Application for Sales Entertainment Expense

Sample application for sales and marketing expense. If sales person visit out side or outstation for promotion of goods like machinery,vehicle, other products and for the sale of respective items. It is required for them to get allowance or entertainment expense which is paid by company or employer. To apply for this, application has to be written by the person. Given is a template and can be used and changed as per requirements.

Sample Application for Sales Entertainment Allowance

The Fiance Director
Febcot International.

Respected Sir,

It is  stated that I am Manager of Sales and Marketing Department. As you know our Sales Department has cleared the highest sale and earned the maximum profit this month. The demand of our transformers and machinery is at peak due to the hard work of our Sales executives officers. They visit out station and various areas for promotion. To appreciate them is an essential thing and to buck up them.

Our Sales Officers are well devoted and competitive enough. It is strongly requested that you must provide Sales Department entertainment expense for all such promotions. The entire summary of bills will be submitted in accounts department for your supervision. This is company ‘s policy to entertain employees at particular intervals. I hope you will consider upon the request.

Yours Sincerely,
Jhonny Kink.
Manager Sales and Marketing.

Sample Application for Sales Entertainment Allowance
Sample Application for Sales Entertainment Allowance

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