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Benefits of exercise and nutrition

Benefits of Exercise and Nutrition

A healthy body needs a number of things in order to get poised and well-maintained body health and posture. The things that are utmost required are a good balance of diet pattern and amount of exercise. Let’s begin with the importance and benefits of exercise on the human body and mind. Exercise increases:

  1. Energy level because when you are engaged in physical activity, the special enzymes surge to increase the energy level by lowering the bad fatty acids.
  2. It is best for the heart as exercise helps in improving the strength and efficiency of the cardiovascular system by getting the ample amount of oxygen required for the muscles.
  3.  Exercise helps in maintaining a healthy weight as well. Weight is a key to a healthy body as a number of diseases are directly or indirectly linked with weight. The heavier the weight your body gets, the heavier your diseases will grow in your body. Regular exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight.
  4.  Exercise also improves memory and brain functioning of all age groups as a good amount of oxygen is piping up in the body making your organs breathe livelily and thus making them active.
  5.  It lowers your blood pressure.
  6. It helps in improving your sleep quality as well.
  7. It helps in curbing anxiety and depression issues.
  8. It also serves as a combat in fighting cancer-related fatigue and tiredness.
  9. It relaxes joint pain and muscular stiffness.

  On the other hand, nutrition helps in a number of ways in maintaining a healthy body. Here are some benefits of a balanced diet:

  1. It reduces high blood pressure and eating raw and dry garlic with one glass of water at any time can save a cardio attack.
  2. It reduces the risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart diseases.
  3. A good diet pattern prepares your body for fighting against illness or developing new diseases in your body.
  4. A balanced diet means a balanced weight ratio.
  5.  The addition of fruits to the diet plate increases memory and sharpens learning skills.
  6. It makes people active and smart by both mind and body.

Essay on Christmas Festivals

Essay on Christmas Festivals

Christmas is a festival known to be linked with Christianity, as a religion. It is celebrated each year on 25th December, as a token of love and gratitude for Prophet Jesus Christ. The religious festival is celebrated in almost every country of the world by the Christian community.

The day is marked with fun, dinner, party, gifts and decorating the houses and the streets. The festival is favourite among children as on that day children receive gifts from Santa Claus. Children also receive gifts from their elders, parents, elder siblings and blood relations.  Most of the parents tell their children that Santa Claus will come and give you gifts, so many innocent children put an empty basket outside their room or close to their bedside waiting for a gift from the Santa Claus, but in reality the real Santa Claus are their parents themselves who put gifts in those baskets or containers.

The home is well decorated with balloon, lights and bun ties, but the decoration of Christmas tree is a sight worthwhile. Christians decorate the tree with bells, stars, fruits, flowers and many people also like to have a snowman because it always comes in winter so making of snowman and turning its attire in Santa Claus, is simply a fun activity. The snowman and Santa both come in red hat and white costume.

Why Christmas is celebrated? From where the word ‘Christmas’ comes from? Well, the Christian community celebrated the day in remembrance of birth day of Jesus Christ who, according to them was born on 25th December. The word ‘Christmas’ comes from the ‘Mass of Christ.’ A mass service is what where Christians remember that Jesus Christ died there for them and then the Prophet came back to life.

Special prayers are held in churches in order to pay tribute to Jesus Christ who has sacrificed his life and save the Christian community and nation from their sins. In other words, Jesus Christ had salvaged the entire Christian community from their sins by sacrificing his life for their goodness. Bible is rampant with this story, but Holy Quran of Muslims is narrating the opposite where Jesus was taken up above by the almighty and resurrect Him in the life hereafter.

Traveling as a Hobby

Travelling as a Hobby

People adopt hobbies in order to engage themselves in some healthy activity and to spend their time in a better way otherwise it could have spent in depression, fights, jealousy, and time killing activities, in the absence of any hobby. Hobby is not a joy of poor and needy people as they are always in constant struggle of earning livelihood to meet their ends. Hobby is linked with people who are in good financial status and have ample time to relax themselves. Every hobby is linked with money.

There are number of hobbies in the world like collecting coins, Quaid’s hobby was to collect important news of the world in political region and saving the cuttings of news in one scrape book, playing snooker, chess, ludo and engage themselves in outdoor activities could be a hobby for some people, but the most expensive and time taking hobby is travelling.

