Sample Resolution for Board of Directors

Sample Resolution for Board of Directors is as valid as if the resolution had been passed in a meeting. A written resolution must be signed by all directors.Very important document for all board members as well as company. By signing written resolution directors forgo their ability to discuss matters. A easy template for written resolutions is given below.

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Template for Resolution of Board Directors

It is hereby certified that following resolution u/s 208 of companies Ordinance, 1984 was passed by the board of Directors of Fiffa’s International Pvt Limited at a  meeting held on 18-3-2014 at.

Resolved that Monsanto Pvt Limited has requested that they are not in a position to pay any mark up the at this moment in time since they are facing liquidity crunch, hence the mark up on the investment made in Monsanto Pvt Limited has been deferred to the next financial year.

The Resolution has duly been recorded in the minutes of the book of the company. Certified copy has been delivered to all board members for record.

Company Secretary,

Template for Resolution of Board Directors
Template for Resolution of Board Director


Director’s Signatures






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