Business Agreement Partnership Template

Thanks letter for agreement, letter can be sent from one company to the other after partnership among both. Letter is sent to CEO or Director of another company. It’s a sample format thanks letter for agreement. Can be used for various purposes. Changes can be done as per requirements and an easy format to be used and free download. You can use as business partnership agreement template free.

Agreement Letter for Business Partnership

 The CEO,

________ Company.

Subject:  Thanks Letter for Business Partnership
Dear Sir,

On behalf of our higher authorities, we would like to Thank you and express our gratitude for accepting our partnership, and being our business partner. It is an immense pleasure to work with your valued organization. We had a good business relation and hope to continue it in future.
From now on wards, both the company Directors have equal right to hire of fire staff/employees based on joint verdict. According to agreement, profit and loss should be equally divided. Both have the right to take qualitative measure and decisions for the companies welfare. We hope to have a mutual association for upcoming services of ours.
As it is really a huge step for both the companies to be business partners, now both have equal rights. Before this a single chain of our company was running but now new branches are going to be opened soon and this will be a golden chance for employees as well. We are highly indebted to our new business partners to turn our dream into reality.
We will be looking forward to your support and co-operation. Being partners we consider you as superior as we are. We wish you best regards for the upcoming positive changes and hope that this decision of ours will be an apex of bright future for both the companies.
With warm regards,
Designation: __________
Business Agreement Partnership Template
Business Agreement Partnership Template

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