Complaint Letter Against Doctor’s Negligence

Complaint Letter Against Doctor’s Negligence. Doctors play an important role in taking care of ill people. They job is very crucial there single act of negligence may lead the severe health condition to people. This is a sample letter of complaint against doctor’s negligence.

Complaint Letter Against Doctor’s Negligence

The Medical Board
Health and care Centre
765 y St 3
Melbourne, Australia

Date 30.6.2018

Subject: A Complaint Against Doctor’s Negligence

Respected Department Head!!

Human being made mistakes we all know, doctors are also human beings, and they also make mistakes whether you like it or not doctor’s mistakes are sometimes more dangerous or fraudulent than other people.
I am writing this letter to file formal complaint against your hospital doctor Miss Marie, a “Senior Gynecologist”. On date 31.12.2017 she did caesarian of my wife under the emergency conditions. Timings were almost midnight. My wife did regular visits as prescribe by her. She takes medicines and followed her all instructions during her three trimesters of pregnancy. She neglects “high blood pleasure” reading of my wife throughout the pregnancy period. She took it easy and misdiagnosed my wife symptoms with anxiety. Her unprofessional attitude results in stopped
growth of my infant during the pregnancy, leading towards the delivery at emergency bases through caesarian. Finally a child was premature. The life of my wife and child both were at high risk. She takes it for granted. What is this mean for?
Now premature child is at high risk of developing other health problems. My child is at incubator from last three months. Wife is suffering serious trauma. I want you to dismal the license of your doctor. Otherwise I will suit the medical services providing in your hospital. For this instance I will also contact media. And I will file an appeal in court against your services and Mr. Marie. Hopefully, you would take action against the doctor.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Mathew

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