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Job Application for Construction Supervisor

Job Application for Construction Supervisor

The Vice President,

Habib Construction Company.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this to apply for the position of “Construction Supervisor” at KMN Construction house. I have a huge experience is supervising constructions. I have worked with many companies on
development and renovation projects. I am very responsible in my actions and well known with the fact that I have a team to lead with patience and smartly. My experience in this specific field will be benefit to your company. My clients have never been disappointed in my work. I always come with great strategies to resolve hurdles of any kind. I always pump up my team to produce high productivity and giving best workmanship. The projects I have worked throughout in history has always been the progressive projects. I don’t rush in my work and attends to every detail very carefully. I am very confident that I can do this job very effectively if chance provided. I hope to receive a call.

Yours Truly,


Job Application for Construction Engineer

Dear John Hamster,

I hope this application finds you in good health. I am writing this job application to get the job of “Construction Supervisor” at Rexn construction Company. I have gone through the advertisement and read all the requirements and I am glad to tell that I fulfill the requirements asked by your company. I have the experience of 5 years in this field. I have worked as a managerial in the Nestle Company for two year which required this role. I have the required skills as I am very prompt in solving problems and giving unique strategies for development. My qualification also aligns with this work and as well my experience. I believe that I will be a great addition to your construction company. Please see my attached resume. I hope to meet you soon and tell you in person more about my past work history. Thank you for taking time to consider this application.

Sincerely Yours,



Job Application for Dance Instructor

Dance Teachers deliver dance classes to individuals and in group. These are easy formats for dance teacher if they want to join any institution or Academy/home tuition as dance instructor.

Job Application for Dance Instructor

The Manager,

Dance Academy Mumbai, India.

With due reverence, I am applying for job in “Mega X Film Production” for dance instructor. One of my friend works as a makeup artist in your esteemed film production and he told me about the vacancy of choreographer. I am well aware of the job requirements that your film production requires choreographer who can teach versatile dance to the celebrities. It is to bring in your attention that I have worked in the small film industry for three years as a straggler and I have taught dance to many celebrities. I have also taught dance to the theater students. My folk dance is my specialty. I am sure that if you give me chance to show you my skills, you will be impressed by it. I have huge experience of many years working in the industry. It is not new for me. Therefore, I am looking forward to be a part of your film production.

Dance Teacher Cover Letter

The Dance Instractor,

ABC Organization:——


I am writing this job application in the response of ad “Choreographer required”. I have seen the ad in the newspaper. I have gone through the requirements and I can teach dance to every age of people. It does not matter if it’s a wedding event or film production house. Your agency is looking for skilled and professional dance instructor and by every mean, I am professional dance instructor. I have attached my CV with this application. You can see the details of my work and dance, many art universities have hired me to teach dances to their theater students. I have worked with some of the best universities and produced renowned plays. As you know, the story line makes the play hit but dance make it beautified and sensitive. It depends on what kind of dance the play require although. I really hope that my application get approved.

Truly Yours,


Job Application for Beauty Parlor

Sample job application for beauty Spa/ Parlor saloon. Those Male/female are interested for hair stylist job makeup artist job can use these formats according to need.

Job Application for Beauty Parlor


The Chairperson,

Zara Gull Saloon.

Dear Madam,

I am writing this application with utmost respect. I have seen the ad for makeup artist in your parlor. I am a self- learned makeup artist. I have been working through social media to get clients and do their
makeup at my home. As, I have gotten great recognition through social media I have decided to choose this passion as a profession. Your parlor is one of the renowned parlor of the city. All celebrities get ready from your parlor for shoots and films. I am very interested in working in your parlor as a “senior makeup artist”. I have read all the requirements for the vacancy and with full confidence, I am able to say that I fulfill all the requirements. My education is based on computer science. It is my last year of the university. It is the time that I want to choose the makeup path professionally. I would love to show you my skills. Waiting for your interview call.

