Sample Leave Letter for Attending Family Function

Sample Leave Letter for Attending Family Function. This format is for those who are looking for a suitable format of leave due to function in the family.

Sample Leave Letter for Attending Family Function

The Manager,
Green Voiles Engineering crafts Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of leave for attending family function

Respected Sir,

Good day! It is a pleasant morning today and perfect for the functions to relish and devour the taste of life to its fullest. I am Mr. Betty Martin, the worker in the processing unit of this prestigious company. As you know, I have a huge family to tend to and for that reason, I go for two jobs at the different timing frames. I serve as event organizer in the evening and decorate the halls or rooms or lawns according to the choice of the clients so that they can see their dreams come true. This time, there is a Christmas party function in my own house. My wife is extremely hospitable that is a rare sight to see in this age of selfishness and gluttony.

I honour her for her generous nature and could find no heart to say her blunt No, so I stand by her. She wanted me to change the house to a lavish luxurious party style and I promised her to do so. To cater the whole situation and doing the needful, I am requiring a two days off from the office. Mr. Jenin Forms will be responsible for the work to see on my behalf. I want the leaves to decorate the house at the first place and then attending the family function later on so please don’t kill my mirth and grant me the leaves. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best Regards,

Mr. Betty Martin,
25th August, 2018.

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