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Immediate Termination Letter to Employee for Working as Part Time

A termination letter notifies an employee that he or she has been fired due to violation of company policies. HR department can use easy formats according to their requirement.

Immediate Termination Letter to Employee for Working as Part Time


Mr Hannary Gate,

IT Officer.


Manager Human Resource

Subject: Immediate Termination

This letter of termination of employment is to notify you that your employment period with our Kent Company has come to an end. You have been terminated from the company due to your part time job at George’s and Fin Company Ltd. As you are well informed on this matter that there has been a one year contract between you and company that you will exhibit utmost loyalty and would not be doing any other part time job. As this job required your full surveillance and scrutiny, there would not have been any compensation for another job nor does it come under the policy of our company. This decision is final and irreversible. You are kindly requested to submit all the company property like laptop, mobile phone, sim card to the administration. You will receive reverence payment and final paycheck at the end of this month. Please go through the attached file.



Employee Termination Letter Template

MrJoohnn Mehta,

This termination letter is to inform you that your employment with Gibbs Company will end today. Reason of your termination is that you have been doing a part time job in another company without informing Gibbs administration. It is elucidated clearly that there will be no compensation for disloyalty. Your consistent absents from the work is the apparent prove that you were very non serious about working with us, which made us look into your profile. It is a shame that Gibbs company relational manager got to know about your part time job from the source and not directly from you. We have always given enough space to our employees to discuss their personal matters which will remain in confidentiality. Therefore, your health care benefits will be effected for 40 days. Please return the company’s belonging before leaving the office. You have signed a non-solicitation contract. Please see the attached file.

Human Resource Department.


Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Following is a sample written letter of vehicle lease termination. Leasing is a facility given to the people to buy new products on fewer amounts and then pay the total amount in easily payable installments. Banks are facilitating their customers for auto vehicles as well, but this facility is followed by some terms and conditions. Failure to fulfill that terms and conditions may lead to termination of that contract; it may lead to return the auto vehicle to bank.

Vehicle Lease Termination Letter

Mr. Yell
St 45 house no 121
Helton, Singapore
Date 20.06.18

Subject: Vehicle lease termination letter

Dear Yell,

With sorry and sadness, this letter is a formal notice from the bank “National Bank of Singapore”, to termination of your lease facility of auto car no LEA 345, model 2018, Black Honda civic. We have sent you three warning letters earlier, failure to contact and payments of installments for last three month leading us toward this legal action. The NBS terminate a vehicle lease so delivered the auto vehicle back to bank within 15 days. If you failed to deliver the vehicle within the given time limit a serious action would take place against you. It may be a arrest warrant against you and it is a non bale able offense. You would be charge of fine of $7600 according to our terms and conditions.

As you received this letter, contact us as soon as possible and report us about late installments else you would not be entertained. You don’t want to face the consequences of particular obligation then report us within the given time period. Your action would be appreciated and if you report us I, make sure we would make some soft corner for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Zenith
Senior Branch Manager
National Bank of Singapore

Sample Termination Letter Format for Student

Sample Termination Letter Format for Students.Terminations are hard decisions based on multiple reasons but it is a death like state for any student. The institutions who want to terminate their product can use this easy format.

Sample Termination Letter Format for Student

Mr. John Hemingway,
Carnation Street,
California, United Kingdom.

Subject: Termination Letter for Student

It is noticed that Mr. Iago John of 4th standard is not attending the classes. He is seen in the school disturbing other students and thus violating the disciplinary boundaries of the institution. On the account of his misbehavior the administration had given him three written notification by his class teacher but no heed was paid to it. We finally decided to terminate your child for the well-being of other students. Kindly do not send your child to the school by tomorrow. Thank

Best Regards,

Blue Daisy High School.

Sample Termination Letter for College Student

Ms. Ernst Arabella,
Clove Street, Phase 1,
California, United Kingdom.

Subject: Termination Letter due to Fee

Respected Madam,

We were much generous with you in the past to see your current financial state at that time. We gave you fee concession for one year then but now you had not submitted the fee for three quarter! This is beyond our limit as audit team is approaching fast and we had to prove our clarity. Pay the outstanding fee or your child will be terminated from the college. Till the deposit, kindly do not send your child to the college by tomorrow. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Kims College

Sample Termination Letter for College Student
Sample Termination Letter for College Student

Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Sample Termination Letter for Poor Performance for Teachers and Employees. If any teacher from School/College/Academy is to be terminated from her current position due to her poor performance, lack of capabilities and careless attitude towards his/her work the provided template of termination letter can be used. Wordings should be clear and shouldn’t be harsh.

Sample Termination Letter

Mrs. Jasmine Steve,
Senior Science Teacher.

