Element of Feature Article

An article if written, it means you have completely mentioned its aspects. You have go through it and it is ready for public use. These important points can help for good article writing . Following are the elements required to make an article complete.

Element of Article Usage Writing


  • Abstract (Summary)Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Methods (Experimental Details)
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements

Firstly, you should have the whole summary of what you’ve written, it short the abstract. You can use the keywords which you’re using majorly in your article. It will assist the reader. An effective introduction, which gains the attention of the reader and keep him with the context till the end. Discussion at a wide end should be done, it should keep pace with both type of thinkers negative and positive. Effective discussion should be done but at the end it should have some conclusion or points which are really expressive as well as impressive.

Brings together the two key scientific elements of THEORY and EXPERIMENT.
Shows how a variety of disparate data/results/observations can be understood through a single, elegant, hypothesis

Optimal Capital Structure Article


A good and well defined article must have the following features in it.

  •  Writing skills of writer.
  • Experience and knowledge of writer.
  • Good enough grammar.
  • Correct Spellings.
  • Hijack the topic by complete research.
  • Content should be well defined.
  • It should grab reader’s attention.

conclusion is very important part of article so, it should be necessary to ending words of article make proper sense of whole story.

Element of Feature Article
Element of Feature Article

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