Reading as a Essential Tool in daily Life

Important Points:


1- Pleasure seeking activities

2- Reading provides a unique pleasure

3- Benefits of reading

4- Reading materials and methodology

5- what does reading require

6- Selection of reading material should be perfect

7- Read the great writers, poets and author

Reading is Essential and Study Guide

Man seeks pleasure, he loves and pleasure. Many of his activities are simply for it. He can undertakes any risk for it. For e.d he enjoys sky-diving, surf-riding, rock-climbing, hunting beasts for prey, these activities are full of danger. Then there’re various games sports and hobbies, he can be called a pleasure seeking being. The pleasure got from reading is unique. It provides a matchless pleasure. It is full of many benefits.

There are some hobbies which give pleasure but that may be harmful, mostly are dangerous. But reading is a very healthy, useful and economical hobby. It gives pleasure which id desirable and preferable. The range of reading material is very vast. You can choose history, philosophy, biography, poetry drama, fiction, short stories, mythology or travel as your subject. The choice is so wide, rich and varied. You may also select jokes, comics and deductive material. It is the best pleasure time pursuit. The ability to read books, newspapers and magazines and derive pleasure from them is a great boon.

Those who have this habit and hobby are fortunate. Reading provides many additional benefits it increases word power, experience knowledge and skills of expressions. In the words of Francis Bacon “Reading makes a full man; conferene a ready man, and writing an exact man.” The hobby and habit of reading should be developed at the early age. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be had at advanced age. But it can be cultivated best in childhood. Reading required special skills and aptitude. Books are the best friends they’re the treasure house of knowledge and wisdom. A lover of books is never lonely. He’s never sad and idle. You can read at your convenience and ease.

It doesn’t require another’s company. It isn’t costly as well, you can have your collection of books. You can borrow books from friends and libraries. One can buy second hand books at very cheap rates.The relief and relaxation got from reading is matchless.You can enjoy it while travelling or eating or taking tea. It is anywhere,anytime pleasure. Reading broadens our outlook. The money spent on books is a sound investment.The charm and benefits of reading cannot be expressed in words. Only good books should be read. One should choose one’s reading material carefully. There’re many cheap, harmful and substandard books.

They can spoil reader’s character and poison his mind. In selecting the books you can seek help of elders, teachers and librarians. Then there are book reviews who guide and help you. Avoid cheap, sensational, sexy and obscene books and magazines. Books which can inspire, guide, help and encourage should be read. By reading famous authors like Allama Iqbal, Shakespeare, Sir Syed, Ishfaq Ahmad etc, a person comes in contact with great souls, their ideas, experiences and thoughts become our own.

Then we feel enriched, cheerful and enlightened. We share their greatness and become their friends.The pleasure of reading can be recreated. It can be imparted to others. Reading of good books enables us more manly and humane. So, one must read to enrich himself with the light of knowledge and it is the greatest wealth you can ever have.

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