Reducing Carbon Footprints:

 What is a carbon footprint? Ever heard about this term? No? Well, it is as simple as a shiny sun. Yes! It is all about fuel consumption. By carbon, we mean a hot gas that causes the temperature of the earth to rise. By footprints, we mean the effects, the trails of carbon that has on the earth. Earth herself is not causing the increase in the carbon footprints via natural disasters or ecological changes. We, human beings are responsible for its rise in the ecosystem, of which we are an integral part.

           Human beings are great thinkers, but always oblivious of the consequences of the activities they are indulged in! There are number of human activities that are very dear and beloved to them, but on the other hand, taking the planet earth into a perilous state. Few activities of such types are listed below:


          In winters, no one has the courage to avoid it. We all love the smoky aroma and spicy tasty of the hot sizzling chicken piece or mutton or beef piece. Apart of the cleanliness or halal haram concepts, the very ingredient on which the specific piece of meat is cooked on is a black coal. The coal is a house of carbon dioxide gas. Now, imagine the amount of smoke erupting from each BBQ tray. The each and every strand of smoke is piled up with carbon dioxide, contributing to the wellness of the atmosphere in which we all are breathing in and breathing out, and in breathing out, getting our carbon dioxide out too!

 Long Drive:

                     What a lovely weather! Oh! We got a weekend break! We aren’t gone anywhere since long! Let’s have fun! Let’s move out! These are few dear sentences that we all utter in different situations listed above. We all have cars, if not, we have Uber or Cream at our disposal. All the vehicles run on fuels, as we all know. The fuels arew loaded with carbon dioxide. In 1 liter of petrol, 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide is released. Multiply the liter with the release amount and then multiply it with your yearly consumption of petrol only! The results will be horrifying!

 Gas/ Electrical heaters:

                            We are too cold! Switch on the heater or the inverter. Water is too cold, switch on geyser! These are the usual habits of all of us. Again the amount of carbon dioxide is adding up in the already existing abundance of this dangerous gas.

Ways to reduce carbon footprints:

There are number of ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprints. Few are listed below:Reduce the cutting of tress/forests

Use public transport instead of private cars

Use cycle or prefer to walk to cover nearby distances

Wear warm/wool clothes instead of switching on gas/electric heaters/ inverters, too often

Make BBQ in pressure cooker (search for relevant recipes) and after its cooking, give it a smoke of 1-3 coals to give it a taste of specific BBQ.

Grow trees, whenever, wherever you like to.


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