Sample Love Email by a Husband for his Wife

The following are two examples of a love email by a husband for his wife, expressing his true and inner love for him in terms of words. Every  Searcher can use this and modify it according to their need.

Sample Love Email by a Husband for his Wife

  1. I’ve been meaning to write you this letter for a long time, to let you know how I’m feeling on the inside. You’ve provided me with all I require to make my life shine. I’m sure I could fill a book if I started chronicling everything you did. I doubt a simple letter could explain what I truly want to say. I won’t be able to communicate my true feelings. You’ve shown me that love exists in all places and at all times, and I’m delighted to have met you, my wonder lady. Did I ever tell you what a lovely lady you are? When I say you’re lovely, I’m referring to your great attitude and compassionate heart as well as your physical looks.I’m pleased you’re my wife, yet I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve you. You’re not just my wife; you’re also my best friend. You put up with my midnight rants and all of my bad habits. I can tell you anything and still be myself around you. When I’m tired of battling my way through this world, it’s your presence that brings me calm.
  2. I’m happy when my friends envy our relationship; we don’t argue over who is more or less essential because we both understand how vital we are to one other. The nicest thing about our relationship is that we both comprehend each other’s unsaid sentiments. My sweetie, I shall always adore you. I recall the first time we met. You looked like a goddess in a pink knee-length gown. God, I was charmed by your grin and those eyes! I have never seen such lovely eyes in my life. I could spend a whole day just staring at them. I prayed to God that day to make you my wife, and now I can say that God has given me more than I could have asked for. Spending time with you revealed to me that you are not only gorgeous, but also clever, kind, and a strong lady. You are a multitasker; you care for me, your children, and handle your profession.


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