 Travelling could be linked with visiting places of peoples’ interest. If a person is religious he would definitely visit religious buildings like mosques, churches, monasteries and temples to add on knowledge and get first-hand information through travelling. If a person is interested in history, he would love to go in forts, castles, old buildings, houses, antiques, ruins, libraries, colleges, universities etc to increase his or her knowledge on the minute details of the history through his naked eye. If a person is nature lover, then he would love to places where he or she can feel calmness, serenity, aroma, taste and colours. He would dedicate his life in exploring famous islands, hilly areas of different countries around the world, each time he or she must be in need of a good guide. Travelers love to see, feel and get maximum information through their real sensational experiences. It saves the mental health of any person as he or she is engaged in exploring the world, exploring the nature and consuming himself and herself in the light of happiness and enlightenment. Travelling could be a fun when accompanied with friends and family. Happy reading on happy travelling!

The Choice of a Profession

The Choice of a profession

Profession means a paid job or occupation but for a specific time period subject to a long time duration, especially meant for training and a formal qualification. After getting the due training, the person is deemed eligible to join that particular field of profession. A professional always loves his profession and never ever thinks about giving up on that field of his or her interest.

On the other hand, job do not require special skills, and can be left at any time for it only includes money and monthly salary. This is the basic difference between a job and a profession. Now, the question is how to choose a profession? Many people think that if we know this or that then we are capable of doing any job in the world. Yes, you are right, you are eligible to do any job, but you are by no mean eligible to join any profession on the basis of jack of all trade. If you are everywhere, then believe me you are nowhere!

There are number of professions in the world like:

  1. Teaching
  2. Medical
  3. Engineering
  4. Cooking
  5. Travel guide
  6. You tuber
  7.  V logger
  8. Sewer
  9. Tailoring
  10. Earthenware craftsman
  11. Goldsmith
  12. Ironsmith
  13. Scientist
  14. Software engineer
  15. Mountaineering
  16. Counselor
  17. Psychologist
  18. Psychiatrist
  19. Entrepreneur
  20. Businessman
  21. Importer
  22. Exporter
  23. Textile dealer and many more professions, the list is long or never-ending as each year some new need evolve some new job. The circuit of life goes on like this.

Now, how to choose a profession? It is very simple and at the same time very difficult or confusing. See, if you are interested in some work or learning object then closely monitor the jobs linked with it, then make it your profession, but a person can be interested in two thing simultaneously, then prefer doing a Benjamin method that is take a sheet of paper, write pros and cons of both the interests and then on the basis of the filtered result choose one profession out of two.

Choosing a right profession saves you emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally cherry on the top, it brings colour in your life when you put innovation in your professional life!

If I were a millionaire!

If I were a Millionaire

The topic is inviting….isnot it? Well, if I were a millionaire then I will try my best to become a billionaire! Apart from the joke, let’s get serious and seriously think about the ways where I can rightly benefit my society and the larger world, in specific.

If I were a millionaire, I will invest my money in different causes, the list is long, but few causes could be mentioned below:

  1. I will develop an Amazon forest where I would like to strive for getting the wild plants, trees and animals, insects, and others species back to life. This cause will protect the ecosystem, if not on a larger scale, but it could create some reduction in carbon footprints.
  2. I would have developed a charity house where I would employ needy ones on need-based priority. This will help to reduce unemployment and also adjust the poor community making them responsible citizens of this society.
  3. I would have established a night-shelter home as in this age of inflation and unlawful rules in the majority of the countries, people are bound to live on open grounds, streets where the poor souls are threatened for their lives and honor. Mosques, churches are not sufficient for catering to the people on roads, so in that shelter, I would provide them with good food and blankets, sheets, etc to make themselves at ease.
  4. If I were a millionaire, I would invest my money in some profitable business like the food and medicine business in order to extract money from these sources to keep my other projects in running position and smoothly.
  5. If I were a millionaire then I would travel to my favorite places and buy books from all those places, then I will choose a secluded place where I will sit and enjoy reading the books in perfect serenity and peace with the soft aromatic breeze. This will further broaden my thinking horizon and makes me put some good qualities in my character. The aim is to make myself a better human being for myself and for my country that is the global village!

Essay on responsibilities of a good citizen

Essay on Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

Citizen is a term widely understood and used for a person who lives in any country and holding a specific identification number. That number shows that this person is belonging to this country or that country. This is a general definition of a citizen, but I was thinking something else. See, now the world is changing and this world has now become a global village, it is very easy for anyone to see or have a conversation with any person of any community of any country!

