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Sample Reviews of Famous Pakistani Clothing Brands

The nation of brands hit in the 21st century and enveloped entire nation into it. The competition in brands is intense, everyone running around the idea of survival of the fittest, as Darwin quoted it. Below are the top ten leading brands of Pakistan, where we had tried to collect the origin, logos, founders, stores, area served and categories in clothing they offer to their customers. We also talk about what makes each brand different from others joined with our honest reviews based on the people who talked about the below-mentioned brands. Look around the article written below. Happy reading!

1- Nishat Linen

2- Khaadi

3- Beech Tree

4- J. Junaid Jamshed

5- Zeen


 Nishat Linen is a famous Pakistani brand. Nishat Linen is an icon of trend, a chic and a superb sense of fashion. It is a lovely clothing brand which took its start from Lahore, as its headquarters. It is an old, yet inimitable textile in the fashion industry. It is operating in almost all the cities of Pakistan and covers worldwide areas.it has over 70 stores currently exercising its popularity.

The founding father of Nishat Linen are Muhammad Yahya, the current chairman and Naaz Mansha the founder. Mian Yahya is known as business tycoon, but despite his fame and success, the person is dynamic and humble in his persona.  The companyis listed in on all the three stock exchanges of Pakistan.

Nishat linen deals in summer, winter, mid-summer and spring collections. They offer, both stitched and unstitched collections world-wide. The best thing about this brand is their stuff, the colors and sheen of clothing never fades out. The only problematic thing is their high pricing for casual, printed collections, otherwise its all 5 star rated brand.


Khaadi, a fast rending Pakistani brand has its own uniqueness. It had founded in the city of lights, Karachi in 1999. This is a retail company, private in nature. It is loved by many and due to its fame,  this brand is flourishing day and night. It has over 22 stores working online nationwide and across the world. Due to its rapid growth and high demand, it has stores in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Khaadi is known for its handwoven fabric. The founder of this enchanting textile company is Mr. Shamoon Sultan. He is a young person with manifold talents. He is an inspiration for the young generation that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and hang on through thin or thick. He keeps the demands and needs of almost every stratum or economic class of his motherland.

Khaadi deals with women, kids and young girls and boys. They offer a wide range of summer, winter, spring and mid-summer collections. Khaadi believes in creating something for everyone.

Khaadi has versatile prints, designs and styles. It keeps on improving its categories day by day and knows no bounds in terms of progress. The feature that makes Khaadi prominent among all the leading clothing brands is its reasonable pricing. Few people showed their concern about the color fading in the winter collection.


Beech tree, the brand flaunted its color in high-street fashion cult in 2010. Among the known leading textile stores, Beech tree is new but is competing with the giants, very impressively. The idea behind this impressive progress is to provide wings to the young girls with their own choice of colors and dotting styles.

Few people knew that the Beech tree is the child of the mother company named HKB. They realized to go for something refreshing and revitalizing only for the young teenagers. The idea hit the market and spread like fire in the wood!

 The founding fathers are H. Karim Bakhs and Sherhyar Buksh, the brainy, who always desired to go and think out of the box. This is the first textile brand that gave hype to the Pret category. Their parents are no doubt, tremendous!  The logo is unique, signifying free bird, ready to soar higher and higher. This very idea was behind creating clothes for soaring girls of Pakistan. 

Beech tree deals in summer, spring, pre-fall, mid-summer and winter collections. They offer both stitched and unstitched collections for their love buds. Their luxury pret is a worth seeing the sight. Their stuff, design and embroidery are exotic and very fine. They really believe in innovation, pricing set for luxury is also reasonable, but few people are annoyed with the stuff of summer and winter.


 Late Junaid Jamshed is still a beloved singer of Pakistan. His songs are loveable as they depict love for the motherland. The person was gifted with many talents and he was marvellous in terms of getting upright guidance from Allah, the Almighty. He spent most of his life in preaching true teachings of Islam cross the world.

 His purity of thought was seen in his clothing, as he always prefer to wear Shalwar kameez, the traditional dress of Pakistan. The brand was co-founded by Mr. Sohail Hamid Khan, who was a close friend of the late Junaid Jamshed.  In 2002, he started his own brand with his own name and got hit. He was the first to go for the Shalwar kameez with full sleeves, even the laces were covered with extra fabric, as to hide the inner skin of the wearer.  His white apparels were not see-through as well. The brand was loduediue to its piety and extremely good fabric.

