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Collecting the Payment from Vendors

The following two letters are Warning letters for collecting the payment written by a food/drink company to the Institute of Technology, Mumbai, for not paying them what they owe. Searchers can use these templates according to their needs.

Collecting the Payment from Vendors


The CEO,

Institute Of Technology


Subject: Collecting the payment from vendors

Respected Sir,

My name is Raj Butt, and I am the Junior Manager of Telplus drinks. This weekend, our beverage company hosted a well-known culinary festival. Our firm just secured a deal with you to provide your vendors with a big space of around four stations. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and ask that you complete your final payment as soon as possible.

We assigned you four stations and 35 workers/assistants from our end. In addition, we guaranteed a discount from our end. On schedule, our financial accountants got half of the down money. I now notify you that the remaining money is required by the end of this week. We would appreciate it if you could deposit it straight to our primary bank account. Also, please complete the following feedback form regarding our company’s services, and please include any problems/issues that you encountered. Because these forms are anonymous, our office will keep your company’s name private.

Yours sincerely,

Raj Butt


Tellus Drinks

Sample Collecting the Payment from Vendors


The HR Manager

Institute Of Technology


Respected Sir,

I’m writing because you failed to pay by the deadline of October 4th, 2021. Please check the attached invoice for a breakdown of the amount you owe. On the 1st of October 2021, I finished providing food booths for an event at your prestigious institution, as promised, and your institution committed to pay my invoices no later than the 2nd of October 2021. The total amount owed is presently 50000 rupees. It’s critical that I know how you intend to pay off this debt.

I have discussed this with our head office and they allowed me to give you 10 business days till the 14th of October 20201 to make payment arrangements. If I do not hear from you, I will file a small claims lawsuit against you since this will reflect poorly on us in the eyes of our employees, and we cannot pay them until you pay what you owe. I’m looking for a prompt and good answer from you, and it’s been a joy working for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for cooperating with us.

Yours Sincerely.

Raj Butt

Junior Manager

Tellus Drinks

Suspension letter for Fuel Stealing

Suspension letter for Fuel Stealing

To, Sam Robert

From: Gintrex Pvt Ltd.

Dear Sam,

We are writing this letter to you because you have been accused of stealing fuel from the site. Theft behavior is not acceptable in our Company. We are trying our best to gather more information on this
matter. However, kindly understand that we do not keep such employees in our Company who are involved in illegal activities. This is to inform you that you have been suspended from out Gintrex Company. All the investigation is going on and will be ended soon when any strong proof comes out of it. Until then, we are suspending you from your duty as an HR Assistant. We will inform you about your re-joining or termination in the upcoming days. It will be finalized once everything is settled down. It is very substantial for us to give time to have a proper investigation done so we can conclude. We will also review all the allegations made against you before this incident about theft in Company.



Termination Letter for Theft

Dear Employees,

We are writing this open suspension letter for our two employees. Their name is Mr. Jack and Mr. Will. We have found camera footage in which you both have found stealing fuel on the site. It is a violation of rules and clear theft. We are investigating the case more as footage of the camera was not as clear. Therefore, we are suspending you both from your duties. You are not allowed to come to the office and perform your duties until the next notice. We will send you the next notice regarding the decision made upon proofs. We will not just hear one side only. You both are welcome to come and clarify if you have any justification to give regarding this subject. We are open to discuss this issue in detail. We also encourage our other employees to come forward with proofs if they have any against these employees. Please don’t blame, just come with proof so we can investigate and take action.


Human Resource Department

Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

Warning letter for unprofessional or unethical behavior is used for correcting the violations and it is issued to an employee for informing why his/her behavior is unacceptable due to multiple reasons. Everyone can use these formats according to need.

Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

Dear Mr, Jack,

I am writing this warning letter in great concern for our company’s reputation and progress. This warning letter is written under the statement that you have been accused of gossiping around the
office. It is an immense embarrassment for HR and management to hire an employee who ruins Company reputation in such an ill way. We have found some texts written by you about our CEO which are false. You are gossiping to different employees about our CEO and falsely accusing of him having a relationship with Ms. Kenny. This is unavoidable in any circumstance. You should know what you are talking about someone before speaking. This is not just about the CEO but about any employee. If you talk ill about anyone in the Company that will not be tolerated. Therefore, We have decided to issue this warning letter so you understand how important these issues are for Us. Our Company environment is healthy because we don’t entertain such behaviors.

Yours Sincerely,


Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip( Teachers)

Dear Ms. Shelly,

This warning letter is being issued to you for the very last time. You have been accused of gossiping around the corridors of this school about the male senior teacher. This is downright non-acceptable for our school. Please understand the sensitivity of such comments on a human career and as well as school reputation. Our school is renowned because of its impeccable teachers who try to teach students academically and also morally. We form our student’s personalities and we cannot cost such rumors about our most senior teachers. This school has high standards from its establishment and we tried our best to maintain it in every way. We cannot let it go because you find it amusing to talk rumors about
teachers in a casual way. Your action matters in the premise of school. I hope you learn from this warning letter that any of your non-serious behavior will lead you to the termination.

Yours Truly,


Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Mileage Claim

These sample letter formats are written to an employee when he has been found to have submitted the wrong mileage claim. Many companies authorize their worker/employees to use the facility of petrol /fuel. HR department can write different reasons in letter according to need.

Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Mileage Claim

Mark Johsan,
Batala Pvt. Limited, Mumbai

Dear Mark,

I am issuing this warning letter to show our concern about your wrong mileage Claims. It is very unprofessional and un-ethical on so many levels to forge a mileage claim. We got to know about this issue from management’s department and that is why I am contacting you as main person from UBL Company. We are in utter shock to know that after providing such facility, employee will still put wrong information about mileage he has never traveled. You have exploited the great facility provided by the company. We have complete faith in our employees
and by this trust we are running this business for years but cases like these make us disappointed in such employees. You must know submitting wrong mileage claims is an offense and it can lead to termination. But, considering your years of work with us. We are giving you this warning letter to not to do anything like this again or it will end in termination.


HR Department

Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Expenses Claim

Dear Harry,

Subject: Warning Letter

I am issuing this warning letter to you from the behalf of company “Accountancy Ltd”. You have forged the bills from the official trip to Dubai from Company. This is considered as a complete fraud by claiming fake bills. You have put us this organization in deep embarrassment and disappointment. Your position as “senior manager” is in question right now. This is extremely un-professional and not acceptable by any means. Therefore, I am giving you this warning letter so you refrain from doing anything like this again in future with this company. If any thing like this happens again, we have to take strict legal action against you and
terminate from this company as dishonest employees don’t add any value to any reputable company. I hope you understand this and work upon your mistake and don’t repeat. You are further advised to submit a written explanation or an apology letter about your behavior.

HR Manager,


Sample Warning Letter of Term Violation in Partnership

Sample Warning Letter of Terms Violation in Business Partnership. These formats can be issued to partners or customer/clients due to various business matters. Multiple reasons can be shown according to requirement.

Sample Warning Letter of Term Violation in Partnership

Dear Business Partner,

This letter is a written warning letter regarding term violation. Before starting this business, we held a basic meeting just to discuss about the terms and regulations of running this business together. There has been 2 years to this business that we have not been in any quarrel or never faced any unsatisfactory payments or results. I am very disheartened to know that your team is not meeting all the criteria as they were before. Weekly budget of business were not up to date. Reports of machinery selling to the Head department were late. Some of the entries were missing. I have called you many times to discuss about the deadlines but you totaling declined it. I believe that this is very unethical and unprofessional behavior, which is not acceptable in any work environment. This written warning letter is being issued to you for the very first and last time.




