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Skills Required for becoming an Effective Teacher

Teaching is a prophetic profession, as history mentioned it. It is because, this is the mother of all professions and only in this profession, one can learn and teach at the same time. A good teacher makes learning fun. Like a teacher, like class is a well-known saying about the role of the teacher in a child’s life.

           Teaching is based on 4 basic skills: Reading, Writing, listening and speaking. It is teachers’ job to check students’ writing ability, his listening power, his oratory skills and how well he or she can read, so in order to assess the students on these indicators, a teacher must herself be well-versed in all these four basic skills. He or she must be a good reader, an excellent speaker, a poised writer and an affectionate listener. Without these characteristics, teaching profession will be of no use.

         Besides, these basic qualities, a teacher must be expert of a number of various skills which I will discuss one by one:A teacher must be creative. A creative teacher will be a critical thinker and she or he would try his or her best to make the tough concept, an easy one. This could only be done, if he or she is creative and believes in innovation.

A teacher must be organized. It means, she must be on toe and ready to teach his or her students without frowning! She must keep her planners, books, supplementary materials and A/V aids with her or him.

A teacher must be a confident figure as her job is not only teaching the students, but also managing so many other related tasks.

A teacher must be proactive thinker. It means she must foresee the hurdles while writing her lesson planner and come up with a sound solution to that hurdle. This proactive approach will save his or her time when delivering the lecture on actual grounds.

A teacher must be passionate about teaching. Without passion, she or he would be a complete failure in ‘teaching’ or moulding his or her students’ mind set.a true passionate teacher does not teach only books, rather she or he opens up new gates of knowledge on his or her students.

A teacher must be patient. She must not get easily upset on students’ cranky questions, rather she or he must keep in his or her mind to look out for the root cause that why that particular student is unable to understand the specific concept. After careful observation of the cause, suggest a solution for that problem. By and by students will develop a keen sense of understanding that his or her teacher cares for him or her. Remember, tolerance rules the world.

A teacher must be a good communicator. She must keep in her mind best mean, best method and best chance to initiate the communication with students, parents, colleagues and administration. A teacher with good communication skills always win the hearts of the person whomsoever she meets.

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How to Become Successful in Future

                                  Let me quote a famous quotation: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” It states that if you have no plan or you are not serious about making the plans then you are bound to fail. Why this is so? Why it is that much of significance that if you have no plan, you will be failing in your life. Here I am not talking about making a plan for running a business or getting started on a new idea for economic growth. Here, I am talking about making plans to make your own life successful. How it would be achieved? How would you be successful in your life?

              Dear all! Take a look around your surroundings, who surrounds you? Who are there to finance you? Who are there to feed you with food? Who are there to wipe your tears in distress? Who are there to make you laugh? Who are there to clap on your win-game? Who are there to tap you for encouragement? Who are there to tidy your room? Who are there to teach you? Who are your real friends? Calculate the contributions of each and every person in your life.

             After careful analysis, think twice and divide your time in them, share your money with them, do what they had done for you. Chalk out this on a page for making it black and white. Your planning for a successful life is in your hands now.

                At first, it will be hard to follow this plan, but day by day you will be comfortable and enjoy your life treading on these footsteps! Taking care and spreading love around you will then become a fun!

              Apart from this basic structure of the plan, take hold of few other points in life to save your time so that you can do true justice with the time supposed to be shared with the dears and nears ones. These are few simple steps or you can say it guidelines for managing your life to be a success! Let us begin:Avoid gossiping: this is the most stupid activity ever introduced to human race! This is not only waste of time, but it degrades or devalue the person whom you are gossiping about. At first, stop or avoid gossip activity, it saves time.

Be discipline: it means always do the tasks on the set time, never shift the time of one task over the other. Divide time slots for each work supposed to be done on the specific day and be firm then.

Be punctual: punctuality is the key to success. Such person quickly build a good reputation in his/her surroundings and earning a good name is a real success. Always meet the ends on designated time. Never be late!

Be humble: Politeness and down-to-earth is a quality easy to said, then done. It is really hard to think of minor things or communities when you are on high tide, but once the person manages to be humble, only then he becomes valuable!

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Scientific Myths and Facts

Science is a practical method to search for truth. It can be defined as an activity sprung out of intellectual and practical capacities enveloping the systematic research or study or the behavior, structure, and nature of the physical, chemical, and the biological world through keen observation and experiments. Why we need scientific methods? The answer to this critical question is in order to get the error-free results of the experiment done based on a certain hypothesis. Science has, no doubt made immense development in the past and is still doing wonders to this planet earth. It had saved many lives who were at the stake of going into their graves infected with minor diseases, it stopped the traditional method to cultivate the crops or to harvest it, the modern machines had saved time of the new era human mechanism.

