Permission Letter to Use Place for Shooting

Permission Letter to Use Place for Shooting. Dramas are fictions made for entertainment purpose of society. Drama production team cannot purchase everything need for a play. So they paid rent for material they required. This is a sample written letter to ask a permission to use a house/place/venue.

Permission Letter to Use Place for Shooting

Mr. Ellis
Senior Project Manager
HR department

Respected sir,

Hopefully you would be enjoying your good health and life altogether, I am writing this letter purposefully to you. Sir, I, Mr. Kenner is a financer. I finance the media production which includes; drama serials, award ceremony, cast payments and many more. As you know these things cannot be go along alone, it is team work. Now days, I am financing a horror drama. We were searching best home location for it and fortunately we find your villa in your farm. It is exactly what we were finding. We have also visited it from inside. We take permission from your guard. We have decided to use your house for our shooting. The estimated time period of shooting would be near about a year. It can take more or less time. We can pay you $10,000 per month. The total amount per annual would be $120,000. We can offer you more if you demand. We would be responsible for the maintenance of your house and would be pay all other charges. We would pay 50 percentage cash in advance.
Kindly contact us, so that we make and sign written agreement among us. I think there would be no problem for you as you are living in urban area and this house is empty. Still if you have any other query please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for your decision and reply. Thanking and anticipation.

Best wishes!!
Happy New Year

Yours Truly
Mr. Kenner
Date 29.12.2017

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