Freelance Services Proposal to Online Clients

Proposals and leads are sent and received in two ways in online business. Inbound or outbound in case you are sending a proposal to a company or an individual to show them that you might be a good fit to resolve a certain issue of theirs or you have good skills to be eligible to get the online job/ work they want to get one you usually write a proposal letter explaining your skills and your portfolio to the probable client. Check out the sample proposals below.

Proposal Letter to a Company for Providing Your Freelance Services


Azure Solutions,

Hey, I am Chetan Singh a Digital marketer with over 7 years of experience. I have audited your website after your post about wanting to collaborate with a digital marketing agency. Your website lacks certain aspects to be more open and convertible for your sales. My vast experience in this field has helped me manage the businesses of many Ecommerce Businesses. The services I can provide for you are

  • SEO of your entire website and running Ads for better reach
  • Searching target audience and converting every click into a sale
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Email Marketing.

You can check my website for further details and contact me for a 1:1 Consultation call to discuss what I can do for your business.

Chetan Singh.

Proposal Letter For Providing Your Freelance Services


Skyhigh Marketers,

I am writing you this to propose my content writing services for your company. As a digital marketing agency, I know the importance of an experienced content writer for your business. I have more than 3 years of experience in this field my expertise being in writing sales copy and SaaS Copywriting. I have written

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Email newsletters
  • Website content/copy
  • Sales Copies
  • Ebooks

I have written for many niches including Busuiness, Auditing and Accounting, Information technology, and Healthcare. With my extensive research and writing skills I have been able to 20x the sales of the businesses I have worked with. I have also given personal branding services and I am very confident that I will make your work and projects so easier and  better with my writing. You can call me to discuss how I can provide my services to you. I have attached my online writing portfolio to check my testimonials and my writing style and experience. I will be waiting for your response to dicuss work with you. Have a good day.

Arjun Kumar.

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