            There are certain superstitions or you can say wrong information attached with the word science! Here, I am quoting only few examples, so that my readers not get affected with boredom or lose their interest in reading this piece of writing. Let’s start:Bulls got angry upon seeing the red colour. It is a myth, simply, because bulls are colourblind. The only thing that incites the anger is the movement of the red cape and not the red colour!

Goldfish are supposed to be thought of having a bad memory, but in reality they are able to remember the information for more than 5 months!

It take 7 years to digest the chew gum is a myth, in reality it can never be digested even in 10 years! The fact is that it stays in your stomach and then passes out of your body through stool.

Great Wall of China is considered as the only living man made structure visible from space, but in reality, and according to NASA reports, bridges, airports, tall buildings are also visible from the space.

Different parts of tongue has different taste buds! It is in reality debunked that there are no separate taste buds on tongue.

Sharks don’t get cancer! In reality, they are prone to get cancer and especially skin cancer.

Napoleon Bonaparte was shought of a very small height, but in reality he was 5.5” or 5.7”

Putting oil in pasta stopped them to stuck with each other is a myth, but in reality, it oil stopped the water to foam over boil.

Police demanded a report after the missing of the person over 24 hours is a myth. Police doesn’t demand any such 24 hours calculation to find the missing person.

Dogs do not sweat through their tongue, they actually sweat through their footpads!

Bats are blind! No, they can actually see and they use echolocation too, that makes them an amazing creature.

Human beings are blessed with 5 senses is a misconception. We have over 20 senses in our bodies.

Lie detector machine only detects the arousal level that leads to sense the truth or a lie.

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Role of Textile Industry in Economics:

 Clothes, clothes, clothes everywhere! Brands, brands, and brands everywhere. Sale, sale, and sale on all items! These are some of the things that attract the human mind and pop their eyes out! We all love clothes, new clothes, different clothes, fancy clothes, expensive clothes, cheap clothes, quality clothes, but clothes! Our hunger for clothes makes textile industries even hungrier! They introduced a number of prints, brands, styles, colors, fabrics to satisfy our greed for clothes.

           The brands has took control of the textile industry, the designers are there to produce and market new and newer designs for the outfits, prints and embroidered designs are all time favourite and in range also. People like to shop from such brands who give good quality and reasonable rates in pricing. Majority of the world comes in mediocre belt and in their daily life, they prefer to wear light but refreshing colours, as it compliments to their work place. On weddings, they are the ones who spend a lot of money on buying traditional outfits with heavy work either in thread or beads. On the other side, the upper class goes flamboyantly on day to day life. They like to wear expensive clothes and walk around in parties or in dine outs showing off the wealth they had accumulated in years!

          The platforms of snobbery are weddings, dinners, official get to gathers, kitty parties and what or what not. Money is the only language that reign everywhere. Now the state is getting worse, as people are running after brands and shops or outlets are crowded in big sale days or Friday sales. This loot program is in favour of the ones who holds the industry and the fools are the ones who spend money to keep them to rule in the upper strata. Yes! Sales are not in benefit of the common people, they are more in favour of the owners! Look, sales are put on old stocks/ end of season, right? Why? Why not in the start of the season or before launching their volume 2 or 3? The biggest reason is this old stock will automatically be kept in the storehouse or warehouse, the warehouses will be rented and the stock will be old in design. Who will go to shop those clothes then? By putting sales on this stock, they actually get rid of the old garments and spare their money from spending on the rent of the storehouse.

          Once, we are not buying such clothes in the sale, there will be no sale then, but the benefit will be that the price will be lowered down and kept in place so that everyone can buy the clothes. This race of following the trend is blindly throwing the human race into financial depression leading to mental and emotional stress. This blindness should be ended up before it ends everyone’s life. Think wisely and spend wisely! Fun reading.

Philosophy Behind Blackmailing

Blackmailing? It has nothing to do with e-mailing. Joke apart, blackmailing is a serious offense, in fact, a legal offense. In the United States of America, the law states that a blackmailer will be gone to jail, would be heavily fined, or both (section: 873). In the United Kingdom, the sentencing of blackmailing is even fearsome, a straight imprisonment of 14 years will befall on the culprit! According to the United Arab Emirates’ law, the blackmailer will be sent to jail for two years and would be fined AED 250,000. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the blackmailer will be sent to jail for a whole five years and he/she is bound to pay five million rupees as a fine.