Company Name:——————

Warning Letter Regarding Term Violation in Partnership

Dear Mr Methew,

Good Morning, It is very unprofessional and not at all acceptable to be not attentive about your work. I have to know that there were three important meetings with clients in this week, which you did not even attend and not even inform the clients about your unavailability. I tried to reach you several times, there was no luck, and then I have to know that you are on vacation in Canada. I am highly disappointed that you did not even care to inform me about your trip. If you could have told me, I would have handled the clients. I hope you are very aware that it is against all the rules we decided at the time of business setting. I am issuing you this warning letter regarding term violation. I hope that you make this partnership a priority and be more professional. There are some basic principles mandatory to follow for all the business partners.


Johnn Robert

Warning Letter to Teacher for Slapping a student

Sample warning letter to teacher by Principal for beating students/children in school, college, academy or institute.

Warning Letter to Teacher for Slapping a Student

Ms. Alexa Stewart

At Bluebird School, we offer quality education and security to our students. We have always tried our best to maintain our standards of education as compared to other schools. We always train our staff to avoid any substandard incident. Recently, we got call from one of the students’ parents of class 5. They complained about you slapping on minor thing. It is to inform you that we have not allowed any of the teacher from our staff to slap any student. It is against our rules. I would suggest you to go through the rule book once again and notice what you are permit and what not. This was very embarrassing moment for me and I have apologized to parents. I believe that they will take the kid to another school now. It is your first and last warning. Do not repeat this again or we have to take strict action against you.


Al-Ala School System

Warning Letter to Teacher for Beating Students

Ms. Delia Beth,

I am very shocked to know that you have slapped one of the children of class. This is extreme behavior, which is not acceptable in our school premises. We have never allowed any staff member to have a leisure to slap or hurt any kid of school in any way. It is not acceptable and have never happened in our school ever before. We have trained our teachers well to know the difference in politely handle the child or hitting the child. This was against all the principles of the school. I hope that it does not go on a social media and we have to deal with officials. If you see any problem in a kid, you have all rights to call their parents and talk to them about it but hitting a child is not acceptable in any way. This warning letter is last warning to you.


Message Grammar School

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance. These sample memo will help you how to issue a warning notice to the employee for poor performance.

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

The company monitors and evaluates its employees every month and give promotions and rewards to those who deserve the best. We also deal with the employees who do not take work serious and neglects the responsibilities and duties given to them. It has been observed that your performance of this month is huge disappointment. The growth of company matters and you have not even did one sale successfully. We have been having continuous meetings from the prime day to rectify employees lacking’s but we believe that you have not even learned anything from those meetings too. As a sale oriented company, we have a lot of burden and progress of each day counts. We, here try to make teams which are enthusiastic and passionate enough to achieve their set goals. This is the warning letter to you to perform excellent in next month or else company will have to take a decision of terminating you from
your post.

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance

I hope this email finds you well. From the past few days I have been observing you that you’re not paying your decent attentions towards the assign tasks.  If you’ve something to discuss kindly do it with us. As, we can’t take any risk towards our work.

Sample Warning Letter due to Late Report Submitting

Sample warning letter for not sending report to concern department within due date. Easy templates are here.

Sample Warning Letter due to Late Report Submitting

Mr. Tom Lindsey,
Prime House Education School System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Warning to student due to late submission of report


With due concern and agitate, I am here to warn you on not taking interest in your studies. Mr. Tom, you are a good student as your reputation says a lot about your character, but your casual attitude towards the frequent orders of your teacher fell as dead words! You paid no heed to his care and attention and showed rebellious attitude that resulted in late submission of the research report that was scheduled in the month of June, 2018, but you submitted it a day before! This attitude of yours will not be tolerated in future. Rest assure you will be responsible for your actions and the resulting consequences.

Best Regards,
Mr. Chairman,
23 rd July, 2018.

Sample Warning Letter to Employee due to Late Report Submitting

The Manager,
Lark Hood Steel Engineering Crafts,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Warning to employee due to report submission


Please be informed that you are held accountable for showing callous and very careless attitude towards your professional career and the related demands of it. The post report of the meeting agenda was your task to be completed on time, but I must say that, you failed in showing least sense of responsibility towards it. The post meetings reports are required for deriving the statistical data to show the improvement and comments/suggestions of the leading businessmen, but you took it as it was nothing to care about! For your insolence and lack of diligence, one month salary will not be served to you. Please be careful in future or you may leave.