The citizen is a global citizen now, identification numbers are just one identity, one number of recognition, but when it comes to communication, humane grounds, taking care of each other then it demands a high level of patience, tolerance and open mindset to cater each other in a befitting manner. What we all need to do is to minimize the threats of racism, caste, creed and sense of superiority. The game of putting others down should be curtailed to eradication level. Being a global citizen, it is our duty to:

  1. Remain polite towards others, let us listen to the problems of others.
  2. Don’t be judgmental for it kills humanity at large. Let us think before we come to a conclusion and pass comments on others! This other could be your family member, friend, or any bypasser.
  3. Extend a helping hand towards the ones who are in need, by need I do not mean the financial need, sometimes people just need a sympathetic ear to listen to their issues and many times they are not in need of any solution, they just want to vent out the pressure they kept inside them, God knows for how long!
  4. Do interrupt whenever any insane, stupid, and mean thing comes in your radius, it could be insulting behavior, offensive comment on any social media platform or in our daily life routines, wherever you see the evil, try to nip the evil in the bud. We should be torch-bearer of positivity and goodness and not of negative or becoming a bee who chooses to sit only on garbage, be a honeybee, reach out to flowers, take nectar and turn them into honey. In short, make yourself beneficial for humanity all in sundry.

Essay on Druga Pooja

Essay on Druga Pooja

It is an Indian famous religious festival celebrated each year. This festival lasts for five to six days. It usually starts after Mahalaya the lunar month in the city of Bengal because it is the majority of the festival of the Bengali community that is residing in India. This festival is marked with colors, people get themselves dressed in colorful clothes, specifically in their traditional style of clothing. After that, they gather at pandals to offer their prayers to the goddess Durga Devi. It is quite prevalent in the Bengali community that the goddess Kali has been originated or appeared from Durga’s head slew Mahisasura’s evils cohorts. Another festival known as Navratri is in line with is Pooja because that festival is also dedicated to Durga Devi, but it is nine days long festival. Both festivals coincide in quite a similar way. Each day of these five or nine days festivity is marked with the sole dedication of each day. Following are the things to don according to the Durga Pooja calendar:

Day 1: Panchami, Kartik, Bilva Nimantran, Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon, amantran and Adhivas.

Day 2: Shashti, Kartik, Navpatrika Puja, Kolabou Puja.

Day 3: Saptami, Kartik

Day 4: Ashtami, Kartik, Durgs Ashtami, Kumari Puja, Sandhi Puja, Maha Navami.

Day 5: Nabami, Kartik, Bengal Maha Navami, Vijayadashami.

Day 6: Dashami, Kartik, Durga Visarjan, Bengal Vijayadashami, Sindoor Utsav.

The religious festival is of utmost importance in Indian mythology because it celebrates the victory of Durga Devi over the evil Mahishasura who was the king of demons. The first day is celebrated as a welcome to the mighty goddess to home and the last or on the sixth day which is known as Sasthi, the worships and actual celebrations get their start.

In India it is celebrated each year with the same pomp and religious fervor. The day is marked with deep love, affection and devotion to Durga devi for keeping them safe from the demons of the king of demons the Mahishaura. It is their day of respect for this devi who saved their future which otherwise could be bleak and unsafe.

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

India is immensely surrounded by different cultures and flaunts a variety of festivals. One of the many festivals is Raksha Bandhan which means Protection bond. This is a festival or an event that is celebrated to glue the bond of brother and sister. In this festival, a ritual of tying a thread is done by the sister or sisters to the brother or brothers. The purpose behind this ritual is to remind siblings that no matter what the circumstances go by, you will never ever leave each other side in thin or thick!

Hindu religion is strongly and tightly knit around mythology, so according to mythologies,  during Mahabarat event of chains, princess Draupadi tore piece of her saree and tie on  lord Karishna’s finger, when accidently he nicked his finger, Lord Karishna was so touched with this act that he swore to take care and protect her no matter how hard the circumstances would be.

In remembarance of this event, the event is celebrated on each year on the full moon in the month of Shravan (a Hindu month). The special thing about this ritual is that it cannot be celebrated on any day or time of the month, it has special timing which is pronounced as ‘muhrat’, last year it was between 9:28 am to 9:17 pm in the night.

After tying the Rakhi, the sister applies a tilak to the brother’s forehead. Nowadays, Rakhi could be tied to the eldest sister, in case of the absence of a brother in the family followed by an exchange of gifts at both sides for at least that one day. Earlier it was just a common thread that suffices the need for the Rakhi, but now many different and stylish bands of rakhi are available in the market. New era, new customs! Hail the Rakhi Bandhan! Raksha Bandhan also has another word that is Bhai dooj, in which a knot can e tied to a male who is not a brother by blood, but a brother by religion or care-based. One such example was given in the famous movie of Indian industry named Praim, Ratun Dhunpaiyo.

Importance of Indian Festivals

Importance of Indian Festivals

India the largest known secular country in the world. Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroaster, and a number of other people who are different in religion, culture, traditions, and languages are inhabited in this country. According to one study India caters to 33 different sects and religions that are practiced in this vast country named India! The Hindu community is what makes up the largest population of the country. Hindus are the majority in number so likewise the number of festivals is bigger and outnumber the other people and religious, cultural, and seasonal festivals. Indian festivals are many in numbers like Diwali, celebrated by all Indians irrespective of religion and language, it is celebrated in the autumn season. Next in the chain is Holi, which is celebrated in the spring season, Dussehra is a nine-day-old festival claiming victory of Ram over Ravana the evil.

