Sample Teacher’s Comments on Students’ Report Cards

This package includes short comments on the students’ report cards. It is free to use for anyone who finds themselves in need of them. For more information contact us via email or the comment box.

Positive Comments

Handwriting Comments

Weak in Few Subject

Poor Performance

Bad Behavior Issues

Positive Comments

1- Excellent work! You have done a very good job, and I hope to see that you are keeping up this effort in the future as well.

2- Great job! I am seeing excellent improvement in your understanding, and you seem to be grasping the comments quite well. Keep it up.

3- Good work! I see that your understanding is improving, and you have made a very good effort and your diagrams as well. Hope to see this kind of effort in the future as well.

4- Nice work! I love the diagrams that you have made, and I love that you have labeled everything. I hope to see you improve further.

5- I am impressed! This is excellent work that you were displaying and a very nice improvement from last time.

Handwriting Comments

1- It is very difficult for me to understand what you have written, and I will not be checking this kind of work in the future. Please improve upon your handwriting.

2- I have checked your work this time, but will not be indulging this kind of untidy and bad handwriting in the future. I hope you know that I will be deducting marks for work of this quality.

3- Nice work, but the only improvement I would like for you to make is your handwriting. I advise you to practice a few times a week and come to me for tips.

4- Good job, and I have seen an excellent improvement as far as her handwriting is concerned. I would like for you to keep up the practice, and see me after class on Monday.

5- This is some incredible improvement in your handwriting since last time, and I am very happy to see it. Keep up the good work, and I expect even better work next time.

Weak in a Few Subjects

1- There needs to be more effort done in mathematics, science, and English. While there has been improvement, more practice is required if better results are to be expected in the final exams.

2- You need to work more on your mathematics. I recommend that you practice your classwork once you are home. If you do not understand something, please ask me.

3- I see that you are struggling in science. If better grades are to be expected in the final exams, please practice every day. Revise your classwork.

4- More effort needs to be made in English. Please adhere to the proper usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask.

5- Please practice your grammar every day. It is very important to understand tenses and plurals. See me on Monday.

Poor Performance

1- I am very displeased with your academic performance. You need to make a lot of improvements if you are aiming for a good grade in the finals.

2- There needs to be a considerable amount of effort made if you are thinking of getting a decent grade in the finals. Your grades as they are currently, will not be enough.

3- Please see me after class. The grades that you have scored will not be enough to get you a passing mark in the finals. A considerable amount of effort needs to be made if you plan on moving on to the next grade.

4- I am sorry to say that your performance has been very disappointing. You need to make a lot of effort if you plan on graduating and moving on to the next grade. Please see me after class

5- I am extremely disappointed in your grades this semester. I expected better from you, and I know you are capable of achieving much more than this. Please work hard if you want to pass.

Bad Behavior Issues

I1- am sorry to say that you have been an example of a very poorly behaved student this year. I expected better from you, I have treated you as an adult, but you have acted like a child. I cannot begin to describe my disappointment.

2- I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in your behavior this year. There are no amounts of apologies that could erase the way that you have acted. I have treated you like an adult, but you behave like a child.

3- It is very alarming to see grown-ups as you behave in such childish manners. It is astounding to me that you have not learned how to behave properly, or have not laid classroom decorum at all.

4- I am sorry to say that your child has been very difficult to deal with this year. Such behavior issues will not be tolerated next time.

5- What kind of behavior did you have displayed, that could be expected from a child but not an adult. I am extremely disappointed in the way that you have behaved.

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