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Smart ways to cut down your wedding costs

How to Cut Short Wedding Expenses?

Human society is divided into many groups and strata according to their financial status and living facilities. There are three main strata: Elite society, being the richest having beau crates, government officials and traders, mediocre society includes government servants, educationists and company employees, third is lower society which is comprised of labourers and all low paid employees.
Wedding is no such big deal for the aristocratic society and to some extent for the lower strata as the latter had mentally accepted one another’s poverty so their demands for the wedding expenses are lesser in number. The problem of wedding and its expenses lie in the middle class society as they want to be no less than the aristocratic society! They also don’t want to be the part of the lower strata so keeping their egos with them they started collecting money or things named as dowry right from the day when the baby girl come to the age!
To facilitate them in cutting off the expenses on wedding of a daughter especially here are some tips and measures which could save their time and financial budget.

Crop down the guest list:

Besides dowry gathering, the expenses of hall is too much for the parents so, instead of inviting the whole family on the wedding, invite the couples only with no other family member. By doing this, no one would be felt unfelt and uninvited rather they would understand the position of the host parents.

Prefer low cost wedding invitation cards:

Expensive and decorative invitation cards are total waste of money as people will just see the inner leafs of the card and for a few seconds would admire the beauty and aesthetic sense of the card then it would be left on the side table or any other corner! The important thing is the place and date of the wedding and nothing else! Invitation to the closest one could be send through any social media app!

Ask your guest to contribute to the wedding:

The respectable guests would definitely arrive at the wedding hall with some gift as it look odd to come there with empty hands. The host parent should give money in place of gift no matter a thousand or so as tiny drops makes the mighty oceans!

Wedding dresses:

To look beautiful is everyone’s dream and to make this dream come true, the host family spend too much money on wedding dresses and go deeper into theme dresses, matching shoes, make up, jewelry and so on! Bridal dresses are no less than 5 to 10 thousand and what is the use of such expensive dresses as they are worn just once as ladies don’t prefer to repeat the dress as is insulting for them! By wearing or utilizing the old clothes, the expenses could be cut down to a greater extent. The bride could bargain a dress from her friend or any other family member (aunts).

Avoid expensive traditions and rituals:

Wedding nowadays are more dramatic rather than constituting of a newer home, a newer community and a newer kin! Everyone is after the silly showcase of traditions and wasting too much money in this regard. By cutting down the unnecessary rituals, a lot of money could be saved.

Avoid expensive wedding halls:

Just to satisfy your ego or to be admired by others, don’t go for expensive wedding halls with a list of facilities, chillers, air conditioners, heaters, warm lights, expensive crockery, decoration with imported real flowers, disco lights etc. In place of halls go for caterers and cut the budget according to your choice or take help of your acquaintances in cooking and serving the guests rather than to put everything at the disposal of the catering companies. It would be good to go and see the meat quality, cooking quality and the cleanliness of the utensils used in the wedding ceremony.

Dowry budget:

Dowry includes all electronic items ranging from imported iron to double door fridge and automatic washing machines, many includes air conditioner too as the groom was living in caves earlier! The room furniture includes sofas, central tables, bed, dressing table, tea trolley and what not! The 72 pieces dinner sets: crystal, marble, plastic and a non-stick cooking set. Water set, separate glass and tea set, serving set, soup set and cake set, many includes ice cream set as well as if groom’s family was eating on bananas leaves! Gold jewelry is a great budget sucker! Daughters and their in laws demand how much tola sets!! And this attitude cost 7-8 lac to the parent and what if the parent had five daughters???
In order to cut this budget only go for the things that are not available in the groom’s house and gently tell them your problem as relations are not made on the basis of things, but on humane grounds and bride’s character, education, qualities and management skills must be taken into consideration rather than her pretty looks and number of item in her dowry as it’s the character that stays and rules and all other things perish away!
By carefully looking into the wedding expenses and cutting down the unnecessary things, weddings could be made easier and parents of the daughter should send the fee bills and sets of books in dowry too just to acknowledge the education side of the bride and expenses (unseen) made on her!