In nick of time, the brand reaches its zenith and aced at its peak in the fashion industry.  It expanded to over 100 branches across Pakistan and serves other countries like the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. The brand is famous for its neat stitching and detailing. This is the first-ever brand that provides colours for men as well. Its blue hues are like hotcakes, favourite among all men, I guess. The brand’s designs are influenced by Arabian culture, a Fusion of Aztec and Renaissance. The maple leave and geometrical shapes are sole trademarks of Junaid Jamshed, as a brand.

Junaid Jamshed deals with women, men and kids. They offer their customers a wide range of summer, winter, spring and cambric collections. People were beaming with satisfaction regarding modesty, stuff, detailing, designs and prints, but after the sad demise f Junaid Jamshed, many customers are preferring other brands as they think that everything is now compromised ranging from stuff to pricing.

  • ZEEN

Zeen is another very fast growing clothing brand in Pakistan. In a very few years, the brand has located its space in the leading textiles of this country. Many people love this brand because of his light-weight fabric and gorgeous designs.  

This brand was founded by Mr Sheikh Zeeshan, a young yet revolutionary thinker in the fashion industry. It has many branches across the world and serves its nation with clear conscience and integrity.

 Zeen, though it’s newer than others, it is competing and at par with old Junaid Jamshed. The brand is highly sensitive towards its detailing, fabric and the finest sense of print and embroidery fusion. What makes this brand prominent and stand out amongst others is its tailoring and the quality of its fabric, it is a combination of Nishat Linen in terms of fabric and colors and it’s at par with the detailing of Junaid Jamshed. Many are of the view that Junaid Jamshed’s designers and tailors are somewhat hired or went themselves to Zeen. It’s a hypothetical statement, the truth is known to the people involved, but we are only reporting what we heard from different people. Zeen deals with stitched, unstitched women’s collections. They offer summer, cambric, fall, casual, formal, party wear, winter and mid-summer collections. Those who wear Zeen loved it. The stitching, fabric and sizes of the trousers are comfortable and extremely outstanding!

Sample Reviews of Famous Pakistani Clothing Brands

Here are the Sample Reviews of Famous Clothing Brands of Pakistan. From old times till date, human being senses the necessity of covering their bodies. For that purpose, they even wore leaves of trees and tied up rags around them. The scenario changes with the passage of time and people thought of various ways related to clothes to cover themselves. From unstitched to stitched, they learned a lot. Now, it seems that invention has already achieved its prime, as people are now more interested in looking elegant and high street creatures.


2- Sapphire

3- Bonanza Satrangi

4- Ideas by Gul Ahmed

5- ALKARAM Studio


 Bareeze, a leading and favourite Pakistani brand is also an international brand. It is a widely growing brand and now has over 90- shops currently functional in Pakistan. They are retailers and never deal in the wholesale category. Bareeze got its start in Lahore. With the passage of time, the store went nationwide and thus laid its hands internationally as well. Currently, Bareeze is operational in Malaysia, UAE and United Kingdom. Bareeze also has a huge network of   Anchises (people can buy those franchises and start looming their own sales), and the company hosts more than 5000 employees.

Seema Aziz, a passionate designer and philanthropist is the founder of the Bareeze brand. She was chosen as a member on the Council of  Business Leaders. It was formed by Prime Minister Imran Khan in October 2018. She was chosen fit for this title in the same year.

Bareeze deals in casual, formal and semi-formal categories. They keep in mind the need of men, women and children alike. They have a wide range of winter, spring, summer and mid-summer collections. They are known for launching exquisite and vibrant colours, keeping in mind the demands of various age groups. As far as their colours, designs and styles are concerned, all are extremely chic and are affordable to the higher strata of the economic class.

 The stuffed lawn is a good sustainer, but not breathable, it is often hard for old people and the working class to wear their outfits on daily basis. It is a good pick for weddings, parties or other related ceremonies, but casually it’s a big NO.

  • SAPPHIRE                

Sapphire is one of the leading women’s clothing brands in Pakistan. It has been known for its unique designs and prints. They mostly deal in light colours, preferable with a white base and floral patterns on the shirts. This technique of combination makes them stand out from the others in the realm of creativity and innovation.

Sapphire, the brand is originally located in Lahore and from there it extended towards other cities from its base city. It took its start in Lahore and then approached many cities across Pakistan. It offers free delivery above a specific order limit. With the spreading need for their fashion and trend, the Sapphire brand has been welcomed internationally in very few years. They are now operating their branches in several countries.

Mr. Nabeel Abdullah, a young and dynamic figure in the fashion industry, founds sapphire. His brand deals with winter, summer, mid-summer and spring. They offer unstitched and stitched clothing for females and kids only.

