Sample Circular on How to Choose Befitting Career 

Sample circular on how to choose befitting career for oneself. The most guided direction is the best one as no ambiguity remains about the ‘direction.’ This direction is directly linked with selecting a career for oneself in the life ahead and it should be decided with much care and consideration. This format can serve as a help for choosing best career for the new thinkers.

Sample Circular on How to Choose Befitting Career

The Chairman,
Lucas Steel Mills Corporation limited,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Circular on how to choose befitting career for oneself

Respected Signor,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be sailing in the titanic of wealth and health and I pray to Providence to give you the same in the future. I am Jonathon Wiz, the counselor of this prestigious company. I am linked with Human Resource Department, the Main-Craft Section and the Managing department. As it is clear to you on how I can think and relate the things and it would be different from others, for sure.
The main purpose behind this long prelude is, the right person on wrong job! The problems that I had received, mainly comprises of low sales, difficulty in understanding the new soft wares/work. This is something alarming!
I suggest you to develop a cell of experts where they should formulate an NTS type testing scheme just to judge the mindset of the employees. After careful scrutiny, the applicants must be guided to their career or the department of work where they can fit in on the best possible conditions. This evaluation will be beneficial for the employer and the employees both.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jonathon wiz,
20 th June, 2018.

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