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Suspension letter for Fuel Stealing

Suspension letter for Fuel Stealing

To, Sam Robert

From: Gintrex Pvt Ltd.

Dear Sam,

We are writing this letter to you because you have been accused of stealing fuel from the site. Theft behavior is not acceptable in our Company. We are trying our best to gather more information on this
matter. However, kindly understand that we do not keep such employees in our Company who are involved in illegal activities. This is to inform you that you have been suspended from out Gintrex Company. All the investigation is going on and will be ended soon when any strong proof comes out of it. Until then, we are suspending you from your duty as an HR Assistant. We will inform you about your re-joining or termination in the upcoming days. It will be finalized once everything is settled down. It is very substantial for us to give time to have a proper investigation done so we can conclude. We will also review all the allegations made against you before this incident about theft in Company.



Termination Letter for Theft

Dear Employees,

We are writing this open suspension letter for our two employees. Their name is Mr. Jack and Mr. Will. We have found camera footage in which you both have found stealing fuel on the site. It is a violation of rules and clear theft. We are investigating the case more as footage of the camera was not as clear. Therefore, we are suspending you both from your duties. You are not allowed to come to the office and perform your duties until the next notice. We will send you the next notice regarding the decision made upon proofs. We will not just hear one side only. You both are welcome to come and clarify if you have any justification to give regarding this subject. We are open to discuss this issue in detail. We also encourage our other employees to come forward with proofs if they have any against these employees. Please don’t blame, just come with proof so we can investigate and take action.


Human Resource Department