They always offer high-quality summer and winter stuff their unstitched collection is incomparable! As far as their stitched collections are concerned, their sizes are good to go with, but the stitching of their trousers is a little bit compromising as it gets tight from thigh areas and the buttons attached as fashion on the bottom are annoying as they fell off very easily and leave piercing marks while sitting on the floor. Shalwar stitching is awesome and very comfortable to wear; styling done to it is always very trendy. Shirts and tops are also well in shape and could be purchased without any concern.


Bonanza, a leading Pakistani store, is a brand which brings milestones to the older generation, but it is still welcomed and loved by new generations as well. The reason for the smile is the linking of bonanza sweaters, a high-end choice for men. In the mid-80s, it struck a feeling of awe for whosoever had worn bonanza sweaters. It sets the trend for others to follow.  

Bonanza apparel got its start in 1976 with very less human force and mechanical force. Its founding father is Mr Hanif Bilwani.  Bonanza Satrangi got its shoots from Karachi as the founding city from where it extends to other parts of the country as well as the world. With the flow of time, Bonanza is hosting now more than 80 outlets across Pakistan. It is a gigantic apparel industry now.

Bonanza Satrangi deals with men’s, women and children’s garments, their sweaters are still unbeatable and irreplaceable by other leading brands. They offer their customers, stitched and unstitched collections for summer, winter, spring, mid-summers and pre winters.

Bonanza Satrangi, stitched and unstitched collection is marvellous. Their stitching neatness is exemplary, and the stuff they offer is outstanding, but there are few concerns about fading of the colours due to prolonged sundry or heating.


One of the oldest brands in Pakistan is Gul Ahmed. It is an extremely favorite brand of old and current generations, alike. What makes them outstanding is their light, breathable, durable clothing stuff. In the history of textile, this group began trading in 1953.

Gul Ahmed Textile Industry got its start from  Landhi an area in Karachi as a parent city, from where it extends to other cities of Pakistan, and then, later on, got its hands in the international market. It is dealing with 40 stores nationwide. They offer the widest range of clothing and accessories. They are known for their innovation in the fashion industry and the biggest quality which they never compromise is their authenticity and reliability.

The founder of Gul Ahmed Textile Industry is Haji Bashir Ali Mohammed. He is a polite, generous and pleasant looking person, a very humble and down to earth figure.

Gul Ahmed deals in bedding, clothing, and bags and served both stitched and unstitched collections for summer, winters, wedding seasons and mid-summers. Their stitching is neat and flawless, the color combination is extremely iconic, the only issue that has been seen is their fading of colors.


 A name to remember, an innovation to think of, yes, it’s Alkaram. One of the oldest and most highly trusted brands across Pakistan is Alkaram Studio. People still love the light and silky, shiny fabric of Alkaram. People take pride in wearing apparel of this brand.

Alkaram Textile Mill was set up with the mission to provide newness and unique textile solutions worldwide.  It was set up in 1986, but soon, it emerged as the leading textile manufacturing industry in the world. It offshoots to the United Kingdom, United States of America, France and Portugal.

 The current managing director of Alkaram studio is Mr. Fawad Anwar. He is a person with good fashion sense and sets his mind to new and innovative ideas. He is working hard in promoting this brand nationwide as well as across the globe.

 ALKARAM, is the fastest growing brand in the history of fashion textiles.  It deals with summers, winter, mid-summers, spring and freedom to buy categories. Their color combination, styles, prints, embroidery collections and wedding wears are all outclass. The stuff of lawn, especially is classy, but few people complains about the fading of colors in summer clothing. ALKARAM Studio is offering reasonable price for their outfits.

Sample Job Application for Head and Neck Surgeon

If you are a specialized otolaryngologist/ ENT surgeon and have been looking for a job in a hospital and for that, you have to write your professional job application. These sample applications for ENT Doctors provided below might help you in writing your own. You can either use these sample applications or write your own following these by replacing your personal information and experience within the job application. If you have any similar requests you can leave those in the comment section.

Sample Job Application for an ENT Surgeon in a Hospital


The Head Of HR Department,

Ambujanagar Multispecialty hospital,

Gujarat, India.

Subject: Job Application For ENT Surgeon

Respected Sir,

My name is Dr. Rahul Batra. I am an MS ENT a specialized ENT surgeon with a record of 99% successful surgeries with a full recovery rate. I did my MS ENR from HARLEN Medical College, USA. I have experience of being a surgeon for about 5 years and have done around 500+ surgeries in my career till now. My experience tells for my work. I recently moved back to India and want to continue my work here as well. Your reputed hospital can provide me great opportunity to practice and serve my patients. In my work experience, I have managed surgery teams and have performed reconstructive birth surgeries related to ears/nose along with the diagnosis of infections and prescribing the treatment to my patients. I have worked as an individual surgeon and as well as with a team and can perform tests and diagnose s of the ear, nose, upper pharynx, larynx, oral cavity, and other head and neck structures. I consider myself a good option to work with your hospital it will help me practice and your hospital gain one more experienced surgeon. I do not mind performing surgeries in the presence of fresher Doctors to train them as well. You can contact me through the email provided below to schedule a meeting with them and discuss this job further.