Sincerely Yours,


Sample Job Application for Salon

Dear Owner,

I am writing this application for “makeup artist” position in your parlor. I have seen the ad on Facebook that your parlor requires a makeup artist who is able to do the weddings, function makeup very precisely and fashionably. I have read all the requirements very carefully and I want to tell you that I fall in the category of makeup artist. I have been a junior makeup artist at “sabs salon” for two years. I have done makeup of many celebrities and brides also. Now, I decided to gain experience from various places and as your salon is one of the most famous salon. I am very intrigued to work in this parlor. I have versatile skills with makeup, I can do face facial, hair styling and many more. I hope to get a chance to show case my skills to you. Please consider me for the job. Waiting for call.

Yours Sincere,


How to Improve Your Confidence in Work Place

How to Improve Your Confidence in Work Place

Useful Tips:

Confidence is believing in yourself and in your capabilities, it means to give yourself a chance to prove your worth to the world or even to yourself sometimes. Sometimes People don’t have confidence to face themselves and question their credibility and this where lacking kicks in. Being confident is the key to successful life. Especially in a wok place. Here are some useful tips to improve your confidence at
work place.

1) Make sure to be your best motivator. First rule is always to focus on your work, once you have done you work. Go and represent it with full confidence in front of your boss. Take deep breaths. Give yourself a prep talk. It is very important to boost your confidence before any presentation. Self-confidence is very important. Prepare yourself to be best at every position.

2) Eliminate all the pessimistic things which makes you question your worth. Make sure that you surround yourself with the people who are very optimistic in nature at work and always have something good and encouraging to say to you. Being with negative people never lets you achieve bigger things in life. Never be one of negative people and always try to stay away from them.

3) Be open and ask questions and participate at work place. It is essential to participate n tiny tasks of office. Go to your boss and ask questions related to the new program. Tell them your new innovative ideas about new program, tell them you have better resource links. Tell whatever is going in your mind. Take them as your friend.

4) Always focus on your goals. Don’t hesitate to ask for promotion if you think time has come. Don’t make your promotions delayed just because of lack of confidence. If everyone is getting promoted or if you think that your promotion is promised and hasn’t been done then ask your boss. Question them. Don’t sit at one place and think that things will go your way automatically. Make the flow for yourself easy by being active.

5) Make your profile stronger. Try to make yourself up to date. Try to communicate to your clients and create connections with them. It will help you out in work as well as in future. Learn new skills from your colleagues and make your profile stronger.

6) B more productive. Try to write your schedule and make your routines that way. Do your work and as go through the schedule to see if you could’ve done that work in any better way. Evaluate your performance at work. If your boss is not happy with your confidence, think to make your work improved and just the way your boss want, by applying different and unique techniques. Surprise your boss with your intellect.

Does Technology Makes People Lonely?

Does Technology Makes People Lonely?

There was a time when people were living in the villages and having no communication devices etc. the environmental was clean and green., No cell phone, no Television, No Telephone and no other ways of communications were used. Now we cannot even imagine without such things in our daily life.

All these are the things invented by time and technology. No doubt we are making such quick and great progress in every field of life but a very big drawback of this progress is rising i.e. the peoples are using all these facilities but they are moving away from each other.
Now a person male or female both are affected by this phoenix. Many of us using android cell phone and other internet related facilities but they don’t have time to spend with their love ones. We don’t have time sit back and relax with our elders. We don’t have to spend with our kids, or parents, even some times if husband and wife both are working then they don’t have to discuss with each other their personal & kids issues. Their kids are being grown up without any parental care and morality.

Internet has an attraction in it and if a person uses it he/she may spend there hours and hours but he/she does not have few mints to spend with their loved ones. On the other hand the people who don’t uses the internet they are waiting for their loved ones give them some attention, care and love but they don’t. so we can say that the technology improvement making people lonely.

As human being we need love, care, attention and humanity but are forgetting everything and we are losing our moral values as well humanity. Remember if we are giving love, care and attention to our loved ones than we can change this scenario or else we will lose everything and we will reach a point from where we cannot reverse this situation. So we have to think about it today. I am not against progress but balanced life is requested.

Environmental Factors are the Cause Cancer

Environmental Factors are the Cause of Cancer

There are many environmental factors which are leading us towards cancer, but we will discuss here only few of them.
First of all UV factor is basically known as ultra violet rays directly from sun. Allah almighty has created this universe very beautiful our earth is a symbol of life and beauty of His own. If we create any this we must have to protect it. This rule which That Almighty has also applied for this earth. He has protected us from UV factor by creating a lyre of Ozone around the earth. Which protect us from ultra –Violet rays of sun, so that we may keep safe from Cancer and other harmful factors.

