Sample Suggestions Letter Regarding Skin Care in Scorching Heat Waves

Sample letter of suggestions regarding skin care in scorching heat waves. Heat is more dangerous than temperature in the summer season as it gnaws the energy, lubrication and luster of the skin. Parched and yellow dry patches show the result of heat on skin, especially. This format is for all the living beings who wanted to take care of their skin and avoid scratches or dry patches on their bodies.

Sample Suggestions Letter Regarding Skin Care in Scorching Heat Waves

The Principal,
Princeton High School for Boys,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Suggestions regarding skin care in scorching heat waves

Respected Sir,

Greetings! I wish you cascade of health for you and for your whole team. Nowadays, heat is immense and is increasing day by day! The sun is burning and earth is refusing to give some shade to the grieving souls like us who have to expose themselves in this heat for work and livelihood. From the desk of doctor, it is advised to you all to please keep doing the following tips in your routine life to get some ease from this deadly head as coming days are Equinox in nature.

1- You must drink plenty of water to save yourself from quick dehydration.

2- You must feed yourself upon fruits as ¾ of your daily diet plan and be careful in choosing the fleshing and juicy fruits so that your skin can get the maximum nutrition.

3- You must use Vitamin E cream/oil at night as it rejuvenates the skin cells and provide necessary lubrication to the skin.

4- You must apply yogurt and turmeric powder to evade the risk of skin tan or pimple that causes much pain in the sweating season.

Best of luck and have a great day!

Yours Truly,

Mr. Zeon Tookie,
20 th May, 2018

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