Subject: Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Dear Jasmine,

This is to inform you with repentance, that school management of Cambridge School System has decided to terminate you from your current designation of Senior Science Teacher. Though you had a span of 3 years of teaching and experience but somehow you are not fulfilling the requirements of students. As, you are well aware that we at Cambridge, have developed student oriented system and feedback from students is taken on priority. Since last two years, we are getting negative ranking of your evaluation.

This issue has already been discussed to you but we think that you are neither able to overcome the situation nor satisfy students’ study requirements. To fire any person isn’t simple chore, we again had comments session with students and come to know that apart from teaching your behavior is not appropriate for class decorum. Furthermore, it was sought that majority of students in your subject scored lower grades after assessment from external teacher.

After accomplishment of our research & owing to all these reasons, we had to take the final verdict of your termination. We hope that you will try to improve your teaching skills if you have to continue in the same profession.

We wish you best of luck for your career.


Anna Amber
Cambridge School System.

Sample Termination Letter
Sample Termination Letter

Sample Dismissal Letter for an Employee’s Poor Performance

Dear Mathew,

It is to inform you that your performance have been monitored stringently foe past two months. You have been very irregular and giving no performance at all whole month regardless of warning letters been sent to you. We hire employees expecting excellent results which will eventually help the company to grow. Main
targets have to be completed in due time, which you were failing consistently. This company had huge expectations from you but your lack of interest have led us to take the final decision of your termination from this company. Please take your letter from office and you can stop coming to office from following day.



Termination Letter with Cause

Sample Termination Letter with Cause for Employee because of his/her improper attitude towards work, lack of competencies and capabilities, insufficient working skills etc. If the employer has to fire the employee from his/her job the provided template can be used as format of termination letter. Letter should be simple and define the reason of termination clearly.

Termination Letter with Cause

Mr. James King,
Assistant Manager Marketing.

Subject: Termination Letter

Dear James,

We regret to inform you but your journey with ‘Falcon’s Associations’ has come to an end. This letter will serve as official intimation to notify you that you have been fired from the designation of ‘Assistant Manager Marketing’. The reason for this unfortunate termination is simple and you’re very well aware of your shortcomings. You have not proved yourself to be competent enough to deal under various circumstances and you have lack of time management skill.

You have already been warned several times to improve your gesture towards your work but you are not successful in doing so. Owing to the mentioned reasons management had to take this crucial step of your termination and looking up for a new candidate which may fulfill the strict criteria. We hope that you will do your best to overcome your flaws and apart from this you had work experience of one year which would be beneficial for your further job career.

We wish you good luck for your future endeavors.


Gold Steve
Falcon’s Association.

Termination Letter with Cause
Termination Letter with Cause

Termination Letter for Student

Student Termination Letter from School.This letter can be used by a school or college to terminate a student for any particular reason which is not acceptable for the school. You can be mentioned necessary reason in termination letter.

Sample Termination Letter for Student

Dear Rohait Sharma,

This is to inform you that you are being terminated from school due to your bad behavior and foul language in class. This decision is not taken promptly, you have already being warned several times because of your misbehavior with students as well as your teachers. Moreover, we have also got complaints about your foul language which you use with your teachers. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for our institution and therefore you have to leave the school immediately so that it sets an example for other students too.

Apart from this bad behavior, your report card shows how much non serious are you towards your studies. We have been getting complains about you several times before. We also warned you to change yourself as these kinds of acts portray a bad image of our institution and the goodwill of our institution is affected badly.

We hope that this action will bring a change in you and you will learn from your mistakes and will not repeat them in future. We wish you good luck for your future and we request you to take this action in a positive sense. We also request you to fulfill the necessary actions to be taken due to this termination and please also collect your result from office by tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely,
Head Mistress,
kIMS School.

Sample Termination Letter for Student
Sample Termination Letter for Student

Termination Letter for Employee

Termination Letter for Employee not a good fit.This letter is written in order to inform an employee about his termination due to any particular reason being identified in the company. This format of termination letter can be used due to absenteeism or due to misconduct /poor performance etc.

Termination Letter for Employee Sample

Dear Mr. Gorege Patal,

This letter is being written to you in order to inform you that your employment services will be terminated from next week of this month. This decision has not been taken promptly, you have been warned several other times about your lack of interest in work and irregularity and non-punctuality at work. You have been absent from work many times and you have always given excuses. We have warned you even before but you did not take it seriously. Moreover, your poor work performance has also forced us to take this action since your leaves are more than what is allowed to have in a year and you are not doing anything good for the company.

This decision has been taken by the Board of Directors and no favoritism has been done by any employee. The decision is purely dependent on your work performance and your number of absence in office.

However, we still are grateful to you for your services until now but we regret to inform you that you will have to leave the company immediately as such kind of behavior shall not be acceptable at workplace. We wish you luck for your future and we hope that you will learn from your mistakes and that you find a better employment opportunity ahead. Attached is your salary for this month and you are requested to fulfill all other necessary process.