Our Environmental creating such as Carbon Mono oxide and dioxide in very large quantity. Our factories, motor vehicles, etc. are the major production of this oxide due to which this lyre of Ozone is being damaged. And is not recoverable so we are leading towards a very difficult situation.

So it is very difficult to protect ourselves from these dangerous and harmful diseases as we are making such a big progress in science and technologies but our environment is also changing.
These factors are the cause of cancer. If we have to protect the humanity then must have to make changes in our society such as town planning is first. Look at the cities having high index of air purification must have clean environment, there was no planning of clean and green peace of societies in the begging so we need to know more for these factors. Coal , Mining , Factories are the major producing of waste water and unpurified air (Pollution) due to which our humanity is suffering.

Clean and green air and pure water is our necessity and right. If we can’t control these factors we are pushing humanity toward dangerous and painful situation.

How to Be Successful

What Is Actually Required For Success. How to achieve your goals easily.

There are more than many factors which are responsible for achieving your goals. Right mindset of person can be very important for success But in my opinion you cannot get your success with at least three of the followings:-

  1. Set your goal
  2. Full knowledge of your choice
  3. Try and Try and Try again and again
    First of all you must to do anything whatever you like to do in your life. Weather it is to reach at any place in life or to achieve wealth what so ever it is, you know first what is your goal.
    Second thing is very important that you should know a-z knowledge of your goal. You must know even how to reach there. Full knowledge will also lead you the right path which will be very important for your success. If you let them spare and ignore them this will lead you to the failure. Sometimes it happens you will reach without any guidelines but in that case your success will not continue. You will lose your destiny or in other word you will be a failure.
    Third and last thing is to be motivated and can do anything again and again. This is very important to be humble and polite to reach your goal. If you are unable to do anything again and again with mistakes you cannot be a successful. If the hardship comes more than that you expecting learn from your knowledge you are wrong some where you must have the right knowledge for the right path. And then try again start over, don’t let them go to inside you and then make fresh start.
    Again if you get failed don’t lose your hope you have made a mistake in your process. Learn again and rectify your problem, where you have made a mistake, again make fresh start… a day came when you get goal. And this will be forever …
    Remember you may paused but don’t let it spare this is very important rule for life hack to achieve your goal or success.

Marriage Leave Messages to Boss

Sample marriage leave sms to boss. If any employee need to take leave he/she can use these easy messages according to requirement. Necessary changes can be done.

Marriage Leave Messages to Boss

Dear Sir,
I am at the wedding ceremony of my cousin in other city so cannot attend my office. Kindly grant me leave for two days.
Yours Sincerely,


Respected Sir,

I am out station due an urgent marriage party of one of the friends. It will be hard to attend the office for today. Kindly grant me leave for one day.
Thanking you I remain.

Dear Sir,
Please be informed that I have to attend the marriage party of my friend at nearest town, So I can’t attend my office today. Please grant leave for one day.
Yours Obediently,

Mehta Sharma

Hello Boss! Hope you are doing fantastic. I want to take leave for three days as my marriage is approaching soon. As you know, how personal this matter is. Therefore, kindly issue me leave.


Hi Madam, I am sending you this message to inform you about my marriage ceremony due on this Sunday. I am hopeful that you make my event more pleasant by your presence. Please give me two leaves for the ceremony.

Yours Truly,

Dear Boss, I hope you are in good health. I need leave for three days as my sister is getting married in this week. I have to arrange a lot of important stuff for marriage.

Thanking you.

Good Morning Sir,I am writing this message in a hurry. I totally forgot about my cousins marriage today. As it is my childhood friend as well so I have to attend one of his wedding function. Kindly permit me leave for one day only.

Warm Regards,

Sir, I am requesting you to give me leave for just one day as my cousin is getting married. It is very important function for whole of the family. I understand the burden of the work but I will do my duties when I am return to work.


Dear Boss, hope you are doing well. I heard about your illness. Hope you are fine now. This is my request to you to kindly grant me leave for one day only as I have to attend the marriage of my close buddy.


