Sample Format of Referral Letter for Patient

Sample Format of Referral Letter for Patient from Doctor. Sometimes in the hospitals crucial facilities are non-available and it scums the life of patients so to say. In order to avoid this threats many doctors arranged referral letters for their patients. Such letter can be used by professionals/doctors/Nurses for their patients to refer to certain hospitals in case of any emergency.

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Sample Format of Referral Letter for Patient

The Head of Respiratory Department,
California, United Kingdom.

Subject: Referral Letter for Patient

This referral letter is authorized under the name of Ms. Dianna Lious who is my patient in Chronic Tuberculosis. I had personally checked her state and took her X-ray, Urine Test, Blood Test and Saliva Test as well to determine the nature
of disease at the onset and recently too that is after three months. According to her reports her Tuberculosis is Positive now and she is suggested to leave the hospital and take medication at home but she had severe respiratory issues as well so it would be quite difficult for her to fight back this disease at her home.

Our hospital is only specialized in Tuberculosis of all types and we do not cater with Respiratory issues. For meeting such conditions we desperately need the assistance of your hospital and doctors to cope with this problem.

All the necessary documentation and attestation evidence is attached with this referral letter for your convenience and to avoid any doubt. We have full trust on the person we are sending to your place on our behalf. We hope you will find
no worry and our journey of success will be continued in good terms. Thanking in anticipation for the healthy cooperation.

Head of Tuberculosis Department,
Chest Hospital, United Kingdom.

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