Late Delivery of Furniture

It is sample format letter of late delivery for official use, to tell them that they have delayed your furniture delivery, or can be used for late delivery of machinery or other goods as a letter showing negligence of staff for poor working criteria. Company’s repute is highly damaged if work isn’t according to commitments of purchase order.

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Delay in Furniture Delivery


Company Name_________

Subject:      Delay in Procurement of Furniture

Dear Delivery In charge,

Ref our purchase order no 3456 dated 06 & 24 Sep, 13. It is apprised that a contract was signed by our company________ in May, 13 for procurement of furniture. Out of total 15 line items, the vendor has so far delivered only 05 line items. Despite repeated reminders to your company_________ the remaining furniture items are still awaited.

Detailed status of furniture items is enclosed.

It is highlighted that____________ is extremely short of office furniture due to which said items were contracted to meet the emergent requirements. Therefore, unnecessary delay by the vendor is adversely affecting the smooth functioning of this.

Foregone in view, please direct concerned agencies to expedite the procurement of remaining furniture items.

Waiting for your quick delivery.

Manager Administration,

Late Delivery of Furniture
Late Delivery of Furniture


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