Ramadha and Eid ul fitr, a Muslim festival is also celebrated in the country, Christmas, is celebrated in the country by the Christians, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in remembrance of Ganesh, the lord to the home, Durga Pooja is a five-day festival celebrated in Bengal, Baishakhi  is a festival known to be linked with Sikh which is celebrated in April over the harvest of Rabi crops, Easter, another religious festival of Christians is celebrated in the country, Onam is the biggest festival in Kerala celebrated at harvest time, Raksha Bandhan  is celebrated to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters, Budh Poornima is celebrated by Gautam Buddha’s followers, Krishan Jananmashtmi is celebrated as a birthday of lord Karishna, Pongal is a four-day long festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Maha Shivratri is an annual event to honour lord Shiva, Bihu is a seven day long festival celebrated in Assam, Chhath Pooja is celebrated to show devotion to Sun god.  

There are many other known festivals, but the purpose of all these festivals is to create harmony and peace amongst different people and nations. Being a liberal country means knitting all the religions and making the different nations feel at home in order to promote the idea of unification and brotherhood.

How can we spend Holi festival in unique way?

Holi is a festival known to be linked with Indians, the Hindu community especially. It is celebrated in the season of spring, usually in March. It is marked with colours, dance, music, food and other related rituals. The powder is known as ‘gulal’ translated as coloured powder which they throw on each other or rub on the cheeks as a symbol of love and happiness. This tradition is times old and no newness is made in it. From ages, its been celebrated in the same way, wearing white dresses, decorating the plates with gulal powder, gathering in any open area, place or in streets, waving a handful of powder on one another or it can be rubbed on the cheek of the other person unknowingly, the festival is then prolonged on with traditional dances, or any other fun-to-do dance, singing of the famous songs and having done with the festivity, the day is ended with a sumptuous sight of food which is eaten by all. A happy day comes to an end!

The question that comes to my mind is that when new trends are followed in foods, dance, folk lore, music, dresses why not in celebrating the festivals? Why festivals are always linked with pomp and show and littered with loud music and hefty dances? Why not celebrating Holi in a new way? What you say? Agreed? Let’s begin now! Holi in a new bent… following tips/ways can be utilized as per choice:

  1. Instead of powder plate, try some seasonal flowers, arrange some carnival focusing on educating the children with the wild and exotic flowers grown in the spring season. It would be fun with learning for the young generation.
  2. Invite the needy or poor to the food table especially arranged for them, each house will dish out one dish onto that table, it will be pocket friendly and could be a free buffet for the deserving ones.

Arrange a sale on your old white clothes or give one free of cost to whom he or she likes to. Try it and you will love the new face of Holi.

How to Apply for Free Ecommerce Training

How to Apply for Free Ecommerce Training

 Earning is always considered as a huge success. We come to know since our childhood that only becoming rich means a success, so following this formula, we can say that rich people are successful!

 The question arises that what makes them a tycoon or a great successful person? Do they were very hard working? Their parents had left a huge legacy for them? Were they good in saving money? Well, all the questions could have a possible yes answer, but the history is replete with such people who are self-made and still achieved the summit of success!

How it was made possible? See, common sense is highly recommended when opting for a business. No need to leave the job or not doing any job beforehand and directly dash into the business: in either case the result will be of loss and drowning. It will be a landing, but crash landing! So, before doing any startup of business, search like nerd and plan realistically. No business give you millions in a week, it takes time, so have patience.

Get enough training regarding the business you are trying to do. If you are with no money, even then don’t worry. In Pakistan we have a good and cooperative training platform named as
Enablers.”  The founder is   Mr. Saqib Azhar who had trained a number of people in Pakistan in the field of ecommerce in almost 10 cities of Pakistan.

If you are interested then visit their website: Reach out their training form click the option best suitable for you and apply for free, almost free ecommerce training. There are two options one is for the person who earn 30 plus salary, his or her training fee will be different. Second option is for the persons whose salary is less than 30 thousand a month, they will charge you a fee accordingly. In the end of the application form, you need to attach copy of salary slip, national identity card copy, and utility bill copy and here you go for a correct and apt training given by masters of Enablers!

They have good supportive team who feel glad to solve your queries and answer your each petty question.

 Don’t worry, if you have no money, you still can provide your writing, designing, searching the products services. You could be engaged in drop shipping business, virtual assistant, copy pasting, typing, writing lists and what not or what not. They will teach you through series of videos, one after the other with proper demonstration. Good Luck!