Dr. Rahul Batra.

Job Application for an ENT Surgeon in a Hospital


The Head Of HR Department,


Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Subject: Job Application For ENT Surgeon

Respected Sir,

I am Dr. Arun Verma, I am writing you this letter to apply for the designation of ENT officer your hospital needs right now. I am MS in ENT from Deyns Medical College, Mumbai, India. I have practiced for 2 years in Bren Hospital from 2016 to 2018 and then moved to Apollo Hospital working as a senior ENT surgeon and consultant from 2018 to 2021. I have been wanting to work on a bigger scale and working with your hospital is a great opportunity. My motto has always been serving my patients but I would love to upgrade the surgeon in me and continue to perform surgeries here as well. I have performed successful reconstructive surgeries for the nose/mouth/ head due to birth defects. I have performed numerous successful surgeries including Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy, Myringotomy with Tube Insertion, and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. My experience speaks for my eligibility to manage a team of surgeons and further perform life-changing and life-saving surgeries for my patients. After all, serving my people and increasing my capabilities further so that I can help hopeless people.

I am hopeful that I will get to work here and keep practicing what I do best. I can lead a team of surgeons and work with people well. you can contact me on my phone number provided below. I will be waiting for your response and discuss this further with you.

Thanks. Dr. Arun Verma.

Sample Job Application for a Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Chemical pathologists are MBBS/MD in clinical pathology. These are the doctors working in laboratories carrying out tests on patients‘ samples and diagnosing them. It is a very common and integral practice and these people are needed almost in every health facility. If you are one and looking to write a job application for your new job, you can use these sample job applications given below by modifying these and putting personal information in them. If you have requests for any topics you can leave that in the comment box.

Sample Job Application for a Consultant Chemical Pathologist


The Hiring Department,

Apollo Hospital, Chennai. India.

Subject: Job application for consultant chemical pathologist.

Respected Sir,

I am Dr. Akhil Sharma, I am an MBBS from Chennai Medical College. I completed my MBBS last year. I have experience working in hospital laboratories during my house job and also after completing my MBBS. I have extensive knowledge of laboratory tests and clinical pathology. I have worked supervising the tests and processes in diagnostic tests. Knowing about the vacancy of Pathologist you have in your Hospitals laboratory I am applying for it instantly and I have been wanted to work in your hospital. I have experience in working with laboratory equipment and running tests to analyze and store specimens. I have worked doing diagnostics and studying bodily fluids and samples and can pretty much carry out all kinds of tests. Working in a laboratory earlier has given me the knowledge and confidence needed to carry out complex diagnoses and then report them and can guide practitioners and patients.

I am very sure that I am the best candidate for this role with my communication skills and team management skills. I am good at managing people as my team and teaching them work. With my experience in performing diagnostic tests and detecting the actual disease and the problem, I am confident that I can take up the responsibility of your hospital`s laboratory. You can contact me on my details to schedule an interview with me to further discuss my abilities and responsibilities.


Akhil Sharma.

Easy Job Application for a Consultant Chemical Pathologist


The Hiring Department,

Thyrocare Technologies. India.

Subject: Job application for consultant chemical pathologist.

Respected Sir,

I am Dr. Anil Khanna. I am an MBBS and have been practsing as a consultant physician and consultant pathologist. My past working experience includes working as the head of TEHI Laortories supervising and controlling all the diagnostic tests and maintaining records in their Mumbai branch. Since I ave moved to Delhi I have been looking to work somewhere at my full capacity. I will be pleased to work with you. I have extensive knowledge in carrying out diagnosis tests, sampling and maintaining specimens, using medical software to regulate the data, and writing reports to patients. My keen interest in the research of medicine and specimens has made me apply to this job as I will be happy to test and research samples. As I have worked as a head in laboratories prior and can maintain optimum conditions and safety precautions with my experience and knowledge I consider myself very fit for working with you and managing your team. My experience defines my knowledge and I will be very glad to serve in my best capacity.

Along with my knowledge, in this field my team management skills and communication n skills have helped me a lot in managing teams and reporting work timely along with guiding my interns. Kindly contact me to further discuss this job and schedule an interview.


Anil Khanna.

Sample Reviews on Shoe Brands in Pakistan

Here are the sample reviews on well known shoe Brands in Pakistan. These are the Latest brands with different and update variety of shoes. You can check their websites and read the reviews. Necessary changes can be done.