              Above mentioned law sections are just an example to tell you people about the graveness of the matter. Blackmailing is something or some act that demands a threat resulting in demand of money from the victimized person. Now, the question confronts us, why this crime takes place? What are the reasons and factors that lead to blackmailing? In this article, we will answer each one of them, one by one.

            People who are dreamers, day-dreamers in fact, are usually the ones who indulged in this unlawful activity. The reason for them is getting money, through this short-cut. In days, they want to build their dream castle, live a luxurious life and without even spending a tear of their sweat!

               To err is human, as we all know, but there is a number of persons whose mistake or sin is never forgotten. Mostly, it’s the females who are an easy target for such bad people. Whenever they see, a female or a weaker soul is in their hands and is fearful or ashamed of their act, the act may be an act involved in loving moments, a stealing thing, a serious and potential secret, or anything of such type. Now, the person knows what had happened, he/she also knew that the victim is unable to take a stand for himself/herself and are afraid of being molested at the hand of their families or friends’ circle. Having done with the starting up part, the blackmailer, set his/her tone, assess the depth of fear of the victim, then he/she multiplied the victim’s fear to many bounds! Once this milestone is achieved, then the blackmailer gets rid of his/her own fear and blatantly demand the money in even harsher and dirty language. The game is in his/her hands!            The chain or demanding the money is endless as blackmailing is the game of cashing the fear of the victim. In order to resolve this matter, I suggest not to be fearful! Yes, you heard me right, there is not even a single person living on land who has not committed any sin, we all are wrong-doers, but the best way to get out of it is repentance and a strong pledge with God, on never repeating the same ever in your future life. After that, seek refuge in the mercy of God and chill. Never give anyone the chance to deflower your modesty and your character. Be firm, be fearless. The acts of blackmailing will die their own death, one day.

Reducing Carbon Footprints:

 What is a carbon footprint? Ever heard about this term? No? Well, it is as simple as a shiny sun. Yes! It is all about fuel consumption. By carbon, we mean a hot gas that causes the temperature of the earth to rise. By footprints, we mean the effects, the trails of carbon that has on the earth. Earth herself is not causing the increase in the carbon footprints via natural disasters or ecological changes. We, human beings are responsible for its rise in the ecosystem, of which we are an integral part.

           Human beings are great thinkers, but always oblivious of the consequences of the activities they are indulged in! There are number of human activities that are very dear and beloved to them, but on the other hand, taking the planet earth into a perilous state. Few activities of such types are listed below:


          In winters, no one has the courage to avoid it. We all love the smoky aroma and spicy tasty of the hot sizzling chicken piece or mutton or beef piece. Apart of the cleanliness or halal haram concepts, the very ingredient on which the specific piece of meat is cooked on is a black coal. The coal is a house of carbon dioxide gas. Now, imagine the amount of smoke erupting from each BBQ tray. The each and every strand of smoke is piled up with carbon dioxide, contributing to the wellness of the atmosphere in which we all are breathing in and breathing out, and in breathing out, getting our carbon dioxide out too!

 Long Drive:

                     What a lovely weather! Oh! We got a weekend break! We aren’t gone anywhere since long! Let’s have fun! Let’s move out! These are few dear sentences that we all utter in different situations listed above. We all have cars, if not, we have Uber or Cream at our disposal. All the vehicles run on fuels, as we all know. The fuels arew loaded with carbon dioxide. In 1 liter of petrol, 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide is released. Multiply the liter with the release amount and then multiply it with your yearly consumption of petrol only! The results will be horrifying!

 Gas/ Electrical heaters:

                            We are too cold! Switch on the heater or the inverter. Water is too cold, switch on geyser! These are the usual habits of all of us. Again the amount of carbon dioxide is adding up in the already existing abundance of this dangerous gas.

Ways to reduce carbon footprints:

There are number of ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprints. Few are listed below:Reduce the cutting of tress/forests

Use public transport instead of private cars

Use cycle or prefer to walk to cover nearby distances

Wear warm/wool clothes instead of switching on gas/electric heaters/ inverters, too often

Make BBQ in pressure cooker (search for relevant recipes) and after its cooking, give it a smoke of 1-3 coals to give it a taste of specific BBQ.

Grow trees, whenever, wherever you like to.

