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Request Letter for ICT Teaching Practice

Sample letter format of requesting to practice ICT teaching. Teaching is a profession. For any profession, a number of skilled persons/staff is required everywhere to run their organizations. Competent teachers are welcomed across the world for healthy contribution towards the society by polishing the products… students! This format is used for the persons who wished to apply for the post of information and communication technology teaching field. It is free to use!

Request Letter for ICT Teaching Practice

The Principal,
Prime House Education School System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting to practice ICT teaching

Respected Sir,

This is to state with due respect and honour that I am Jacob Ronaldo, recently got my degree of graduation in the subject of ICT from the well reputed college of this prestigious state. I had come across a newspaper, where the fresh posts for teaching staff is required on urgent basis.
I feel myself competent enough to present myself in front of you in respect of this vacant post. Let me tell you about the reasons behind this very confidence of mine. I am a hard worker which is evident from my highest scored GPA in the semesters of my degree; I am creative as I do not rely solely on the stuff provided by the teachers for preparation of the exams, I prepare my own notes after extensive scholarly research and I assure you that I will keep up the pace with my students as well. I will make them innovative and creative in their own natural way so they can serve the media in the best possible way.

With this application, I am attaching my CV and leaving it totally on your will whether to select me for the post or not. In either way please let me know via my contact number: +2234-8765-1423. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Jacob Ronaldo,
3 rd August, 2018.


Leave Letter for Convocation

Leave Letter for Convocation. Convocations are best and the most memorable day in the life of any person and to avail leave for this laurel is a pleasure. This format is helpful for the delighted persons.

Sample Leave Letter for Convocation

The Manager
Coca Cola Packaging Department,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Leave Letter for Convocation of an Employee

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be in excellent health and rejoice in your life. Recently I am blessed with the news of my convocation! I am right now gliding in air and gearing myself to attend the auspicious ceremony of my convocation where I held third position in my department of management. I am in so much hurry that you cannot gauge my acceleration. Sir, my clutch is in your hand and for that reason I want a barometer of leave to set off my pressure and glide towards the exact MP hall. Kindly grant me the said leaves. Thank you.


Mr. Spark Joy,
1 st May, 2017.

Sample Teacher Leave Letter for Convocation

The Principal
Aster School System,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Leave for Personal Convocation of a teacher

Respected Sir,

I am Ms. Liza Mib and recently joined this prestigious school to enhance my professional career and learning abilities. I know very well that I am currently on probation period and availing of any leave for any purpose is equivalent to sin, but sadly I had to indulge myself in this sin as the reason is very charming. I am called for my convocation! You knew what it meant for the student who had not yet received her degree. I hope you will consider my feelings and grant me one day leave. I expect positivity from thy side.


Ms. Liza Mib
1 st May 2017.

Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Sample Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony in order to invite your teachers/friends/mates etc.  This invitation letter template can be used to invite people on graduation ceremony, party or even convocation. Easy format is provided below.

Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Mr. James Steve,
Professor Yale University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Dear Professor,

I hope that you’ll be in best of your health. I am pleased to write and let you know about my graduation ceremony which is in the first week of this month i.e. 5th Jan, 2017. I am flabbergasted to know that I will be awarded with a medal in my batch. Sir, all that I am now, I owe this to you. You have done intense hard-work with me and for me thus making my success possible. I want to invite you on this big day of mine. All I want is your kind presence there.

Sir, I understand that you are bus with your schedule but I would be obliged enough if you can make it happen. Please take out some time to come along me. I want you to be there as I dedicate my success to you, truly. I hope that you’ll surely ponder upon my words. Thanking you now and ever.

Best Regards,

Simi Kevin
Contact: 000-000-000


Sample Invitation Letter for Graduation Party

Dear James Kim,

I am glad to inform you that I had my convocation last week and I have planned my graduation party with my beloved family friends this weekend. I want you to join me that day along with your family. We’ll have a re-union as well as it is a great chance for us all to meet since we were planning it for many days. I cordially invite you to join me and my family for this party. I don’t want you to get into formalities, just be there with your cheerful personality. The invitation card is attached with the letter.  I shall be happy to see you.

Warm Regards,

Simi Kevin
Contact: 000-000-000

Farewell Letter to Teacher

Sample farewell letter to teacher from the school. Leaving is part of natural change. This change can happen anywhere as is moody in its very nature, but when this change occur in any educational institution then farewells are arranged in order to give her the honour and good memories so that she feels at home. Such format can be used by schools who wished to say adieu to their staff.

Sample Farewell Letter to Teacher from the School

Ms. Shona Bay,
Rosehill Montessori School,
Mexico, United States of America.

Subject: Farewell letter to teacher from the school

Adorable Ms. Shona,

‘This life is a stage. We all are actors and we have our own entrances and exits’ is a renowned saying of William Shakespeare and well befitted to all ages and people. You came to this school, you took charge, and you played so beautifully with your children and taught them so well that in just few months you immersed our hearts with your loyalty, commitment and passion to break new grounds and tried to achieve — — sky is the limit!

