Warning Letter to Teacher for Slapping a student

Sample warning letter to teacher by Principal for beating students/children in school, college, academy or institute.

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Warning Letter to Teacher for Slapping a Student

Ms. Alexa Stewart

At Bluebird School, we offer quality education and security to our students. We have always tried our best to maintain our standards of education as compared to other schools. We always train our staff to avoid any substandard incident. Recently, we got call from one of the students’ parents of class 5. They complained about you slapping on minor thing. It is to inform you that we have not allowed any of the teacher from our staff to slap any student. It is against our rules. I would suggest you to go through the rule book once again and notice what you are permit and what not. This was very embarrassing moment for me and I have apologized to parents. I believe that they will take the kid to another school now. It is your first and last warning. Do not repeat this again or we have to take strict action against you.


Al-Ala School System

Warning Letter to Teacher for Beating Students

Ms. Delia Beth,

I am very shocked to know that you have slapped one of the children of class. This is extreme behavior, which is not acceptable in our school premises. We have never allowed any staff member to have a leisure to slap or hurt any kid of school in any way. It is not acceptable and have never happened in our school ever before. We have trained our teachers well to know the difference in politely handle the child or hitting the child. This was against all the principles of the school. I hope that it does not go on a social media and we have to deal with officials. If you see any problem in a kid, you have all rights to call their parents and talk to them about it but hitting a child is not acceptable in any way. This warning letter is last warning to you.


Message Grammar School

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