Job Application for the Post of Pediatric Surgeon

A pediatric surgeon is a qualified surgeon who performs surgery on newborns, infants, and young kids. Such surgeries involve all kinds of critical life-saving surgeries as well as surgeries to treat birth defects and remove tumors in kids these people have to be very trained and practiced to perform these surgeries. If you are one and are wanting to write a job application these sample applications might prove useful to you. Feel free to leave any requests you have in the comments section.

Job Application  for the Post of Pediatric Surgeon


The Head Of Resource Department,

Wadia Hospital

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Subject: Job Application For A Pediatric Surgeon

Respected Sir,

I hope you are having a good day. I am Dr. Abhinav Mishra a practicing pediatric Surgeon with 5 years of experience with surgeries and 9 years of training, on the whole, I have a fellowship in pediatric surgery and have performed surgeries to correct birth defects and 99/100 other successful surgeries on kids including surgeries to remove tumors, skin lesions and bone restructuring on toddlers and young kids. I am very passionate about my profession and my ultimate goal is prid=vuding immediate and correct help to the patients. I recently shifted back to India after working for 5 years in Mary Jane Hospital, USA. Your hospital requires a head pediatric surgeon and I can get the job done and can provide help and teaching to the young intern doctors as well. I will also get a great platform like your hospital to practice and increase my knowledge as well with your brilliant team of doctors. If you want to discuss any details with me about this you can email me or contact me through my phone number. I will wait for your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Abhinav Mishra

Job Application for Pediatric Surgeon Post


The Human Resource Department,

Multispecialty Hospital.

Sonipat, Haryana, India.

Subject: Job Application for Pediatric Surgeon

Respected Sir,

Hope you are having a  good day. I am Dr. Arjun Singh. I am a specialized pediatric surgeon with fellowship and 7 years of experience performing surgeries correcting birth defects in newborns as well. I was contacted by your human resource department a few months ago regarding joining your medical team and providing my services in your hospital as this is the only children’s hospital in your area and needs a senior surgeon in whose supervision complicated surgeries could be performed. I have decided to move to your hospital and start treating my patients there. My specialties in performing life-saving surgeries include surgery for Hernia Rep[air in kids and removal of tumors in kids. This hope that my ex[erience and knowledge will help treat people in more need and I will get to work with a great team here at your hospital. you can contact me to ask your any details if you want or to schedule a meeting with me. I am grateful for this opportunity and invitation. With this hope, we collaboratively will serve people.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Arjun Singh.

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