Essay on Druga Pooja

Essay on Druga Pooja

It is an Indian famous religious festival celebrated each year. This festival lasts for five to six days. It usually starts after Mahalaya the lunar month in the city of Bengal because it is the majority of the festival of the Bengali community that is residing in India. This festival is marked with colors, people get themselves dressed in colorful clothes, specifically in their traditional style of clothing. After that, they gather at pandals to offer their prayers to the goddess Durga Devi. It is quite prevalent in the Bengali community that the goddess Kali has been originated or appeared from Durga’s head slew Mahisasura’s evils cohorts. Another festival known as Navratri is in line with is Pooja because that festival is also dedicated to Durga Devi, but it is nine days long festival. Both festivals coincide in quite a similar way. Each day of these five or nine days festivity is marked with the sole dedication of each day. Following are the things to don according to the Durga Pooja calendar:

Day 1: Panchami, Kartik, Bilva Nimantran, Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon, amantran and Adhivas.

Day 2: Shashti, Kartik, Navpatrika Puja, Kolabou Puja.

Day 3: Saptami, Kartik

Day 4: Ashtami, Kartik, Durgs Ashtami, Kumari Puja, Sandhi Puja, Maha Navami.

Day 5: Nabami, Kartik, Bengal Maha Navami, Vijayadashami.

Day 6: Dashami, Kartik, Durga Visarjan, Bengal Vijayadashami, Sindoor Utsav.

The religious festival is of utmost importance in Indian mythology because it celebrates the victory of Durga Devi over the evil Mahishasura who was the king of demons. The first day is celebrated as a welcome to the mighty goddess to home and the last or on the sixth day which is known as Sasthi, the worships and actual celebrations get their start.

In India it is celebrated each year with the same pomp and religious fervor. The day is marked with deep love, affection and devotion to Durga devi for keeping them safe from the demons of the king of demons the Mahishaura. It is their day of respect for this devi who saved their future which otherwise could be bleak and unsafe.

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