Importance of English Language

Importance of English in various fields of Knowledge. Place of English in world’s literature . English in Pakistan. English language is essential for higher education.What should be the medium of instruction.

Importance of English Language in Education

1- English an International Language

Today we’re living in modern world, which is turning to a Global Village. People are moving on and  progressing day by day, we are becoming competitive, competition has changed ourselves from pleasure to busy life . Things have changed. People have become idealistic, optimistic, reality is far from their lives, their thoughts, mode of living, standards have changed. English language is becoming a necessity way of communication regarding business, jobs, skills, IT, even it has been involved in our personal lives. Our community feels proud for their speaking English language or conveying message in English language and forgetting their regional. For communication it’s the most powerful tool worldwide. For people in any field it is doing job of a linking chain.This has gain the status of most useful and commonly speaking language. In this digital age, computers can be seen populating everywhere. Eighty percent of computer data are processed and stored in English. Much satellite communication use English.

English is the most important world language today. No language is so widespread as language.The number of people who speak English now exceeds 400 million. In most of the developing countries in Asia and Africa, English is the medium of instruction.They also translate famous English books into their languages.They know that to the diffusion of Knowledge and for the progress of their countries in various fields, English is indispensable. English provides the readiest access to the cream of world scholarship and to the bulk of world trade.English is the key which opens doors to scientific and technical knowledge indispensable to the economic and political development of vast areas of the world. An increase in the knowledge of English can contribute directly to greater understanding among nations. It can also be the mean of assuring access to a treasure house of man’s knowledge about himself, about his political experiments, his philosophies and his inner human needs (US Government Publication ‘International Education and Cultural Exchange’. From the V-standard on words English is taught as a compulsory subject in China and Germany.

English one of the richest languages in the world. Its vocabulary is very large. About seventy per cent of world literature is in English. Two thirds of worlds correspondence is now written in English. One half of the world’s newspapers are printed in it and three quarters of the world broadcasts are delivered in English. If we learn English we shall be able to read the famous books written in all other languages. We can also enjoy the works of Shakespeare, Milton and other famous writers in English.
To a country like Pakistan English is indispensable. Ours is a developing country. She requires the latest development in the field of science and technology. To know these development English is necessary. We also require English for international negotiations.
In this age of space travel and the atom own ideal should not be national but international. The nations of the world now remain inter-dependent. In such a world how can we live on a solitary island? At present a large number of our people have been able to secure employment abroad. They studies their subjects in our regional language, they would have been constrained to live in Pakistan. It can thus be seen that English has mitigated the acuteness of the unemployment in our country.
What should be the medium of instruction at our universities? This is often discussed, some educationists think that we must have regional languages as the medium of instruction, some others argue that it will be unwise if we change the medium,
We admit, if instruction is imparted to the student in the regional language , he will understand it easily. We have no objection to continuing the regional languages at schools.
But the duties and responsibilities of universities are different from those of school. One of the important tasks of a university is to promote research and make the country go ahead in al branches of knowledge. A university stands for the adventure of ideas and for the search for truth, it should welcome knowledge and spread it by teaching and publishing books on various subjects. For research and the teaching of various subjects there is paucity of books in our language. But there are plenty of books in English on these subjects.
If the regional language is used as the medium of instruction, standard of efficiency will go down in administration, industry, the professions and even in the universities themselves. It would also mean a permanent set back to the process of national integration.
The future of English is not bright in north. It will be unjust if the younger generation is deprived of a language that makes one quite at home in any part of the world. The study of English will enrich our regional languages.
Our people should get rid of their hatred for English and realize the great service this opulent language has been rendering since it was introduced in our country in the last century. It is the window on the rest of the world.

We do not, however, advocate the retention of English for a very long time. When we achieve economic self-sufficiency, we can dispense with English. Even then those who wish to learn it may not be denied the opportunity of doing so.
Scientists have found out that five thousand newspapers, more than half of the newspapers published in the world, are published in English. Even in many countries where English is a minority language, there is still at least one newspaper in English. It can allow you to understand people all over around the world, gain knowledge from new technologies, and connect your understandings while traveling from places to places. English Language is used in two major ways:

Importance For Job Seekers:

For people who are seeking jobs or are already concerned with their jobs as well as business persons. For all such people command on English language is very much necessary. For employees their salary depends upon their communication and handling power more than their work. Hence knowing Language is a powerful tool.                                                                                                                                                                                            Written Communication:English is the most used language which is written world-widely. In written, it’s the most effective and precise way. It should have correctness, concreteness, clarity, courtesy in it. One should maintain a clear degree, using words from dictionary doesn’t mean that you have a good vocabulary. You should know the strategy ‘When to use, and how to use’. Short and clear statements must be used. Write in a specific language is a tricky task and for that purpose you must have to improve your tenses as well as a good vocabulary is required. You should read more novels, digests, newspaper, watch subtitles of movie carefully. Use a dictionary for difficult words as well as memorize them.

English is the most used language which is written world-widely. In written, it’s the most effective and precise way. It should have correctness, concreteness, clarity, courtesy in it. One should maintain a clear degree, using words from dictionary doesn’t mean that you have a good vocabulary. You should know the strategy ‘When to use, and how to use’. Short and clear statements must be used.
Verbal Communication:

While communicating you need to speak clearly, paying attention to your tone and pitch. Ensure that you don’t mumble or recite your points again and again, it seems unimpressive and the listener take you as nerd. You should be sure about your logic, facts and figures. Modulate your tone within the context of the topic. Ensure that you do not ramble or recite your points, as it may seem very unimpressive, which might also project you as unintelligent.  Make sure that you are speaking effortlessly, preferably at a slow pace and not just uttering what you have memorized.Your talking styles matters, and it should be frank and confident along with accuracy.

Listening Skill:

Good communicators know the importance of listening. They will tell you that listening is more important than even speaking. While in a conversation, if you do not listen carefully to what others are speaking, it will appear as if you are simply trying to put your point of view only and trying to dominate others, which might project you as very arrogant. This at times may prove a pitfall for you. Resist distractions and encourage the speaker. A good listener has the power to create a good audience, so try to maximize your audience and pay regard to what they say.

The demand for English Language is getting enhanced day by day, in European countries they use the same, but in Eastern countries like Pakistan, Asia, India people with high and effective vocabulary and accent are preferred more. People with good English as a skill get more chances to get success and have appealing resume. In first impression, they create their good image. The people who are not aware of it, have to face many problems. Improving your communication comes with regular practice.

As proven, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. No matter how intelligent you are, your communication skill is the only attribute that convince your listener or reader. Many courses like IELTS and TOEFL etc are recommended but all is about your own will. but some people are not able to do such courses, for them I’d recommend to buy CD’s of English language and practice. To write at your own as well as try to speak in front of others. Good vocabulary usage via having a dictionary is a great source.

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