How to Shop Smart

How to Shop Smart

Everyone like shopping mostly, women. Some women are shopaholic and some does smart shopping. Wondering which one are you? Don’t worry, we got you covered. If you are the one who goes to mall and ends up buying loads of stuff even without needing it, just casually- wanting it! Then you are big shopaholic. If you make a list of things you need from mall and market and only buy what you need not what you want, then congratulations you are one of rare smart shopper! People don’t really understand how important it is to shop smartly unless they are in debt.

Shopping a lot without needing the thing is contagious. It literally grows on you and you need to shush it away as soon as possible. You don’t save money and not your time while shopping out of leisure, you  have spent a lot of money on materialistic things which sit in your cupboard for long time. Firstly, you do shopping again and again without figuring why are you doing this and then your anxiety kicks in and you are totally zoned out. Questions like this appear in your mind “why did I buy this?” “do I need this” Problem of being a shopaholic is that you will not even know and it will become your habit, you would become such a compulsive shopaholic that you would go for your parents debit card and then you’ll be in debt and to get money you would choose every wrong path.

This is why it is important to shop smartly and don’t get into a trap of buying things without ant need, buying things you need only will make you more responsible, organized and in control of yourself. You will be the one who take decisions whether you need something or not. We have some very interesting ways by which you can prevent yourself from shopping insanely.

  • Prioritize Shopping List:

First thing first, make a shopping list of things you need from the market. Be more specific and precise about the stuff you need so you would not waste time in the market wondering if you need this or that. It is very easy to get distracted by other stuff.

  • Cash should be as need is:

While going out for shopping, you need to bring cash with you only which you want not a lot of cash would help. If you would have small amount of cash in your wallet, you would have that sense of conscious while buying irrelevant stuff that you don’t need this stuff and your priority needed stuff would get lose and realization will kick in, in which you will be responsible about your shopping.

  • Don’t let SALE fool you:

This is the most problematic thing of shopping world. Store owners play with customer’s mind like this and they actually get benefit from sale more than they ever get. Sale is just numbers game, in which they seduce the customer with their favorite items and show them on sale, while the prices are usually same because no one really knows how much dressed cost first but now they see it in a lower price (mind you; it’s in a same price) so they want to get it as fast as they can.

  • Choose your shopping partner wisely:

Maybe you think what it is to do with smart shopping? It doesn’t matter who I go out with shopping? But I hate to break that to you, your shopping partner influences you in one way or another. Moreover, if your shopping partner is also smart shopper, you would also adapt this habit and try to buy things you really need but if your shopping partner is shopaholic and you both see stiletto heels in the store and buy it for $500 then you would be the one regretting about it later. Trust me, you will regret.

  • Comparison Stores on Prices level:

Don’t fall prey of stores tactics, some stores are flashy and they have stuff of same quality in high prices and some stores have it in less prices so if you go out to buy television, you need to be very smart about it. Roam around the mall and buy the television which suits your pocket and of high quality as well.

  • Buy stuff when its off season:

It always help, it does. It is easy on your pocket and yet you get the best stuff in reasonable prices. The algorithm of it is very easy, if you buy something which is not needed by any one, you would get it in a very low price. This will help you do smart shopping more wisely.

  • Avoid expensive Stores:

If you know that there are stores which sell stuff on very high price, avoid them at any cost. You don’t even need to go there and check their stuff because usually big stores have a lot of tricks to make people buy something so trust me, you don’t want to go there!

  • Save the receipts

Save the receipts of the clothing you have bought even after making a purchase. There is no need to lose them or cut them off unless you are ready to use the material.

Shopping spree is something that all wants to do but shopping smartly is something that not all are familiar with. Moreover, saving your money and getting the best thing from the market is not a big deal anyway.

Best Way to Train your Toddlers?

Best Way to Train your Toddlers?

Toddler are babies of 12 to 36 months old. They are called toddlers because they walk unsteadily in this age group. Toddlers are developing emotional, cognitive and social behavior in this age. They don’t have any sense so it is easy for parents to train them and tell them what is wrong and right. Parents should be very attentive in this age group, they need to give extra care to the child. Toddler require all the attention because they are in learning process and to develop their sense on worldly things is very important. Moreover, some parents neglect their child and does not give basic training to them, thinking there is a lot of time for toddlers to learn.

