How to Shop Smart

How to Shop Smart

Everyone like shopping mostly, women. Some women are shopaholic and some does smart shopping. Wondering which one are you? Don’t worry, we got you covered. If you are the one who goes to mall and ends up buying loads of stuff even without needing it, just casually- wanting it! Then you are big shopaholic. If you make a list of things you need from mall and market and only buy what you need not what you want, then congratulations you are one of rare smart shopper! People don’t really understand how important it is to shop smartly unless they are in debt.

Shopping a lot without needing the thing is contagious. It literally grows on you and you need to shush it away as soon as possible. You don’t save money and not your time while shopping out of leisure, you  have spent a lot of money on materialistic things which sit in your cupboard for long time. Firstly, you do shopping again and again without figuring why are you doing this and then your anxiety kicks in and you are totally zoned out. Questions like this appear in your mind “why did I buy this?” “do I need this” Problem of being a shopaholic is that you will not even know and it will become your habit, you would become such a compulsive shopaholic that you would go for your parents debit card and then you’ll be in debt and to get money you would choose every wrong path.

This is why it is important to shop smartly and don’t get into a trap of buying things without ant need, buying things you need only will make you more responsible, organized and in control of yourself. You will be the one who take decisions whether you need something or not. We have some very interesting ways by which you can prevent yourself from shopping insanely.

  • Prioritize Shopping List:

First thing first, make a shopping list of things you need from the market. Be more specific and precise about the stuff you need so you would not waste time in the market wondering if you need this or that. It is very easy to get distracted by other stuff.

  • Cash should be as need is:

While going out for shopping, you need to bring cash with you only which you want not a lot of cash would help. If you would have small amount of cash in your wallet, you would have that sense of conscious while buying irrelevant stuff that you don’t need this stuff and your priority needed stuff would get lose and realization will kick in, in which you will be responsible about your shopping.

  • Don’t let SALE fool you:

This is the most problematic thing of shopping world. Store owners play with customer’s mind like this and they actually get benefit from sale more than they ever get. Sale is just numbers game, in which they seduce the customer with their favorite items and show them on sale, while the prices are usually same because no one really knows how much dressed cost first but now they see it in a lower price (mind you; it’s in a same price) so they want to get it as fast as they can.

  • Choose your shopping partner wisely:

Maybe you think what it is to do with smart shopping? It doesn’t matter who I go out with shopping? But I hate to break that to you, your shopping partner influences you in one way or another. Moreover, if your shopping partner is also smart shopper, you would also adapt this habit and try to buy things you really need but if your shopping partner is shopaholic and you both see stiletto heels in the store and buy it for $500 then you would be the one regretting about it later. Trust me, you will regret.

  • Comparison Stores on Prices level:

Don’t fall prey of stores tactics, some stores are flashy and they have stuff of same quality in high prices and some stores have it in less prices so if you go out to buy television, you need to be very smart about it. Roam around the mall and buy the television which suits your pocket and of high quality as well.

  • Buy stuff when its off season:

It always help, it does. It is easy on your pocket and yet you get the best stuff in reasonable prices. The algorithm of it is very easy, if you buy something which is not needed by any one, you would get it in a very low price. This will help you do smart shopping more wisely.

  • Avoid expensive Stores:

If you know that there are stores which sell stuff on very high price, avoid them at any cost. You don’t even need to go there and check their stuff because usually big stores have a lot of tricks to make people buy something so trust me, you don’t want to go there!

  • Save the receipts

Save the receipts of the clothing you have bought even after making a purchase. There is no need to lose them or cut them off unless you are ready to use the material.

Shopping spree is something that all wants to do but shopping smartly is something that not all are familiar with. Moreover, saving your money and getting the best thing from the market is not a big deal anyway.

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