Rohail Mehra
Tetra Pak. pvt ltd

Termination Letter for Employee Sample
Termination Letter for Employee Sample


Termination Letter for School Teacher

Termination Letter for School Teacher Sample. This letter can be used by the school authorities when they are terminating any teacher for a specific valid reason. They can use this letter to inform the teacher about her termination in a polite manner. School management can use this format of termination letter.

Sample Termination Letter for School Teacher

Dear Miss Sajal Akmal,

We feel sorry to inform you that your teaching career in our institution is going to end this month as we are issuing a formal termination letter for you. However, we feel bad about it since we have developed a family type relationship with you. The reason for this prompt termination is that we have been receiving complaints about you from both the students and their parents. The complaints were mainly about your rude behavior towards your students and discrimination and favoritism amongst the students. Moreover, we have also received so many complaints about your poor teaching skills and methods from students and parents.

Many students have left this school just because they were not getting good grades because of your poor teaching material. Many students have also complained that you are not very regular and you miss many classes which is not good for our institution since it is losing its popularity and goodwill because students are switching towards other schools.

So it is being requested to you that you resign from our school as soon as possible so that a strict action does not take place against you. We have already hired another teacher in your replacement so you do not need to spend more days in school. We hope that you find a better future ahead.


LACAS International.

Sample Termination Letter for School Teacher
Sample Termination Letter for School Teacher


Sample Termination Letter of Contract for Service

Termination letter format of contract job for employees due to poor performance or misconduct, If the management assigned target and employee not take it seriously then the employee is not eligible to perform the duty properly. Its a sample template of termination letter.

Sample Termination Letter of Contract

Mr khuram Khan
Designation: Supervisor

Subject: Termination of Contract

You are offered a job as supervisor on contract basis with the terms and conditions that if  you will fail to complete you assignment/target, your contract will be terminated due to periodical performance. You were assigned different targets during the period of 6 months.

After evaluation of your performance, It was found that you  have been failed to get your assigned targets. You were warned many times  by the coordination officer during the meeting held with you, but you did not even bothered to meet the basic requirements of  the duties assigned to you. You mostly remained busy in your private affairs just marking your presence in the attendance register and did  not perform your duties well and have found inefficient. You were lethargic and you failed to follow the instructions issued to you from time to time. Resultantly, this office has faced shortage in 100% target achievement.

To meet the Chairman, You are  called on dated______ for personal hearing with proof of performance with assigned target, but you  failed to satisfy this office in this regard. You  were given another chance to improve your progress. Now you were once again called on dated———- for personal  hearing for review of physical progress, but your progress was found nil and you also admitted that you could not carry on the job and are not eligible to perform the duty properly as due to  hard nature job.

Your contract agreement is hereby terminated today on account of your poor performance, inefficiency and misconduct under the contract agreement.You are also directed to return all the store items and get your clearance certificate from this office and clear you salary bills payable.

HR Director,
Asghar Ali

Copy  for information forwarded to the Chairman and Accounts Department

Sample Contract Cancellation Letter for Service
Sample Contract Cancellation Letter for Service


Letter of Termination Sample

Employee termination letter for staff members who are to be notified about their termination. Application for officers, managers,administration and other staff members. Termination letter due to poor performance or any other reason. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used. Its a sample template of termination letter.

Letter of Termination Sample


Subject:  Employee Termination Letter
Dear Umair,
We regret to inform you that your employment with our organization is terminated from ________ (date). In our termination meeting you were informed about this and this is an official letter for your acknowledgement.You have work with our organization for less than a year and due to your poor and incompatible behavior.
Before this notification, warning letters were issued to you, copies of which are present in your personal file. Major cause of this decision was your poor performance and careless behavior. It effected your intellectual skills.
As stated in your final warning letter that strict actions will be taken in case of poor performance, which can even lead to your job termination. Your failure to do so has brought us to our final verdict. Your office keys and company given laptop has been taken from you in the meeting. Officially, from _______ you are not an employee of our organization. We had a good time with you Mr. Umair for any assistance and information you can contact  accounts manager.
Wish you good luck for your future.

Termination Letter for Poor Performance
Termination Letter for Poor Performance


Termination Letter on Urgent Basis


Name of Teacher_______

Subject:  Termination on Urgent Basis

The Director of school has decided to terminate you on urgent basis. The principal of school personally observe that during class period you have used abusive language and discuss political issues. However the students are not satisfy and not taking interest in academic. The parents are giving negative feed back regarding you teaching style. and the prestige of school is on fire.

You have done such activities which does not come under your responsibilities. You have been warned earlier to change your methodology and stop taking class informally, but have not paid attention to it. Therefore management has decided to terminate you on urgent basis.

You can contact accounts department for your clearance.

Manager Human Resource

Accounts Department____

Termination Letter For School Teacher
Termination Letter For School Teacher