Training toddler is hard but it is worth it, when you are in the market or at someone’s house and your child acts well behaved, you would not trade anything for that. Toddlers take time but they eventually learn.

How to train toddlers in a best ways:

  •  Discipline them:

Kids will always listen to their parents in one way or another. Some kids understand soon and some are very stubborn to understand at all. All parents need to do with stubborn kids are to make them discipline. Discipline is something that comes with hard work. You need to communicate with your child and tell them that they need to clean their play place when they are done playing because it looks dirty and is a bad habit. If they don’t understand and shrug it off, you need to be little strict and reinforce it on them.

  • Tell them “NO”:

Sometimes parents get very emotional and let their kid do whatever they want, even though they are making mess. It is very problematic and parents need to tell them

“No” if they are creating chaos. It will develop bit of fear in toddler’s heart and he will gradually accept the fact that whatever I do is wrong. There is no need to let your child spoiled because you love them. Everyone love their kids but kids get out of hands when they are not stopped from doing bad things.

  • Treat them with love:

Sometimes parent get too hard on their child and scold them all the time to make them learn difference between right and wrong or to discipline them. But, it is important to know that they are kids at the end of the day and they require your love then anyone. Don’t be harsh on them thinking this is only way to make them civil human. Some kids learn with love more than scolding.

  • Develop patience in yourself:

Being patient in this whole process as a parent is no more a battle. Sometimes parents also gets exhausted by repetitive stuff because kids could be stubborn sometimes while learning new stuff. Do remember that this process requires a lot of patience and dealing with patience is a key.

  • Toilet training:

While you train your kid for everything new, toilet training tops the deal. It is very important for a toddler to learn this. Deal with patience and tell them to notify you or call you out when there is a need for them to poop. Toddler age is the best age for them to understand them

  • Try to be consistent:

When your kid rants for pack of chips or cookies in market, tell them it’s a No, even if they create a scene in the Walmart store. You have to be consistent in making your child learn discipline and it is important to tell them that their every wrong wish won’t be fulfilled. However, if you buy your kid a pack of chips to get rid of embarrassment, beware that next time even if you say no hundred times he will want that pack of chips in any way so try to be consistent and strict about some rules.

  • It is a job of two:

Inclusion of both parent is very substantial.  Gregory Oliver, a child psychologist at the Henry Ford Health System, in Detroit says “you and your spouse also need to be on the same page when it comes to family rules”. Don’t put all the pressure on one of the partner while you spoil your child with everything and your partner is doing everything to make them disciplined. It includes both of parties not only just father or mother.

Parents need to label their house with chits in which they have mentioned letters or alphabets or new words, whatever they want their child to learn. Learning in this way is very unique and fast process. Kids identify the chits and call out the alphabets written on them. Use refrigerator or any board in which you use glue stick. Use colorful markers to write on chits and label them around house. Play games with your kid to make them better understand the vocabulary, play scavenger hunt and many more games in which their learning process is increased. Pin up pictures on walls and let your kid identify those pictures. It is a very cool act to make your kid understand between things so he will be able to differentiate between them. Use rhymes by singing them not making them watch it on television or mobile sets, but sing it to them so they adopt it from you, before they adopt it from anywhere else.

How to Write an Effective Article?

How to Write an Effective Article?

Writing an article in today’s time seems cup of coffee to the people who don’t know the essence of article. There are so many articles regulating on the internet without any context and strengthening delivery. Everyone can write an article but there are some rules to obey and follow while writing a good, full of information article. It is actually very difficult to find a good article on internet as there are so many present there.  Article inculcates a lot of information on the topic and most importantly, information should be right and full of facts based. 

