Basic Strategies For Effective Team Building

Team management and group working is very essential part of official work. You should have to learn that how to collaborate with other partners, by keeping your personal issues, aside. For the benefit of your organization, you have to be professional. Working in team form is tricky, and you have to show your activeness and participation.These are the  basic Strategies for Effective Team teaching.

 Strategies For Effective Team Decision Making

When it comes about forming a team, it is of different types depending upon the quality and well as requirements of the work. Following types of teams can be formed.

Task force — Achieve a single goal in limited time

Quality assurance team — Focus on product or service quality

Cross-functional team — Join employees from various departments to                                                solve problems


Product development — Focus on the development cycle of new                                                         products

Virtual team — A team with members in more than one location


Team Behaviors:

Following behaviors must be adopted and these are the must requirements for being a part of a team.

Commitment — focused on mission, values, goals, and expectations

Cooperation— share a sense of purpose

Communication— know that information must flow smoothly

Contribution — expect all members to share abilities and skills with team

Group Decision Making Stages:


When you’re in a group, do remember you are not alone, you have to
take all other members with you, even if you are a leader. With out all members your group is incomplete.

Orientation: group identifies the problem and plans for reaching decision.


Discussion: researches, identifies & weighs options, tests assumptions.


Decision: group combines individual preferences into a collective decision.


Implementation: Group carries out decision and assesses its impact.


Types of Group Conflict:


Working in a team form, can also create many conflicts, as different people of different personalities do occur. Everyone has it’s own ideas, own

thoughts, and own ways of thinking. Depending upon the cause, 

following types of conflicts do exist.


Substantive Conflict:

        It deals with the type of conflict that occurs among group member
        within a same group.

Personal Conflict:

        It can occur among two persons, of a same group. Due to any bias or 
        personal problems.

Social Dilemmas:

        Conflict arise when motive of group overcomes by individual motive.

Procedural Conflict:

         In this type of conflict, persons have their own methodology and own 


        Competition among two, the greatest cause of conflict. This must be 
        avoided because it causes severe effects.

Styles of Conflict Resolution:

As there’re different conflicts that arise, similarly different resolution do 
occur. One can handle a conflict sensibly by using the resolutions 
available for it. Following are given,


       By competing is one of the way to resolve a issue. You should 
       compete if you are right.


        Sometimes you need to accommodate and respect the opinion of 
        other person too. Take his decision with you as well.


         It’s the best option! What you should do, avoidance, it will not create any mess.


         You can do compromise, with the situation. It gives you a better 
         chance to resolve anything.


         Collaborating with others is also an important technique.

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