the fresh water of rivers, thus polluting it. Wasting a lot of water in house in the name of better cleaning, bathing and washing, throwing away the undrunk water in drains, paying of less heed on leaking tabs or hole of water. Spending much time on washing cars and throwing water on them for crystal clear shine and repeating the process time and again.
Making of swimming pools and wasting its water after duration of time to somewhere else. Mighty display of fountains on roadsides just for aesthetic pleasure is another good way of wasting the water.
Running tabs on roads, shops, markets, unattended areas and breaking down of banks of rivers or canals also lead to water scarcity. In the nut shell the only responsible for this current situation is the human activities and thoughtlessness of them in this connection. India is taking an edge on all on in construction of dams and numbers of dams to save water for her future generations and the linked needs. Pakistan is paying no attention towards it and relying on the arrival of some heavenly body and fitting themselves on the once read book, “Waiting for Goddot” in which nobody came and they wasted their whole life in waiting and nonsense waiting. The same goes for the countries/ nations who are not awake yet!

Future Expectations:

Future expectations rest on two tiers:

  •  Water resources
  •  Ways to save water
    Both the tiers are interlinked as by minimizing or controlling the usage of water at individual level, resources of water can be raised up. For public awareness, number of strategies have been devised and circulated on massive level on how to control the use of water in homes, offices and then in factories. Fixing of tabs and other water leaking holes are emphasized to mend as soon as possible. Water drained by DC Inverters and other ACs is recommended to be used in UPS batteries and car batteries as coolant.

On Government level, the administrative members are trying their best to store and save the water by building dams at different areas and to facilitate their nation. Unfair means are also in practice of many as for them ‘everything is fair in love and war.’

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