This is very essential to be good at writing articles. Articles is something that enhances your vocabulary and knowledge anyway. When you have to present an essay on school or writing college admission application, your skills benefits you. Writing an article is an art and while writing you are an artist and your only job that time is to make it interesting by right information. Moreover, there are bad articles too, which are not structured properly and they do not have any point, probably they don’t make sense and ends up getting very few reviewers who criticize.  In order to write a good article, you need to forget everything that is going in your mind and think about the topic you are going to write on. First rule first, you need to be very clear in your head about the topic and put aside other thoughts. Good article works steps by steps. You have to structure your article and develop it so reader feels more intrigued by what you are saying in the article or what important message you have to give to the people. The body of article needs to be full of content and information about the topic. Ending of article should be on a light note.

These are the steps to follow for writing effective article:

Brainstorm about the topic:

You need to be very clear about the topic you use for writing a good article. Good article basis are always the well-gain information about topic. You need to know about the topic, you should be familiar about it. However, you can get information about the topic from internet, books, and professors. Internet is not always a good choice because it contains a lot of fake data and you end up putting facts on your article, which are not even true.

  • Source should be authentic:

Article source should be authentic. It is very important to know what is the source of your article is. Information gained from internet is not what you can completely rely on. Take help from books, your professors and be sure about the article. Trust worthy source is very important so first rule first, you need to be familiar about the topic by the trustworthy source.

  • Start with introduction:

Introducing your topic in the start is very substantial. You need to give general information about your topic in the introduction. “What it is” and what discussions you are going to have further in the article or what topics you are going to cover further. Introduction should be precise and interesting at the same time.

  • Use good Vocabulary:

While writing an article, you need to add good vocabulary in it. Your article would be plain and simple, if it doesn’t contain eye catchy and new words in the article. Don’t make it more complex by adding a lot of hard and difficult words so that reader give up reading, try to stay in-between. Not to plain and not too hard. Goal is to make common reader understand what your topic is all about in good vocabulary.

  • Keep the paragraphs short and sweet:

When you move to the body part, where all the information you have collected needs to be put. You need to break that cumulative information into chunks or paragraphs so reader does not get bored of reading big paragraphs. This is the key to make an article as effective as you want by keeping the paragraphs short and simple. In each paragraph, you will cover about all the information. For example, if you are writing an article on disease, you will cover its symptoms, its spread ratio and its mechanism in paragraphs.

  • Develop the art of writing:

Good article writers contain this art of writing, on which they would write two simple sentences and they would blow up the reader because it would be written so beautifully while covering all the aspects too. You need to be very well-aware about the topic, you are going to write on. 

  • Ending should be very light and specific:

While ending the article is where most people get troubled. Starting an article and writing is much easy then ending it in a good way. Therefore, you need to leave end note on the end of your article in which you cover all of the things that your readers have understood from your article.

After writing your article, you need to read your draft multiple times. Proof reading your article is very important until it is totally perfect. Check for grammatical mistakes and make the article look more interesting by adding substantial information at the end. Writing an effective article is not a hard job, anybody can do it but person needs to be fully prepared for writing it.

Why Phage Therapy is Better than Antibiotics?

Why Phage Therapy is Better than Antibiotics?

Phage therapy is incredible cure to antibiotic resistance.  Felix d’Herelle was the first scientist to identify the phage therapy that how its emergence can kill specific targeted bacteria and coined the word “bacteriophage” (bacteria-eater) along with Fredrick Twort. They also ran clinical treatment of phage which ended in success. It opens gate for everyone but Tbilisi in Georgia has Eliava institute that solely works in production of versatile phages and deals with different patients from all over the world, it was founded at 1933 but phage therapy was abandoned as antibiotics were discovered after World War 2.  Bacteriophages are the viruses of bacteria, composed of DNA and RNA moves around bacterium to bacterium enclosed with protein capsids.

Antimicrobial resistance is causing deaths of millions every year. Not only developing countries but also developed countries have failed to combat AMR. It has been estimated by researchers that by 2050 ten million people will be dead just because of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Clinical trials of phage therapy tends to be noticed and given importance as a cure.

