Sample Memo for Non-Performing

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance. These sample memo will help you how to issue a warning notice to the employee for poor performance.

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

The company monitors and evaluates its employees every month and give promotions and rewards to those who deserve the best. We also deal with the employees who do not take work serious and neglects the responsibilities and duties given to them. It has been observed that your performance of this month is huge disappointment. The growth of company matters and you have not even did one sale successfully. We have been having continuous meetings from the prime day to rectify employees lacking’s but we believe that you have not even learned anything from those meetings too. As a sale oriented company, we have a lot of burden and progress of each day counts. We, here try to make teams which are enthusiastic and passionate enough to achieve their set goals. This is the warning letter to you to perform excellent in next month or else company will have to take a decision of terminating you from
your post.

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance

I hope this email finds you well. From the past few days I have been observing you that you’re not paying your decent attentions towards the assign tasks.  If you’ve something to discuss kindly do it with us. As, we can’t take any risk towards our work.

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