Failure as a Blessing in Disguise

Important Points:

  • No same person would like himself to be in adverse circumstances.
  • Sometimes failure proves to be a blessing in disguise.
  • Misfortune brings out the best qualities in man.
  • Great men in history touched the pinnacle of success a midst worst circumstances.
  • Adversity saves us from vices of prosperity and affluence.
It is all natural that no one person would like to come across adversity which may be called unluckiness, misfortune or failure.
This is because the adversity makes us drift away from the goal objective or thing we strongly want, to lay hands on. But sometimes it so happens that failure turns out to be a blessing in disguise. It brings us something good which we could never thought of and which we could never secured for us even by putting the best of us. Further, the adversity cost by failure teaches us how to avoid mistakes in future which made us come across the misfortune. This is probably why it is said that failure is the key to success or failure is the pillar of success. The meaning of this maximum is clear in the sense that our failure guides us what to do and when to get on the road to achievement and success. Moreover, misfortune brings out the best qualities in man which even he himself was ignorant of.
Once confronted with failure we learn how to move against all odds. It teaches us patience and also how to work hard persistently and consistently. Once failed in life on some occasions we find in us new vigour, vitality force and confidence to face the next difficulty. 
Same is true, of the achievements got and goals hit by the great men, who tested a number of times the bitterness of failure. Ultimately they could hit the target with confidence they had set before them when they exercise patience. What better example could we get other than the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) who has entrusted the task of bringing the whole human race into the folds of Islam. On many an occasion, he apparently failed but of-course, did not lose hope and faith in God. Then a time came when he could see the beams of Islam reach every nook and corner of Arabian peninsula. 
Adversity saves us from the vices accompanying the prosperity and effluence. Our society is replete with a number of evils. However, this is a usual observation that  the effluents of sections of the society get to drinking, gambling and other vices which the themselves away from. One cannot deny that adversity has its own fruit though it makes a little long for this fruit to ripen.

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