By studies it have been proved that phage therapy holds the potential to effectively control inflammation caused by disease as parallel to attacking bacteria on its target site. There are two kinds of phages one lytic phage known as virulent and another lysogenic phage known as temperate phages. Lytic phages are those which follows lytic pathway and simply destroy the cell by adhering to the bacterial cell and then penetrate nucleic acid releasing new phage component proteins, nucleic acids. Lysogenic pathway is totally different as the temperate viruses do not kill the infected host bacterial cells. Their chromosome becomes integrated into a specific section of host cell chromosome while inserting genome into host DNA, it becomes dormant and while it’s dormant virus replicates but in lytic cycle virus constantly replicates.

Lytic bacteriophage system also called holin-lysin system.  Two group of proteins are required to kill the host cell holins and endolysin. Holins synergize with endolysin and also control the time of bacterial cell lysis and endolysin does the lysis part, death of host cell. Also some lytic bacteriophages use single proteins to block the synthesis of peptidoglycan called amurins.

Alexander flemming warned us 60 years ago about antibiotic resistance and now it’s actually happening and we need to find alternative ways to treat ourselves without the help of antibiotics. Phage therapy is the best cure of this resistance, Phages are found to be approximately 10 power 7 in per ml in liquid and 10 power 9 in sediment, can be found in harsh conditions as deserts and hot springs. .

Phages are considered as natural processes because they are xenobiotics composed of nucleic acids and amino acids entirely unlike antibiotics. Phage developing procedure is cheaper than antibiotics and effective against multi drug resistant pathogenic bacteria. Phages are very target oriented, so firstly it is important to diagnose infection in bacteria contrary with antibiotics where they had a broad range of target and mostly treat undiagnosed bacterial infection.  Most of the threatening diseases does not have ultimate cure, so patients are on antibiotics for lifetime but phage therapy treatment includes reduced dosages because of its self-replicative nature. Furthermore, custom treatments are also available in phage therapies for some hard to treat bacterial diseases. Sometimes the dosages which work in vitro does not work in vivo so potentially strong phages are required to treat the effect in live host than in cell culture.

Due to the presence of antibiotic resistance mutation, it has been proposed that bacteria can also be resistant against phages but phages are host specific and they evolve as bacteria evolves and sometimes even stronger than bacteria so bacterial resistance is not a problem for phages. Phage therapy are hard to patent due to being natural discovery so that is why many pharmaceutical companies shows very confined interest in phages and funding is difficult to gather for this type of research. Phages are licensed to be used in food processing industry to reduce the use of antibiotics and likewise phage Listeria sp., targets the foodborne pathogen is used in dairy industry.

Why Phage Therapy is better than Antibiotics; facts:

Phage therapy have many unique advantage over antibiotics. The most interesting thing in it is that as bacteria evolve resistance, relevant phages also evolve resistance alongside. When bacterium appears, phage already attacks it. Phages penetrate deeper as the infection is unlike like antibiotics, which decrease in concentration.

  • Bacteriophages are very site specific, only attack on targeted site, no secondary infections occur
  • Replicate at the site of infection unlike antibiotics
  • There are no side effects present of phage therapy
  • Selecting new phage is work of two weeks while synthesizing new antibiotic takes a lot of time.
  • Phage therapy costs $2,500 in Georgia

Antibiotics are lethal and we have to reach for better options. In 2016, a woman died because of bacterial infection. People are dying because of bacterial diseases and antibiotics are useless as bacteria have become stronger. It takes approximately 10 years for scientist to make new antibiotic for specific disease and get the FDA approval. Bacteriophage is the solution to all of this chaos; which infect virus and then kills it. Phages are able to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria. Phage makes a lot of holes inside bacteria and destroy, kill it completely

How to Deal With Stress?

How to Deal With Stress?

What is stress?

The human body is made up of many sentiments and with every emotion, it has a specific feel that can root many changes. Those changes could be physical and mental too. Stress is one of them a state of exhaustion. Sometimes you are familiar with the causes and other times you feel dull and down for no reason.

“Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living to please others.” 

  • Paulo Coelho

We live in an era where stress can come from anywhere, it can be any personal reason like a relationship, family, or issues from the workplace. And sometimes it can arouse from any trivial thing, something you would probably not think directly but indirectly it is upsetting you and causing you severe stress. The risk of dropping health and major diseases like heart attack and nervous breakdown is snowballing day by day due to stress.