We love you for what you are and for what you made us and your students as well. On your departure not a single soul is happy but it’s your wish of leaving that is granted with heavy hearts, but before you leave us, in your honour we had arranged a farewell party in the school so that you can feel our love and gratitude which we hold for you. Do spare time for your old chips of the same block and come at 10:00 Am sharp as we all will ardently be looking forward for your arrival. We love you.

Administration and Staff,
16 th May, 2016.

Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus

Sample Request letter format for Changing Computer Syllabus at Primary Level. Computer knowledge is thought to be the best key to success anywhere in the world. To grace the students with intellect and knowledge the subject of computer science is mandatory from the initial level of schooling. The course of computer sometimes exceeds the mental level of students and needed to be changed at least at primary level.

Sample Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus

The Course Coordinator,
Vigo Stand hill School,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus at Primary Level

Respected Sir,

It is always an inspiring sight to see you happy and satisfied under such a pressured seat. The ability and work experience of yours and your staff is crystal clear and deserve no doubts. We are happy to see your team’s work and the efforts made by you in integrating the school system with such ability and fairness.

The normal schedule of syllabus and time oriented Parent Teacher Meeting was streamlined by us in our school as well. In the last three meetings the issue regarding computer syllabus were raised by the concerning parents. Some chapters in the course of computer studies for 5th standard were deemed difficult by the parents as were not compatible with the mental level of
the children.

I saw the course and spared time in teaching the students the noted chapters in hope that there might be some problem with the teaching methods. I taught them myself and held the same opinion that was of the parent. Kindly change the chapters 4, 7, 9 and 10. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Arnold
January, 26, 2016

Sample Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus
Sample Request letter for Changing Computer Syllabus

Replacement Letter of Teacher due to Health Issue

Sample Letter Format of Replacement of teacher due to health issue. Such format letter can be used by educational institutes Schools/Colleges/Universities who wished to keep in view the sight of their teaching staff and the product they are sending out the macro society.To err is human is the maxim that goes with biosocial animal that’s us! Accuracy sometimes evades from man but it is not tolerable by the high ups of any organization or institute.

Sample Replacement Letter of Teacher due to Health Issue


Mr. Varun Deepak
Camelia College of Sciences
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Letter of Replacement of teacher due to health issue

Respected Sir,

Hope you would be cruising in esteemed boat of good health and age by all means.Copiously of prayers for you. You are our highly valued teacher who served us from our young age and you had seen the evolving years of this newly born college as well.
We had no issue with your teaching styles and techniques that you applied in your wholesome gracious periods pertaining over more than 25 years! You deserve hilarious applaud from everyone who came into contact with you.With time many new changes come and go but the best learning is to adopt and adapt yourself to those coming changes.

So the Board of Governors decided to move you towards the seat of Head of Department so you can teach other teachers and also keep an eye on them. We all know you love teaching but we kept in mind your age and the related health issues with it and decided to take this step. Kindly accept our humble change with open heart. Thank you.

Mr. Patuk Aghnihotri
December,1, 2015

 Replacement Letter of Teacher due to Health Issue
Replacement Letter of Teacher due to Health Issue

Teacher Grooming Tips Sample

Sample Format of how a Teacher can groom herself.These suggestion can be used by teachers of all schools, universities and colleges.These grooming tips are for the teachers who are interested to have a better change in themselves. Easy Format is here.

Teacher Grooming Tips Sample

1- Remember a teacher is teacher for whole of his life. It’s a 24/7 job and hence amongst the toughest professions of the world.

2- Teachers are the backbones of any educational institution and without them the infrastructure of the system cannot be in the standing position.

3- A teacher must learn different TEACHING METHODOLOGIES and TEACHING STYLES. Teaching APPROACH must be always and ALWAYS POSITIVE.

4- Training seminars and workshops plays a vital role in the enhancement of confidence level of the teachers.

5- Teachers must be well versed and should know the psychology of her students for better learning and teaching experience.

6- Group work must be learnt and dealt with Excellency by the teachers as it helps them to collect and learn different teaching techniques.

7- Visual aids in shape of FLASH CARDS/ SOFT BOARDS/BULLETINS/REALIA should be used by the teachers for VISUAL LEARNERS of class.

8- Audios and Speaking class must be arranged sometime by the teacher to groom the students overall in studies and in confidence area.

9- Lessons must be prepared by the teachers before they walk into their respective classes to avoid any haphazard situation.

10-Reading books is an excellent grooming tip for teachers of all levels. Other than course books a teacher must store interesting books best suited to their taste and stamina. Exploit the information present in the books according to the level of the students in order to make it easier for them to understand.

11– A teacher must wear a wristwatch to be mindful of time and punctuality.

Teacher Grooming Tips Sample
Teacher Grooming Tips Sample

Letter by Parents for Class Teacher

Sample Letter by Parents for Class Teacher. Sample Format of requesting to keep the same (previous) class teacher in child’s next class.This format letter is official for all school, academies, colleges and universities for keeping the old Class Teacher in next class of the child. Easy format is here.

