Apologize Letter for Mistake Sample

Sample apologize letter for mistake, to apologize your Employer, staff member, co-worker, colleague, friend. In order to sorry from them, for your bad conduct, mischief, offensive behaviour etc. Mention the reason that why you did so and assure that it will not happen again. Sample Formats of apologize letters are given below. Can be used according to your need.

Apologize Letter for Misconduct at Work

The Manager,
ABC Association, Lahore.

Subject: Apologize Letter

Dear Sir,
I owe an apology to all my co-workers and management staff as I walked out in the middle of official presentation. I apologize for that as it might hurt your feelings and was an unethical conduct.
The condition on me at that time was crucial. I was not feeling well and was unable to sit further at that place.

I tried to cover up but I was not able, I thought of leaving so that I may not disturb others as well as the presenter.I hope that you will consider my problem genuine and will provide me the recorded copy of that presentation.

Yours Sincerely,

Mustafa Majeed.
Finance Assistant.

Apologize Letter for Offensive Behaviour

The Marketing Manager,
ABC Association, Lahore.

Subject: Apologize Letter for Offensive Behaviour.

Dear Sir,
I am sorry I talked in much offensive way in the official meeting. I did not do it intentionally to humiliate you. It was my personal problem, I was so messed up in my own mind that suddenly I threw words. My own perception clouded by judgment and it was in couple of seconds that I didn’t get time to think what I have done

Kindly forgive me. I hope this unfortunate misstep will not jeopardize our official relationship. You have the right to say me anything. I know, and I admit my mistake but I don’t want to do so. I apologize and assure you that such mistake won’t happen again.

Ali Raza.

Apologize Letter to Friend

Dear Ahsan,

I want to say sorry to you for my behavior I did last night. I am feeling guilty on that as I have realized that I was wrong and I am sorry that it offended you. Looking back on it, I am abashed. You are one of the best friends I have and I hope that you will ignore my mischief. Please accept my sincere apology for my insensitivity and be assured that I will no longer do such thing again.

Yours truly,
Hamid Mirza.

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