Sometimes it is hard to recognize and other times you can see your friends dealing with consecutive stressing life. Stress not only disturbs mental health but also collapse the physical health at the same time.
Some of the basic symptoms are:


If you are finding hard to catch up on your sleep. Then, the odds of stress are more. It illustrates that you’re taking something really seriously that is not letting you sleep. So, if you are facing this problem you should consult a doctor as soon as possible or talk to someone who’s close to your heart to share your personal.
Sharing personal problems gives a sense of relief.


Persistent headaches are one of the most visible symptoms of stress. If you are the one who’s suffering from stress the first thing you will face is an intense headache. Take the medicine prescribed by the doctors in this situation.


Weight loss is one of the clearest symptoms of stress. You will notice the difference in your body and weight. Stress can be really contagious for your health.


You will not feel like eating anything and your food intake will start decreasing drastically. The relentless feeling of nausea and sickness is one of the basic signs of stress.


You will feel tired and exhausted every time without even any clear reason. A deep feeling of not getting up from your bed and lying all day long.


In this article, we will be discussing how we can cope with stress and here we have the most amazing tips that you can implement in your daily life to deal with stress. And enjoy a stress-free life.


Set this habit anything can go well if you are an early riser. It gives a feeling that you have started your day a little early which automatically gives you a fruitful vibe. It will eventually put you in a peaceful state. In the beginning, it can be hard for you to set a routine like this but once you start observing the positive changes in your behaviour you will know the worth of waking up early.


This is one of the finest tips that you can opt. Always spare some time for yoga or go for a run. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have plenty of time for this. It helps you to improve your health also considering the fact that a healthy body leads a healthy mind.


Take a proper diet and try to eat healthy avoid junk food as much as you can. Do not skip your major meals like breakfast, and dinner you can take a light snack during lunch time but make sure to fill your stomach with nutrients and proteins. Eat healthy and on time.


Make a list of things that you feel grateful about. It will help you to stay inspired and more thankful for what you have. This is the best way to practice happiness that comes from small things. It really helps you to stay calm and motivated.


Beat the inner monster that keeps you awake whole night and forces you to think about the stuff that is unnecessary. Focus on today, don’t make stories in your head even if you think that you have this feeling try to divert your mind by doing anything that suits you.


Keep a positive attitude towards everything. Especially, when something is disturbing you. Letting go is the best solution in this scenario. Surround yourself with positive people and positive vibes.


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t have any specific hobbies then select anything that can occupy your mind when you’re feeling low. Book reading is one of the best practices that you can adopt.


It is always better to consult a doctor. But, try to reach for some small help first. Stress, anxiety and depression these things are increasing really fast in our society. And there is no damage in asking for a help. Consider the fact that if you’re not sick. It normal! And reaching out for any sort of help can make major changes in your life. Try to use the tips mentioned above for a stress-free life.

Sample Leave Application due to Emergency

Sample Leave Application due to Emergency. Emergency leaves are sudden and prompt in nature, but not welcomed by the employers with open heart which they must accept. These easy formats are free to use for all!

Sample Leave Application due to Emergency

The Director,
Atene and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting leave due to emergency by the employee

Respected Sir,

Greeting! How are you sir? I hope you will be fine in your life and enjoying its gifts. I am here to ask for the favour as I have just received a call of my wife stating that my daughter had fallen headlong from the balcony and I have to rush to the hospital for her better treatment as my wife is all alone with her in the hospital and is herself not healthy. Kindly grant me the leaves for three days, so I can get little mobility of my only daughter. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Layman
28th April, 2019.

Sample Leave Application due to Emergency by the Teacher

The Principal,
Amga and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting leave due to emergency by the teacher

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour, it is to state that I am Ms. Lowry Layman, an English teacher in this prestigious school system from the last ten years. As far as my casual leave record is concerned, I have not taken more than ten leaves in the whole tenure! This time, I am engulfed in a situation that the only way out is to get emergency leave and reach the place to handle the situation and get out of it. Kindly see to this matter as soon as possible and at your earliest. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Lowry Layman,
29th April, 2019.

