Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Christmas is one of the biggest festival celebrated all over the world with joy. It is an international event for all Christians. Here are samples, templates of Christmas party invitation to your friends, family, boss and co-workers.

Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Subject: Christmas Party Invitation for Friend

Dear Nobel,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to invite you on a Christmas party at my house this weekend. As you know that every year we celebrate Christmas with all of our friends and family. This year we also decided to make it a memorable and fun party by inviting all dearest friends. You are more than a colleague to me, you have always been there for me and proved me that good humans still exist. I really want t spent this special party with your presence in it. I want you to bring your husband and kids too. We are going to arrange a lot of activities for kids and for adults too. There is going to be a delicious food cooked by professionals. We also have little gifts for kids so they can enjoy the true essence of Christmas. Hope to see you at the party.

Warm Wishes,


Invitation Letter for Christmas Celebration

Subject: Invitation for Family Members

Dear Cousin Rohal,

It is Christmas time and how Gellar’s can pass Christmas without throwing a big fat, grand Christmas party so we are inviting you on 22 December at National Gardens for Christmas Celebrations. I am inviting you on behalf of my whole family to be a part of this celebration. It’s been a long time since we have met, there are a lot of things that are going in my head and a lot of gossip to do with you. You were always my favorite cousin to play with, gossip with and telling my all secrets to you. We have such good childhood memories that always make me wander in that lost loving childhood. Therefore, you have to come to this Christmas celebration this year. I don’t want to hear any excuses from you. Buy tickets and be at the party on time.

Waiting your presence. Miss you.



Christmas Celebration Invite for Boss

Respected Sir,

It is my honor to invite you on a Christmas party at my house. You have been more than a boss to me. You are a mentor who always have been very humble and kind towards their employees. I am sure that people don’t get this lucky with their bosses as I got. You have always understood my conditions which I am always thankful to you. Therefore, I and my wife are having this little Christmas party at noon over our house. Close friends from office will join us. I hope to see you at the party too. I want you to celebrate this Christmas with us and have fun.
Please bring your wife and kids too. We have arranged fun activities too for kids so they can be busy at it and some games for all the adults too. It is going to be very fun party. I really wish to see you at my Christmas party, your presence would matter a lot.

Yours Sincerely,

Johnn Robert

Junior Officer


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