How to Choose a Good Career

Career is a basic key for success in life . Its very difficult to decide what is better for future life according to your studies and knowledge. How we can utilize our self for better career. What is the important of the right choice.

How to Choose a Career Path


Important Points:

1-     Why to choose a career?
2 –    What is the important of the right choice
3 –    How to choose a career?
4-     Modern age and selection of a profession
5-     Ambition and profession selection.
6 –    Vast range of professions
7-     Select wisely and carefully
8-     Conclusion

Choice of a profession and career is of great important. On the right and timely choice of a career depends much success in life. It decides the future success or failure. The fruits of indecision are bitter. Similarly, one should try to choose one’s career as early as possible. It should be determined by the time one takes one’s first board examination
This is the age of much competition life is now really complex. Things are moving fast. There are a great variety of careers and professions. T makes the matters worse. One feels confused and bewildered in choosing a right career. The lack of proper counseling and guidance worsens the situation. The young students find themselves groping in the dark. As a result of all these, there is much unemployment and frustration. It also means lot of waste of money, time and energy. The students should take the help of elders, teachers and professionals in deciding their careers. They should choose their careers according to their aptitude and resources.
Young people are ambitions impatient and eager to achieve good positions. They want to become high official, executives and have top positions without considering their qualification, skills etc. this is a wrong attitude. One should be realistic; making castles in the air is of no help. One may dream of becoming a super film star and end up as a more casual artist or a help boy. Such over-ambitions lead to disillusionment and unhappiness.

It is better to choose a career at the high school level than go for higher studies aimlessly. One should go for a vocational course at this stage. It will one to stand on one’s feet in 23 years of time. There are many training institutions, polytechnics and professionals colleges. There are many career, professions and vocations to choose from. There are teaching, engineering, medical, law, technical, business, trade, computer applications careers, government employment, positions in police and army etc. one can start one’s own shop, factory, workshop or small scale industry.
Then one can choose acting commercial arts, fashion designing, advertisement etc. but each of these require special aptitude, training and resources. One may have proper qualifications and aptitude for a career of a doctor or engineer. But if there are no financial resources, one cannot choose it as his career.
Choice of a career is not simply a matter of likes and dislikes. Financial resources play a very important role in deciding to choose a profession. For lack of funds one will have to choose a far humbles career. Change of career amid st the stream may prove risky. It is not wise to change careers now and then. Therefore, select your career carefully and wisely, once decided, stick to your decision. Use all your energy and resources to obtain your aim.

One can take to politics if one has aptitude for public life. Politics is not always dirty. It is a profession of hard labor and perseverance. There are many ups and downs. You should be well prepared for all that. If you have strong optimism, ambition for fame and prepare to face the worst, you are best suited for politics. If you have aptitude for books, reading, quite life and studies, you should choose teaching. It is a noble profession. You can then become a teacher, lecturer of a professor. If you have enough money and resources and want to grow rich, you can choose business as your career.
Once you have chosen your career, it is not possible to retrace your steps. If you do, you are a great looser. While choosing a profession, you stand at a cross road. Once a choice is made, three is no escape. Therefore, be practical, logical and responsible in choosing your profession. This is a crucial choice. Take into consideration your liking, resources, qualifications etc. before deciding the course of your future life.

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