Best Regards,
Mr. Chairman,
23 rd July, 2018

Warning Letter Format for not Submitting Report

Dear Michael,

Workplace has some demands from its employees and by these basic demands company pay the reward to them. We have been monitoring your lack of interest in the work for past two weeks and have told you casually to be back on your routine as soon as possible. The main report of sight-seeing was needed on 12th of this month and you have submitted it after 15 days of deadline. There are some
basic ethics to follow. This is your last warning on this non serious attitude towards work. Your performance have been stringently been followed up by the administrator and we hope that you bring potential changes in your attitude so company would not take any hard decision.

Best Regards,


Warning Letter to Student by School due to Frequent Absentees

Warning Letter to a Student by School due to Frequent Absentees.The aims of education must be directed toward the development of each child’s personality and full potential, preparing children to participate in society and to do work that is rewarding and reasonably remunerative, and to continue learning throughout life. This is a sample easy format letter to warn a student due to frequent absentees by school authorities.

Warning Letter to a Student by School due to Frequent Absentees

Date 12.05.2018
Private and confidential

Mr. Carl.
Street no 5, lake city London

Subject: “warning letter to a student by school due to frequent absentees”

Dear Carl,

I am being issue you a warning letter to your frequent absentees form our school during the test session period of 17.2.2018 to 14.04.2018. This is a serious matter according to our rules and regulation of school and we cannot tolerate it any more.
Through this letter I am informing you that your attendance record is unsatisfactory, and that immediate improvement and action is required. This is your first and last warning letter. Your admission
would be terminated if your attendance will be not improved by 20.05.2018, and if you failed to attend upcoming test sessions you would be not only fined but you would be not promoted to other class. I propose that you would meet in my office with written excuse application with your both parents signature at 17.04.2018. Otherwise you have to come along with your parents to meet me. Because your non serious attitude cannot be facilitate anymore.
You will be acknowledged if you become not only punctual but regular as well as begin to take interest in your studies with determination. I hope positive response from your side. Else a serious action will take place against you which might lead to termination of your admission. You are given another chance because your previous academic record was above average and you have also some positions in extra curriculum activities.

Best Regards,

Mr. McDonald
Academic Director
City High School

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval

Warning letter for absent without approval. Warning letter to employee for authorized absence. Warning letter to employee for excessive absence. Letter to employee regarding unauthorized absence.

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval

Miss Anna Jane
London Schools of Accountancy

Subject: “Warning Letter to Teacher for frequent absent from school”.

Dear Madam,

With regard, this is to inform you that your frequent absentees from the job are representing your unprofessional attitude. Our policies did not allow a school teacher to carry such non serious attitude towards a job. We need enthusiastic teacher for our school because
your frequent absentees without approval may cause poor result of our students. This is your first and last warning from our side. If you will not maintain your regular attendance record, you will be terminated from our school.
Hopefully, you will take this seriously and will decrease your frequent absentees. Failing to do so may lead to termination of your employment. The school wishes you a bright career here. I look positive changes in your attendance record.


Mr. James William
Principle London Schools of Accountancy
Date 10.05.2018

Warning Letter for Absent Without Approval for Employee


Date 12.05.2018
Mr. John Jade
Lascotts 55 N jl London

Subject: warning letter for employee

Dear Jade,

I am writing to you about your frequent absentees form your job during the employment period of 17.12.2017 to 14.04.2018 with “Information System Associates FZF”. Through this letter I am advising you that your attendance record is unsatisfactory, and that immediate improvement is required. This is your second warning letter. Your employment will be terminated if your attendance will be not improved by 20.05.2018.I propose that we will meet again at 17.05.2018 to review your attendance and performance as well. Please let me know if this time is convenient for you.
You will be acknowledged if you become not only punctual but regular as well as perform your duties with determination. I hope positive response from your side. Otherwise a serious action will take place against you which might lead to termination of your job.


Mr. McDonald
Chief executive
Information System Associates FZF