Bata a well-known, family business founded by Thomas Bata in the year 1894 in the suburb of Zlin, a city of Czechoslovakia. Mr. Bata is the 9th generation shoemaker of his family. The business started from a humble beginning as the owner invested his savings in simple shoe-making machinery, but with the passage of time, the company had been revolutionized by the owners.

Bata deals in three business units namely: Bata, Bata Industries also known as Safety shoes, and AW Lab which is solely responsible for designing sports shoes. In Pakistan, the company is named Bata Pakistan Limited which is responsible for manufacturing and sale of shoes both sports and safety shoes. It has been considered one of the oldest footwear corporations in Pakistan. The chairperson of Pakistani-based Bata Company is Mr. Muhammad Imran Malik, who is serving the nation for the last 29 years.

  As far as its quality is concerned, it does look trendy, but the comfort level has been missed as the sole is not soft and after a few weeks, it gets pressed, giving you the feeling that you are walking on the road with your bare feet. The company should look into the sole material for pumps and heels also.


Servis shoe company is the oldest and a well reputed manufacturer of shoes in Pakistan, the company took its start from a very humble beginnings in 1941 and mainly operated in the famous cities of Pakistan: Gujrat, Muridhke, Nooriabad, Raiwind and Negombo a city of Sri lanka. Currently, it has more than 450 retail company stores operational nationwide. It also provides its supplies to over 2500 independent retailers in Pakistan.  

 This company is dealing in two variants. It is responsible for the manufacturing of shoes and the shoe variety includes:

  •  Servis brand shoes
  • Cheetah brand designing sports shoes
  • Don Carlos brand deals with men’s premium formal footwear
  • Shoe Planet deals with high fashion brand shoes
  • Liza, shoe brand designed for women only
  • Lark and Finch shoes for both sex
  • Calza, shoes meant for men
  • T.Z, shoes designed for kids
  • Klara Shoes designed for great fashion sense

 It also deals in making tires for automobiles: rickshaws, trolleys, motorcycles, and bicycles. The company exports its shoes to Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and many other Asian countries. The customers are satisfied with the products and the price range is reasonable as per the style and quality of the shoes, but in my opinion, it can excel if they put some extra effort into making it’s sole soft and comfortable.


Stylo that means a column, pillar or tube depicting the very meaning of rising to height is a Pakistani brand that has an enticing history of its own. The store was established by a young man named M. Azhar Hussain Siddiqui who was a sales man in some shoe company store in the famous market of Lahore named Anarkali.

He was such a hard worker, passionate and devoted worker that he earned a good reputation among his colleagues and other team members. Soon, the word spread like a fire in the jungle and he started receiving job offers from other leading shoe stores. The young person was a blessed visionary and instead of taking his role of a salesman for his entire life, he decided to open up his own shoe company. He started his own business in 1974, initially named Bano chapel, and tagged his shoes for just 174 Pakistani rupees!

The key to his success is his hard work and sincere devotion to his work, now former Bano chapel House has gained popularity with its newly acquired name of Stylo. It has now over 200 footwear stores working nationwide. It is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company which reflect its quantity and quality.

Sample Reviews on Top 3 Shoe Brands in  Pakistan

Here we are sharing with you the top three shoe brands that are available in Pakistan and well known throughout the world. You can check these Reviews it helps you to buy what is best for you.



Urban sole


As the name implies, the metro shoe is a leading Pakistani brand, which was founded in 1986. The shoe store is ISO certified with a vivid vision of dealing with the demands of society as far as shoes are concerned. In a very short time period, Metro Shoes has earned a good reputation nationally and internationally. It is now well recognized in fashion footwear and accessories all over the country.

The company deals in displaying a large variety of diverse shoes including a range of fancy shoes, seasonal shoes, formal shoes, part wear shoes and bridal shoes. Its bridal collection of footwear is amazing! The glue never comes off the shoes even after wearing it for years and not taking proper care!

Metro Shoes are one of the finest shoes available in Pakistan because they keep in mind the intricate design, detailing, and quality of the leather. Women are all hearts for this brand as they deem their demands of office wear, cheeky designs for party wear, and bridal wear. The shoe’s styles and designs are awesome as far as appearance and quality are concerned, but again the shoe lacks in comfort. One cannot wear it all day long and run around to perform work tasks.


Urban sole is a leading Pakistani brand dealing in shoes has started its journey with the first step taken in the year1998, when the company was fashioned as a national brand with an international stance so to say. The name and the shoe styles are all western and a nonprofessional cannot think of it as Pakistani brand just by looking at outlook. That is the vision behind it, beating the international standard with their own mindset.

