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Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Mileage Claim

These sample letter formats are written to an employee when he has been found to have submitted the wrong mileage claim. Many companies authorize their worker/employees to use the facility of petrol /fuel. HR department can write different reasons in letter according to need.

Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Mileage Claim

Mark Johsan,
Batala Pvt. Limited, Mumbai

Dear Mark,

I am issuing this warning letter to show our concern about your wrong mileage Claims. It is very unprofessional and un-ethical on so many levels to forge a mileage claim. We got to know about this issue from management’s department and that is why I am contacting you as main person from UBL Company. We are in utter shock to know that after providing such facility, employee will still put wrong information about mileage he has never traveled. You have exploited the great facility provided by the company. We have complete faith in our employees
and by this trust we are running this business for years but cases like these make us disappointed in such employees. You must know submitting wrong mileage claims is an offense and it can lead to termination. But, considering your years of work with us. We are giving you this warning letter to not to do anything like this again or it will end in termination.


HR Department

Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Expenses Claim

Dear Harry,

Subject: Warning Letter

I am issuing this warning letter to you from the behalf of company “Accountancy Ltd”. You have forged the bills from the official trip to Dubai from Company. This is considered as a complete fraud by claiming fake bills. You have put us this organization in deep embarrassment and disappointment. Your position as “senior manager” is in question right now. This is extremely un-professional and not acceptable by any means. Therefore, I am giving you this warning letter so you refrain from doing anything like this again in future with this company. If any thing like this happens again, we have to take strict legal action against you and
terminate from this company as dishonest employees don’t add any value to any reputable company. I hope you understand this and work upon your mistake and don’t repeat. You are further advised to submit a written explanation or an apology letter about your behavior.

HR Manager,


Request Letter for Chief Justice regarding Inflation in Fuel

Sample letter format of requesting chief justice regarding inflation in fuel. Inflation is a monster! A monster that sucks people by devouring their needs and basic rights. Nowadays basic need is extended till fuel consumption as it is vital for earning the livelihood. Rise in the fuel prices now and then, has disturbed the pattern of the routine life and people now dreaded to go out from excursion point of view. This inflation need to be stop and a complaint against it should be filed at time. This format is an added aid for choosing the words for appropriate complaint style.

Request Letter for Chief Justice regarding Inflation in Fuel

The Chief Justice,
Supreme Court,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting chief justice regarding inflation in fuel/petrol

Respected Sir,

How are you? I hope you will be seriously busy in your tough routine, dispersing justice to the grieving souls. Justice is a difficult attitude, but must be taken into grave consideration for making the lives of people easy and relax. People come to court for they trust on its decision and show respect towards the sufferings of the public. I am one such person who is almost near to commit suicide! Yes, you positively heard it! I belong to a very humble family and a fresh graduate. I started a job and was quite happy in getting a step ahead in my life. I asked for the transportation fare and to my horror he demanded $150 per month. It was too much for me so I decided to use my savings to buy a car of my own. The decision proved excellent for me as it saves my time and cost as well, but the rise in fuel disturbed my life. Please see to this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Martin Screw,
3 rd August, 2018.

Application For Fuel Allowance

Sample application for  fuel increment allowance for marketing executive, sales executive, sales coordinator, marketing officer, delivery person, sales representative, manager marketing, resource executive. Application Format can be used  as Petrol allowance or Winter Fuel Allowance. This sample application also use for increments of medical allowance, house rent allowance, mobile phone allowance according to your need you can change necessary wording and free download.

Fuel Allowance Application Format

The President,
Rehman Foundation.

Subject: Increment of fuel expense

Respected Sir,

It is stated that i am employee in your organization since five years as a  executive officer. My purpose of writing is that as in the current era of price hike is at peak. Everything is becoming expensive. You are also well aware of this current situation of country.

Income of era ordinary person is not sufficient to cope up with the rising prices. We are given fuel expense which are not sufficient now. In our work we have to go, wander allot.

It is requested kindly consider upon my request to increase the amount of fuel expense , so that i may be able to concentrate better on my work. I shall be very thankful for this favour.

Thanking you i remain.

Yours Sincerely,

Shahid Ahmed
Executive Officer

Fuel Allowance Application Format
Fuel Allowance Application Format

Request  Of Fuel Increment For Marketing Persons


The Chairmen,
Hamza Foundation

Respected Sir,

Subject: Application for fuel increment

It is humbly requested to you that we are working here since 6 years in marketing department and always do our best for company. Sir we do field work whole day for the benefit of company. Organization is going profit by the blessing of Allah Almighty, but we have to face a lot of problems, our basic salary and  allowances are not enough to cope up with the needs and demands of our family because i am single one handling the whole family.

We have to wait so long in traffic ques due to rush crowed of traffic, eventually petrol is consumed more than required. Kindly give us special fuel Allowance so that we may concentrate on our work and should not find a new opportunity. We regard your verdict and hope for having considerable result of our request.

Sincerely Yours,

Baber Arshad
Marketing Officer

Request  Of Fuel Increment For Marketing Persons
Request Of Fuel Increment For Marketing Persons


Sample Application For Petrol Adjustment


The Director,

Respected Sir,

It is stated that we want separate petrol amount for visits according to official approval. Due to last annual increment and inflation we cannot manage official visits and domestic expenses as well with salary amounts. So kindly, consent and issue us separate fuel amount for our healthier performance.

We shall be obliged to you for this deed of benevolence.

Your sincerely,

Marketing Department