Health Impacts of Globalization

The digital world, in which we all are living, has knitted and kneaded the world into a global village. This globalization has brought about rampant changes in almost every walk of life. In this readout, we will discuss a few impacts of globalization on the following walks of life:

Impacts of Globalization on Environment:

         With changing machinery, habits, reforms done in transport, use of fertilizers, wars, weapons, perfumes, sprays, what or what not, had changed the environment at large. Now, people are more prone to get hands on land and water, as survival of the fittest is true to this era as well. Marine life is disturbed due to robust change in climate and hence result in damaging the environment. The human activities are responsible in bringing about change in the environment, together and globally we have made species, endangered ones, deforestation is done miraculously!

Impact of Globalization on Economy:

           Globalization has brought changes in economic state of human beings: now the socio-economic strata is changing, rich are becoming richer, mediocre are shifting to upper-middle class and poor are becoming poorer. The globalization has turned on middle class, drastically. People are going after “presentation” one should be presentable and hence spending more time in making their looks better or more refined. This race has ripped the money-matter of each class, seems to be going nowhere!

Impacts of Globalization on Culture:

               Arts, crafts, music, pottery, handicrafts, sports goods, painting, sketching, literature, folklores, clothing, jewelry and film-making are included in the term culture. The globalization has brought changes in all these fields, likes and dislikes of human being across the world are mingled up. Now, west likes to indulge in eastern mood and east is taking interest in western hues! This is the most powerful impact of globalization on arts and culture of any country.

Impacts of Globalization on Education:

          Globalization has put its wide and extended impact on education. The world is now tying in mutual educational goals and British council is playing a vital role in its progression. Its main aim is to bring all schools under one umbrella where everyone can learn from each other. This is done to achieve stability in socio-economic strata and to reduce inequality leading to poverty. This initiative is a blessing for those who are under-rated and has less available resources or are not blessed enough to get hands on a number of teaching pedagogies and methodologies. This platform is benefitting such schools, especially.

Impacts of Globalization on Eating Habits:  

          We are what we think and what we eat! Eating patterns has changed. This change is brought about by shrinking the world into a global village. This globalization has made it very easy for the individuals to see, attract and adopt eating style of the host country. Turkish delights, Korean street food, Pakistani biryani, American burger, Albaik Chicken bites are all time favorite and in trend. Breakfast diet has changed, now people like to eat cereals and easy ready-to-eat food.

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How to live a Healthy Lifestyle:

Health is what we all want, but a healthy lifestyle is a trick we seldom care about. We all need health but avoid a healthy lifestyle. In lifestyle, we include the routine matter, the way we eat, the way we sleep, the way we play, the way we take ourselves! There are a number of reasons that indicate why we need a healthy lifestyle to get healthy.

  For me, visiting doctors and lying on the bed in a completely helpless state, smelling medicines, tinctures, poi dines, and phenyl-dipped mob! This is scary for me and this very fear of mine pushed me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I am sure, you all must have fears also, but I pray that your fear would and could have contributed to taking you towards a healthy lifestyle.

 Let’s see how we can make our life better and bent us on healthy lifestyle:

Eat less:

          This does not mean that you have to eat less overall, this simply means, eat less at one time. For example, if you were eating one chapatti/bread in breakfast, reduce it to half in the breakfast, but do it step by step, do not directly shift on half chapatti/bread at once! Do not eat fruits after getting any meal. Avoid eating citrus fruits on empty stomach as it can stir the gastric juices causing inflammation. Eating fruits before lunch and dinner fairly detox your body, leaving your organs healthy and fresh. Avoid or eat less oily. Refined, processed and sugary foodies, as it is harmful to the greatest extend.

Drink plenty of water:

              Drinking of 4 glasses at a time will not suffice the purpose of drinking plenty of water in getting healthy lifestyle. Sensible division of drinking water at appropriate times will contribute in maintaining healthy weight. For example, never drink water on empty stomach, especially Luke-warm water, as it will cause stomach burn. Never drink water right before or after the meal or tea etc., as it curtailed the digestion process. Always stop drinking any liquid after 7 of clock in the evening. The best time to drink water is between 7 of clock in the morning till 5 of clock in the evening.

Sleep well:

                   It is said that sleep is the doctor at night, when we are enjoying our slumber, the tiny physicians, surgeons, doctor gets out and do their job, while we sleep. Sleep is the natural recharge or boosting up system of our bodies. The best sleeping time starts from 9 of clock at night till 5 o clock in the dawn. This time duration is comprises on full 8 hours sleep, but here the question arises, how can we get un-interrupted sleep? The answer is simple, stop thinking, stop wondering, stop taking too many questions in mind, just relax, go to bed, close your eyes, focus on sleeping and spend few minutes on self-analysis, that’s all! Pray to your God to give you sound sleep and make you wake up fresh and active. Believe me, this prayer is always heard! Fun Reading!               

