Sample Apology Letter to Principal on Cheating in Examination

Sample letter format of apology letter to principal on cheating in
examination. Cheating is crime, in the same way as piracy is a crime. In both the cases, others’ stuff and hard work has been snatched away by the persons who are lagging behind in their life and are true shirker. This behaviour is punishable and should be a[apologized when felt. This format can be a good help for those who are feeling ashamed of their act and wanted to reconcile it.

Sample Apology Letter to Principal on Cheating in Examination

The Principal,
Princeton High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject:  Apology letter to principal on cheating in examination

Respected Sir,

It is to state that I am Mr. Zeon Tookie and a student of tenth standard. Yesterday was my Mathematics paper, and I had caught by the examiner on cheating base. The reason behind my cheating was not my habit as I am a star child and you knew that as I am disciple in this reputed school from the past ten years and sir, you knew that cheating on my part had never come to you in all those years that proves my innocence.

I admit that I had cheated and the reason was I was not prepared for
the exam as was busy in earning the livelihood for my family, being the eldest it was my duty to feed them and cater their needs no matter what the situation is. I couldn’t make out the time to sit and study with relax time and I also could not afford to sit in the previous semester and lagged behind in my studies s all these reasons compelled me to cheat the paper of the guy sitting next to me. I am sorry for my act. kindly accepts my apology and retake my paper. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Zeon Tookie,
10 th May, 2018

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