Sample Replacement Letter for Employee

Sample Replacement Letter for Employee.This format of replacement letter can be used in Govt Offices companies,banks and schools.Govt office order to replace the person  in other department transfer to other place due to promotion or other reason.It’s a sample replacement letter for employee.

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Sample Replacement Letter for Employee

The Operational Manager
United International Banking System,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request Application for changing Account Assistant

Respected Sir,

It is to state very humbly that I am serving this organization from the previous one decade and I am quite experienced in my field. I had not faced any problem so far in my professional career but now I am putting complain against my nature but by rule. Sir, I wanted to replace my assistant in accounts on the score of his educational back ground. He is holding a degree of masters in Marketing and my nature of seat deserves a person who had done his masters in accounts. Kindly see to this matter as is of grave nature and is the requirement if this job as well. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Maanav Sareen Singh
December, 3, 2015

Sample Letter Replacement Employee
Sample Letter Replacement Employee

Govt Office Order to Replacement

 Replacement Order

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    1. The Concerned Person,
      I am writing from behalf of all staff to inform you regarding our mainstream concern these days. The floor of the entire area is highly incompatible and uncomfortable to walk on. Many of the senior staff members have also faced severe falling accidents owing or this. We request you to please cater and resolve the issue on a serious note, soon. We shall be highly obliged for this.

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