Urban Sole has matured itself to countrywide retail webwork of over 40 stores dealing in retail, along with a wholesale network that springs to over 300 self-governing wholesale distribution stations. The brand exports its supplies to a number of countries including Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.

 The urban sole has recently extended its business into international markets, providing them with the best quality leather and comfort level. The quality, comfort, and finest quality materials, along with the assurance of innovation and new ideas are the key factors in making Urban Sole a success.

Urban sole shoes are tailored to be up-to-the-minute and up-to-date with the modern fashion inclinations, offering its customer a wide selection of sophisticated, comfortable, and casual shoes thoroughly designed with hand-sewn artisanship by the hard-working factory workers and the handpicked material to make sure that each shoe is a masterwork. Urban Sole shoes are comfortable to wear but for just two years, after that, the soles are pressed.


Ehsan Chapel House abbreviated as ECS took its first step in 1954 in the well-known market of Anarkali located in the historical city Lahore of Pakistan. The founding father of this famous brand is Mr. Salman Siddiqui. The store worked hard in making it famous and reliable among the citizens of Pakistan. They arranged their stores in college funfair exhibitions, just to let people know about its range and pricing.

Through their strong work ethics flexible approaches and trustworthiness, they gain the love of their customers and now the brand is operational in all the capital cities of Pakistan offering its customers a wide range of casual, formal, semi-formal, party wear, and bridal collections.                        

The quality of shoes is superb, the designs and color combinations are trendy and dear to heart, but the only thing that is troublesome is the use of plastic soles in their few shoe products, in hot temperatures, the plastic gets hot causing a burning sensation to its owner. The soles are comfortable and the pricing for each product is apt according to its quality and style.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Management

This template offers help to anyone looking for standard email appreciating teachers for their hard work. For further queries, contact us via the comment box or email.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Junior Teacher

Respected Miss,

The school management is writing you this email in regards to your services as an educator for this year. You have been with this school for many years now, and we are pleased to see that you have wholeheartedly accepted the faculty and student body as a second family.

We are sure that this comes as no surprise to you that many teachers and parents have written significantly positive comments about you, going so far as to say that certain students believe their academic success would not have been possible without your efforts. As an institution, it is our duty to ensure that our educators get the respect and appreciation that they deserve. It is a moment of honor for us when we learn of the extensive effort that our teachers are making, and you have spared no effort and gone above and beyond your duties and made sure that every child got the attention that they deserved. The junior school is an important milestone in the lives of children, it is safe to say that identities are formed during these growing years. We are pleased to know that our children are in safe hands with trusted teachers like you. Thank you for being an integral part of our school faculty.

Warm Regards,

Easy Appreciation Letter for College Teacher

Dear Sir,

It is believed that College is one of the most integral parts in the lives of growing children. They are coming out of their shells and exploring new identities, they are venturing out into the world and meeting more people. In such years it is very easy for fresh minds to fall prey to discrepancies. We try our best to ensure that our children are in safe hands, but the school is only as good as its teachers.

In your case, the school has nothing but pride to offer. Over the course of these few years that you have been with us, we have observed that as an educator you have outstanding qualities. We have witnessed an exponential growth in the grades of children in your class, as well as the engaging curriculum that you offer. The school would, therefore, like to offer you a letter of appreciation for your efforts this year. Your student teacher evaluations have been remarkable, and we have heard nothing but positive remarks from all of your students. It goes without saying that teachers like you who hold true to their vision as educators make us proud to say that you are associated with our institution. We honor integrity above all else at this very college and are pleased to say that you are an honorable teacher. Thank you for being a part of our family, and we hope to continue this relationship with you for the foreseeable future.

Appreciation Letter for University Teacher

Respect Ma’am,

In gratitude for your services offered in this previous year at our institution, we offer you this email as a token of recognition and appreciation from the faculty and management. You have been nothing short of an excellent educator and we are proud to call you an associate of this very University.

It has been an honor working with the likes of you, and a learning experience for both us, and your students. We are pleased to say that your student teacher evaluation has yielded positive results, and upon assessing your designed curriculum for your courses, we are pleased to say that your teaching models have been thoroughly engaging for the classroom. Thank you for being a part of our faculty, we hope you are as satisfied with us as we are with you.


Sample Thank you Messages to Teacher from Parents

This package includes different text messages from students to teachers and is free to use for anyone who finds them useful. For further queries, please contact us via email, or use the comment box.

Thank you for Extending the Deadline

Dear Sir,

I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to thank you for being kind, and extending the assignment deadline to next week. I hope you know that this means a lot to your students because they have been very stressed during this Covid lockdown. Thank you.