Letter by Parents for Class Teacher Sample

The Principal,
Manawah High Central School
Uter Perdaish, India

Subject: Letter  of requesting to keep the same (previous) class teacher in child’s next class

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is stated that my son Annaya Gurdeev is studying in your school in 5th standard and were taught by chance by the same teacher Mr. Rataish who was very friendly towards him. My son is badly attached with his class teacher and in his current class that is 5th A he was not given his favourite English teacher Mr. Rataish Shermal.

Mr. Rataish Shermal ia a fine and well-groomed teacher who knows the pulse and heart of his students including my son. Due to his efforts the class result in English subject was overall high and in very outstanding grades. Students were putting on him their love and trust which is by no means a thing to ignore. I am here to court his staying in the same class as it is in the benefit of both the parents and the students because a comfortable level of understanding is built on either part. It would be to some extent difficult for the said teacher to raise this type of level with the newly assigned students and hence their parents.

Kindly see to this issue which is petty in nature at apparent level but in deep currents it’s a grave mistake to separate the students from their teacher and which can lead to poor result of theirs.

Mrs. Ghupta( Mother of Child)
Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Letter by Parents for Class Teacher
Letter by Parents for Class Teacher

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample. This format to warn the teacher on misconduct on Parent Teacher meeting in school or college.This format letter is valid for all school, academies, colleges and universities for issuing warning letter to the teacher on misconduct.

Sample Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct

Mr. Perdeep Singh Ashook!

You are a senior teacher of this educational system and you are serving this institute from old time which we should not mention to you as you are well aware of the services you rendered very well to this system.To my utmost disbelief and shock I received a complaint from many parents on the account of this recently passed Parent Teacher Meeting that you were not behaving according to the rules and customs of the PTM. You went on in lengthy and somewhat detailed personal matters of the parents which is by no means a policy of our educational system.

The point is Mr. Perdeep Singh Ashook that if the result of your students were not up to the level then it could not be the responsibility of the parents alone! In our training sessions and workshops you yourself conducted skimmed the idea that in Parent Teacher Meetings teachers are supposed to only stick and move around the main issuing area that is students’ performance whether bad or good and not on the case histories of the students to check where the problem arises that results in poor and weak performance of the student.

This is the first Warning given to you and if you collect three more Warning Letters that we regret we cannot ask for your services anymore.

Lt. Col Sherma Patail

Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample
Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample

Warning letter for Teacher

Madam Ayesha Latif,
Senior School,
Good Field High School,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Subject: Warning letter for Teacher

You are hereby being warned that your absence without prior consent has been noted. It has come to my knowledge that you were informed on a priori basis that you may not take leave from school for two days during the annual examinations. Your absence created inconvenience for the students; it has also been found that the exam paper that you handed in to be conducted had certain semantic errors.
Previously it has been brought to my notice that your conduct towards your peers was not up to the mark. The school administration has high expectations of its staff members and believes that certain behaviors, insults, personal comments are unacceptable. You are being notified that is the last warning
being issued in this regard, further behavior of the like shall not be considered acceptable.

Madam Nargis Danial,
20 th September, 2016.

Undertaking Letter Format by Employee

Sample Undertaking Letter Format by Employee/teacher on serving the organization after completing free diploma course/Hi Tech Training from office or school. This type of format application is being used by offices, multinational companies, banks, Call Centers and Beverage Companies, schools, colleges, academies and universities. Easy format is here.

Undertaking Letter Format by Employee Sample

To: Mr. Nenal Dhur,
Senior Branch Manager,
Bank of Punjab, India.

Informer: The President,

Senior Branch Manager,
Bank of Punjab, India.

ID: Accounts Department

Subject: Undertaking on the basis of Hi-tech Diploma Course done by you in March, 2015

As per Company’s policy you were nominated on your own will for an Hi-Tech Diploma course initiated and funded by the Bank of Punjab. No finance were paid by you in the whole course and all the expenses of your stay, conveyance, mess and the required stationary and tour trip an excursion on the last day of the course.

Before going and choosing to go on this Hi-tech diploma course you were given a copy of Terms and Conditions attached to the copy of Willingness Letter dispatched to you by the President of BOP on June 12, 2015. It was listed in Bold and capitalized letters that you are in no position to leave the company for at least three (3) years of time period after completion of the diploma course.

In case you have to leave the Bank of Punjab for any reason then you are held liable to refund the Company by following the below listed clauses:

1. If you will leave the company right after having done with the diploma you will pay the full amount of 80,000 to the bank

2. If you will leave the company after one (1) year of the diploma you will pay the amount of 60,000 to the bank.

3. If you will leave the company after two (2) year of the diploma you will pay the amount of 40,000 to the bank.

4. If you will leave the company after three (3) year of the diploma you will pay the amount of 20,000 to the bank.

Mr. John Steward,
President, Bank of Punjab
June 20, 2015

Undertaking Letter Format by Employee Sample
Undertaking Letter Format by Employee Sample