Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

Warning letter for unprofessional or unethical behavior is used for correcting the violations and it is issued to an employee for informing why his/her behavior is unacceptable due to multiple reasons. Everyone can use these formats according to need.

Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip

Dear Mr, Jack,

I am writing this warning letter in great concern for our company’s reputation and progress. This warning letter is written under the statement that you have been accused of gossiping around the
office. It is an immense embarrassment for HR and management to hire an employee who ruins Company reputation in such an ill way. We have found some texts written by you about our CEO which are false. You are gossiping to different employees about our CEO and falsely accusing of him having a relationship with Ms. Kenny. This is unavoidable in any circumstance. You should know what you are talking about someone before speaking. This is not just about the CEO but about any employee. If you talk ill about anyone in the Company that will not be tolerated. Therefore, We have decided to issue this warning letter so you understand how important these issues are for Us. Our Company environment is healthy because we don’t entertain such behaviors.

Yours Sincerely,


Warning Letter for Accusing of Gossip( Teachers)

Dear Ms. Shelly,

This warning letter is being issued to you for the very last time. You have been accused of gossiping around the corridors of this school about the male senior teacher. This is downright non-acceptable for our school. Please understand the sensitivity of such comments on a human career and as well as school reputation. Our school is renowned because of its impeccable teachers who try to teach students academically and also morally. We form our student’s personalities and we cannot cost such rumors about our most senior teachers. This school has high standards from its establishment and we tried our best to maintain it in every way. We cannot let it go because you find it amusing to talk rumors about
teachers in a casual way. Your action matters in the premise of school. I hope you learn from this warning letter that any of your non-serious behavior will lead you to the termination.

Yours Truly,


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