Thank you for being Patient

Dear Miss,

I hope you are well, and in good health. I just wanted to thank you for being so kind and patient with my son, especially in these trying times. I know that it is not easy to be a teacher, especially in times when you have to fully adapt to a new system of education, but you have been extremely patient with him. Even though at times he might have been unfair to you, I am extremely sorry for that. I would like to extend my greatest gratitude towards all of the efforts that you have made and hope that we continue to have an immersive educational experience with you.

Thank you for being Understanding

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well, and are in good health. My son has turned in his missing assignments, and I promise to be more strict with his punctuality from now on. Regardless, I wanted to thank you for being so understanding and patient with him throughout the year. Thank you for being understating time and time again, and I promise you will not regret giving him this second chance.

Thank you for being Kind

Dear Ma’am,

I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts this year. You have been more than kind to these students throughout the year, even though at times they did not deserve your kindness. Thank you for being incredibly gracious, and relieving stress when it came to giving and grading assignments.

Thank you for relaxing Deadlines

Dear Sir,

We have all been through a lot during this lockdown, and I would like to commend your efforts this year for making learning bearable. We have all had to adjust to the new normal, and learning has not been easy in these times. Thank you for being kind enough to relax deadlines during these times, it means a lot to us. Regards.

Thank you for extending Sick Leaves

Dear Miss,

I hope you are well. I am pleased to say that my daughter is feeling much better now. Thank you for being kind enough to extend her sick leave, and letting her make up for any missed assignments and tests. Truly grateful for your generosity.

Thank you for adapting to Online Classes

Dear Sir,

The days to graduation edge near with each passing hour, and with that in mind, I wanted to thank you for all the effort that you have made with your students this year. I particularly wanted to thank you for being extremely patient with my son, even though he would not have made it easy on you. You have been nothing but kind with him and it must not have been an easy task, but you soldiered on. We are very grateful for what you have done.

Thank you for pacing the Lessons

Dear Miss,

I just wanted to thank you for being extremely patient with my daughter. She is very shy and gets very anxious in big classrooms. At the start of the year, I did not think she would be making as many friends as she has made, and she has never failed to applaud you for her newfound confidence. I hope you know how much I appreciate you putting such an effort in with her, and I hope she continues to find warm-hearted educators like you in the future as well

Thank you for being Inclusive

Dear Ma’am,

This message goes to thank you for all of your extra effort in making your students feel comfortable and included in this particular academic year. I understand that my son suffers from Satan’s learning disabilities, and it makes him very special but sometimes it can be difficult to deal with, especially when you have many other students to teach at the same time. However, you have never complained about his behavior, and have been extremely assistive in your care for him. We are both very grateful for all the efforts that you have made.

Thank you for Helping with the Project

Dear Sir,

On the hand, learning is very important in our practical world. This is why I as a parent would like to applaud you for your hands-on approach to teaching, and for giving students practical projects to construct rather than all theoretical work. I can see from your style of teaching that you are a very experienced man, and are confident in your course outline. I appreciate your efforts and the time you take to make your course creative.

Sample Teacher’s Comments on Students’ Report Cards

This package includes short comments on the students’ report cards. It is free to use for anyone who finds themselves in need of them. For more information contact us via email or the comment box.

Positive Comments

Handwriting Comments

Weak in Few Subject

Poor Performance

Bad Behavior Issues

Positive Comments

1- Excellent work! You have done a very good job, and I hope to see that you are keeping up this effort in the future as well.

2- Great job! I am seeing excellent improvement in your understanding, and you seem to be grasping the comments quite well. Keep it up.

3- Good work! I see that your understanding is improving, and you have made a very good effort and your diagrams as well. Hope to see this kind of effort in the future as well.

4- Nice work! I love the diagrams that you have made, and I love that you have labeled everything. I hope to see you improve further.

5- I am impressed! This is excellent work that you were displaying and a very nice improvement from last time.

Handwriting Comments

1- It is very difficult for me to understand what you have written, and I will not be checking this kind of work in the future. Please improve upon your handwriting.

2- I have checked your work this time, but will not be indulging this kind of untidy and bad handwriting in the future. I hope you know that I will be deducting marks for work of this quality.

3- Nice work, but the only improvement I would like for you to make is your handwriting. I advise you to practice a few times a week and come to me for tips.

4- Good job, and I have seen an excellent improvement as far as her handwriting is concerned. I would like for you to keep up the practice, and see me after class on Monday.

5- This is some incredible improvement in your handwriting since last time, and I am very happy to see it. Keep up the good work, and I expect even better work next time.

Weak in a Few Subjects

1- There needs to be more effort done in mathematics, science, and English. While there has been improvement, more practice is required if better results are to be expected in the final exams.

