Job Description of Office Manager

Sample job description for higher authority level post  marketing manager, HR manager, Project manager etc…. everyone should be reported to senior management and looking for all department schedule so allot of responsibilities can be done under the supervision of well known management staff

Job Description for Project Manager


Title of the position
Resource Development Manager

Resource Development

Reports to
President and Vice President

Overall responsibility Supervise department staff and find ways and means to enhance funds for organization.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Working on all the possibilities of fund raising
  • Dispatching letters and emails on timely basis
  • Arranging meetings and executing campaigns which are necessary for institute

 Consults with

  • All levels of management


·         Good organizational skills
·         Cooperative behavior with staff as well as with donors
·         Well defined marketing tools
·         Handle elusive tasks given by management

What is the work like?

Marketing plays an important role in almost every industry sector. In its simplest form, it is about ensuring that customers’ needs are met whilst maximizing the profits of a company. A marketing manager’s responsibilities can vary enormously, but will always have this as a central objective.
Marketing managers use a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts and think creatively, devising new ways of communicating with established and potential customers. Daily tasks and duties will depend on the company size, structure and industry sector but may include:
  • Monitoring and analyzing market trends
  • Studying competitors’ products and services
  • Exploring ways of improving existing products and services, and increasing profitability
  • Identifying target markets and developing strategies to communicate with them
  • Preparing and managing marketing plans and budgets
  • Managing the production of promotional material
  • Liaising with other internal departments such as sales and distribution
  • Producing reports to monitor results
  • Presenting findings and suggestions to company directors or other senior managers travelling to trade shows, conferences and sales meetings
  • Supporting and managing a marketing team.
Marketing is a multi-disciplined profession that is likely to include aspects of direct marketing, research, public relations, branding, communications and advertising. It involves working alongside a wide range of people, both staff in other departments and external agencies such as design teams and copywriters.

Skills and personal qualities

A Project manager should:
  • Have knowledge of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts
  • Be an excellent communicator
  • Be able to respond well to pressure
  • Think creatively
  • Work well in a team and with a wide range of people
  • Be organised and methodical
  • Be proactive and able to take the initiative
  • Be able to motivate and inspire a team
  • Be well presented with a professional manner
  • Be persuasive and diplomatic
  • Have a good business awareness
  • Be able to work within a budget.
Job Description of Office Manager
Job Description of Office Manager

Sample Job Description Template


Company Name………

Phone Number…….                                                                 Date……..

Job Title  ………….                                                                             Department………..

Qualification………….                                                                           Reports to ………..

Job Summary:

Primary Responsibilities:
Additional Responsibilities:
Knowledge And Skills Requirements:

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