Sample Leave Application due to Recreational Travelling

Sample Leave Application due to Recreational Travelling. Travelling is an excellent blend of enjoyment and learning and one must pursue the fun time in one’s life as well. These easy formats are free of cost for all.

Sample Leave Application due to Recreational Travelling

Mr. Chairperson,
Anew and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting leave due to recreational travelling

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much concern that I am Mr. Modal Layman and in charge of Accounts department. I am serving this post from the previous ten years and due to the hectic routine and constant I am in dire need of mental relaxation and to focus upon other than calculations and finances! For that mental peace I be needing two weeks’ leave for recreational travelling. Kindly grant me the said leaves and make me thankful. Your healthy and timely cooperation is earnestly needed by me. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Modal Layman
28th April, 2019.

Sample Leave Application due to Field Study

To, The chairman,
Apex and Sundry System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting leave due to field study travelling

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I am fine by the grace of God and I hope you will also be fine in your life. I am Mr. Jade, the student of final semester of MS. The thesis of mine is comprised of practical work that is related to the cultural study of Turkish civilizations. In order to hand over the thesis to the respective teacher I have to rush to Turkey and for that reason I be needing three months’ leave. Kindly grant me the said leaves and make me grateful. Thank you for your time and exemplary patience.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Jade Layman
28th April, 2019.

Leave Application due to Wedding

Leave Application due to Wedding . Weddings are part and parcel of any society and a new beginning of family structure leading to a different society and community. Nowadays marriages are tiresome as many functions had been added into it and leaves are must.

Leave Application due to Wedding

Mr. Manager,
Alan and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting leaves due to younger brother’s wedding

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect and honor that I am Mr. Yew Layman and an assistant manager in this excellent firm. It is to intimate you that my younger brother is getting married this month and being the only elder brother it is incumbent upon me to take charge of his happy day. For that reason I am applying for a week’s leave as wedding is planned in our native land which is outside this station. Please grant me the said leaves and make me thankful. Kindly see to this matter on personal level and make me thankful. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Yew Layman.
28th April, 2019.

Leave Application due to younger Sister’s Wedding

Mr. Managing Director,
Joe and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting leaves due to younger sister’s wedding

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due respect and grace that I am here to tell you that sisters are blessings of God and in them we live! They are the beautiful vibrant colours of our lives and it automatically becomes our obligation to see to their happiness. In the coming week, my sister’s wedding is planned with a good guy. Kindly see to this matter at your earliest and make me thankful. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Jew Layman
28th April, 2019.

Leave Application for Medical Treatment of IVF

Sample letter format of requesting medical leave for the treatment of IVF by female teacher. Diseases are part of life and should be tackle with care and concern otherwise any disease maltreated will result into cancer. These formats are free of cost!

Leave Application for Medical Treatment of IVF

Mr. Principal,
Atom and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting medical leave for the treatment of IVF by
female teacher

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much care and respect that I am an English teacher and needing 3 months’ medical leave as I am suffering from the ailment of IVF. The concerned doctor had said to treat it on time otherwise results will be disaster and I cannot take such risk in my life as I want to live and I love my life as well. Kindly grant me the said leaves so that I can take better care of myself. I am attaching medical certificate with it as a proof and for prompt action from your side.Thank you and looking forward for a kind action.

Sincerely Yours ,
Ms. Lorre Layman,
28th April, 2019.

Sample Medical Leave Application for the
Treatment of IVF

Mr. Regional Head,
Amen and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting medical leave for the treatment of IVF by female employee

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much reverence that I am Ms. Mary Lennox and I am staff manager of this reputable company and serving here from the last many years and never filed for a single leave so far, but now I
be in need of leaves. The reason behind this leave is that I am having IVF that needs to be treated well in time otherwise it could risk my life to death. Kindly see the medical certificate attached with this application and consider the need for urgent leaves. Please see to this at your earliest and make me thankful.Thank you and looking forward for a generous and prompt action.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Mary Lennox,
28th April, 2019.