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The ultimate aim of our team is to provide clients with the top-notch written material, without any hassle. You may find a vast collection of official letters, applications, certificates and resume formats along with templates of various official and casual documents are available here for business personnel, students, employees and professionals in simple English. Our squad is working round the clock to gather up freshly written and unique content for you people. Kindly use the search box to find out what you need.


You can find samples and formats of various applications including leave applications, business applications, request applications, job applications  and many more for business professionals and students, click ahead.


A wide collection of letter templates including thanks letters, acknowledgement letters, cover letters, apology letters, business letters, appointment letters, condolence letters, confirmation letters, invitation letters, job letters and many sample letters for various purposes, official and professional use.


Enhance your personal value by interactive style of your resume or curriculum vitae. Find samples and formats of various resumes,to get your personal decent profile look. This contains variety of curriculum vitae regarding your profession.


Find formats of certificates, applications to apply for certificates, NOC for employees, students,teachers and for working professionals. Appreciation and participation certificates and others on your demand.


Contains number of internal official documents including office orders or Internal notice for office employees and working professionals.

Bills & Invoices:

We provide sample templates of bills, invoices, to companies and individual business persons according to quality standards. You can search your required bill, invoice, to keep records of office. This is very important document for official record as well as for client.


General category contains various official letters, applications, official orders, reports, job applications, job descriptions, purchase and reminder orders, salary slips, maintenance orders and various other formats to be used by people. We are working for providing effective written material to people.

We are also selling paid documents for office employees, private workers, general people and business professionals. Its an online document seller website and our motto is to provide our clients with best written content to use in any case. Here are some sample documents for your convenience. We have various international satisfied clients from USA, Europe, Canada, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia and all over the world.

We provide consultancy regarding documentation to people. Our purpose is ensuring maximum value of your business documents. Ultimately its all about achieving your ambitions and improving your business performance. Having a wide range of materials our main focus is on the satisfaction of our clients. To provide you people with all exact format of documents and general templates. You demand, we write. Explore a world of easy templates just a click ahead.

Any time you can contact us via email. This site contains sample documents which are formed on request of our clients, people can go through them and find out some best samples for their use. their new business. We also provide company profiles to companies which are about to launch new business, along with related necessary documentation.


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