2- You need to work more on your mathematics. I recommend that you practice your classwork once you are home. If you do not understand something, please ask me.

3- I see that you are struggling in science. If better grades are to be expected in the final exams, please practice every day. Revise your classwork.

4- More effort needs to be made in English. Please adhere to the proper usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask.

5- Please practice your grammar every day. It is very important to understand tenses and plurals. See me on Monday.

Poor Performance

1- I am very displeased with your academic performance. You need to make a lot of improvements if you are aiming for a good grade in the finals.

2- There needs to be a considerable amount of effort made if you are thinking of getting a decent grade in the finals. Your grades as they are currently, will not be enough.

3- Please see me after class. The grades that you have scored will not be enough to get you a passing mark in the finals. A considerable amount of effort needs to be made if you plan on moving on to the next grade.

4- I am sorry to say that your performance has been very disappointing. You need to make a lot of effort if you plan on graduating and moving on to the next grade. Please see me after class

5- I am extremely disappointed in your grades this semester. I expected better from you, and I know you are capable of achieving much more than this. Please work hard if you want to pass.

Bad Behavior Issues

I1- am sorry to say that you have been an example of a very poorly behaved student this year. I expected better from you, I have treated you as an adult, but you have acted like a child. I cannot begin to describe my disappointment.

2- I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in your behavior this year. There are no amounts of apologies that could erase the way that you have acted. I have treated you like an adult, but you behave like a child.

3- It is very alarming to see grown-ups as you behave in such childish manners. It is astounding to me that you have not learned how to behave properly, or have not laid classroom decorum at all.

4- I am sorry to say that your child has been very difficult to deal with this year. Such behavior issues will not be tolerated next time.

5- What kind of behavior did you have displayed, that could be expected from a child but not an adult. I am extremely disappointed in the way that you have behaved.

Sample Thank You Letter to Teacher from Parents

If you are a parent looking for how to thank your kid`s teacher for the help of for being their support or giving them extra time. Well, one good way to hank teachers personally is to write a thank you letter to them appreciating their help. If you want to write one, these samples thank you letters provided below might prove to be helpful. If you got similar requests feel free to drop them in the comment box.

Thank You Letter to Teacher from Parent Thanking them for their Support


Mr. Sahil Singh,

Readers School.

Respected Sir,

I hope you are having a good day. I am writing you this today to let you know that I as a parent acknowledge your efforts for our kid. My girl picks up concepts and new things a little later and had a had time adjusting with teachers because no one ever has tried this much before to come t0o her level and make this easy for her. Due to her keep getting behind her class she lacked interest in most of the activities when she started school first. I and my wife both were very worried and were unable to solve her problems even after giving her extra time. Now we know that she wanted a person who helps her inside the school as well. she constantly mentions you and loves you.

I just wanted to say thanks for being so considerate and helping my child. Her interest in her class has increased and she is trying hard in every subject to make you proud and loves you helping her. I appreciate this you are honestly the best teacher I have ever seen. You were meant to be a teacher you are great at your job.


Arijit Mehra.

Easy Thank you Letter to Teacher from Parent Thanking them for their Support


Mr. Varun Batra,

LEADS School,

Respected Ma`am,

I hope you are having a good day. I am the mother of Aditya, your student. His most recent tests results have improved so much. In his last term he failed in Mathematics reason being he could not get the concept and it was difficult for him to pick up formulas and use them. You after him asking for help looking at his result decided to help him by giving him extra time during the lunch break and after classes. He told me how you appreciated his efforts and broke down every step multiple times to make it easy for him. As a result, his grades in mathematics have improved so much. I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to you for bringing a very considerate and helping teacher.

I am grateful and appreciate your efforts. Thanks for being a good mentor to my son. Take care.


Rakhi Panday.

Sample Thank you Letter to Teacher from Parents


Mr. Anand Ahuja

Delhi Public School,

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing great. I have been thinking to write this letter to you for a long time and today I am finally writing you this t appreciate all the efforts you did for my girl. She was suffering from severe public anxiety at the start of this year and was unable to make friends. She remembers all your efforts for her be it your calling her to ask her if everything is fine or trying o involve her in group projects and she appreciates it all. You are such a great teacher for identifying what is bothering your students and then coming up with solutions and also keeping up with them. My daughter told me about all those meetings you held with her to motivate her and guide her with her work and ask her about her goals and guiding her.

You are really good t your job and a great teacher. I wish every teacher starts being like you and I m sure every student will excel and perform great. its teachers like you impact the brains more than anything. I am very grateful. Mey God bless you.


Arun Mehra