Strange Habits of Animals and Birds

On this planet earth, we are not the only species who is alive! This planet is replete with a number of different and various animals and birds. In each biological community, we find humans, insects, animals, plants, birds, and reptiles. This balanced ratio is also known as an ecosystem. We are by far living in different localities, but in similar ecosystems, more or less.

              Humans are born differently, but they try hard to change themselves into copies. Monkeys are well-known in mimicking, but human race has defeated these animals in cheating, copying and mimicking! We are the ones, who has spoiled our own unique identities, but there are number of animals and birds who kept their individuality. Few will be discussed below:Hens/cocks and rabbits keep their one eye close and one eye open while sleeping. Now, why they do so? It is because they are able to sleep and guard themselves while sleeping from the predators!

Bats are mammals, they come out at night to hunt for their food, while the rest of the animals/birds search for their food in the morning till sunset! There is a mystery hidden in the creation of this creature by the Creator! Go and search more.

Pandas are well-known for eating bamboo-shoots and gentle in nature, but they are carnivores as well! They like to eat flesh of hens and peacocks!

Dolphins’ newborns do not sleep at all in the first few months, so mother dolphin has to wake up all the time to make sure they are safe. They also sleep with their one eye open, making their half brain in working state.

Horned lizard, when in danger, shoots up blood from its eye to create chaos to its predator, escaping time to run ways from the place as soon as possible. The blood has no poison in it, but it creates blurriness very well.

Peacocks are beautiful creatures, but they do cry when they see their ugly feet. Their favourite food is snake, in farmhouses you might have seen peacocks and snakes too! Guess the eating-relationship!

Elephants are lovely and kind hearted animals, but very few of us know that they are very cultured as well. They never forget their deceased loved ones and whenever or wherever they see dead bodies of human, birds, animals of any kind and type, they cover their bodies with leaves, dirt and dust to pay tribute to them. They feel sorry and remain sad for hours, they visit their dead ones for hours!

Cuckoo birds do not build nests for lying eggs, rather they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests so her eggs will be safeguarded by them, but on finding a better chance, cuckoo bird murder the unborn chicks of that bird so that only her egg could be taken care of!

Mole rats are able to run as fast backward as they can run in forward shift! They are real athletes of their kingdom.

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Importance of Time Management

What is the time? It is a continual process of existence and events happen in the past, present, or in the future. It means, it is an endless process, but intricately interlinked with the phases of human life. It is beyond the capacity of human beings to enter in the past or the future, so we are only left with the present and in present, we are only left with the current state.

 What is management? It is the coordination and administration of the tasks to gain the set target of one’s life. Now, the question arises, why we need to manage the time? The answer to it is very simple, we cannot bring back the time lost and we also cannot get more time by entering into the future zone, so the best and possible solution is to manage and handle the time that we are blessed with.

 There is a number of ways to manage time in accordance with different and various situations of life. Few situations are listed below:

Working Woman Time Management:

                                       Working woman means, holding too many things in a go, keeping a refined balance between home and office or school/college/university. There are endless chores at home, but children’s education and spending time with them is every parent’s utmost responsibility and it is a wish also. So, it is advised to a working lady to manage the same slot of time for cooking and educating the child. While cooking set a chair at a safe distance and get benefitted from the inbuilt bounty of multi-tasking ability of yours! See child and dish side by side or train your husband or any other available male or female to play the part in education. An organized woman can do wonders!

Time Management for students:

                           Students life seems very easy, as they are supposed to just go, learn and come back to home. It sounds that easy, but is it that easy? The answer is hung on a big NO, as students are not spared from educating their little ones, taking part in home chores or helping their elders in their affairs from day to day need. The education is getting lengthy and tiresome with each passing day, so it is very important for students to manage their time according to their needs. They must set the time limits, prioritize their time zones and be very strict in following the time they have set! Do not let anyone to shatter their study time. Be focused and concerned towards your books and afterwards, go and help your elders or enjoy with friends.

These are just examples of managing time, but there are five key factors that are beneficial for time management and are applicable to almost all scenarios: set a clear goal, focus on it, reduce interruption, achieve the goal in set time limit, avoid multi-tasking of linked and similar to-do lists.

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