Respected Sir, I need leave for three days. My sister is getting married and I have to arrange and participate in all her wedding functions. I realize that I have just joined the organization but I promise that would not take any more leave from further on.

Best Wishes,

Respected Sir, As discussed I am on leave from today for 7 days due to my marriage. Kindly accept my request.

Dear Mam, My marriage is fixed in next month. I need to be leave for whole month. Kindly Obliged.


Diversity & Inclusive Teaching Impact

Diversity as the name suggests is about differences between human like religious, racial, gender, age, community, class, sexuality, political and ethical beliefs.
Inclusion is about understanding and giving respect to diversity, not to reject or devalue diversity. Inclusion works to the need of individual within their context whether familial, social, environmental or about variety of beliefs.
Diversity is combination/mixture of differences ans Inclusion is about making this combination functions effectively.

The main goal of a successful diversity training program is to create a positive work environment by helping individuals recognize and be tolerant of differences among others. When a proper diversity training program is initiated within a school district, several benefits often emerge for the organization and its learners. and inclusion develops the best outcome of diversity training.
Diversity & inclusive teaching facilitates students with sum of ways to understand and to value each other differences and enable them hear others and enhance their abilities to b successful.
Diversity teaching make sure every student as empowered learner. Its an effort to aware students about all racial, social, political, religious beliefs and make them capable to participate equally and advantage/benefits equally.

Diversity & inclusive teaching impact:

• Diversity inclusive teaching directly effect student’s performances
• Develop confidence that everyone is being heard and is important
• students develop confidence that their differences can bring betterment to community in an effective way.
• Of course it helps students to find success and encourage them to lead with their diverse context and personal interests.
• It mainly foster student’s academic performances and obviously develops better level of understanding for many areas of their life
• It also develop positive association in students
• Diversity & inclusive teaching sharpens the creative skills of students.
• Make them capable of making wise and educated opinions and attitude.
• A classroom with students of different intellectual abilities benefits all students.
• Diversity inclusive teaching enhanced student’s communication skills, problem solving and critical thinking.

Benefits of diversity & inclusive teaching:

• Promote student growth
• Bring up sense of empathy
• Create mindfulness and positive thinking
• Willingness to tolerate others differences

• Helps them to remove barriers to achievement
• Provide full knowledge to access their right and privileges
• Determine self uniqueness and creativity
• Increase social network/relations
• Improve behavioral skills
• Improve generalization
• Enable them to promote equality
• Provide equal access to opportunity
• Provide them chance to experience different cultures

Successful inclusive education happens through accepting, understanding, and attending to student differences and diversity, which can include physical, cognitive, academic, social, and emotional. This is not to say that students never need to spend time out of regular education classes, because sometimes they do for a very particular purpose — for instance, for speech or occupational therapy. But the goal is this should be the exception.The driving principle is to make all students feel welcomed, appropriately challenged, and supported in their efforts. School districts that ignore diversity, and inclusion fail to prepare their students for the world that awaits them. Given the importance of diversity and inclusion should be primary considerations for every school district in the nation.
Through these very simple changes, we can begin to create a system of education that values all. And from here, we can make wider societal changes.

UK Visitor Visa Inviting Letter by Husband

UK Visitor Visa Inviting Letter by Husband

Subject: A letter by husband for wife

Dear Wife,

I want to invite you to UK to visit me for couple of weeks. You will come on 5th of January and leave on 15th of January. It’s been one year that I have not seen you in person. As I am aware that you will have holidays for couple of weeks from office so it would be a nice time to see each other. I will also take off from my office so we can spent some valuable time together. Your flight will departure from South Africa to United Kingdom. I will bear all the expenses of your accommodation, medical, health, personal expenses. I will take care of your every need. I will buy the return ticket also. Please show this invitation letter to consulate so he can help you in visitor visa process. I am sending all the required documents for your visa.

Yours Darling


UK Visitor Visa Inviting Letter to Wife

Subject: A letter by husband for wife to come visit him in UK

Dear Wife,

I hope you are doing great. I invite you to visit me in UK. We will plan to visit most of the famous places. It will be a wonderful opportunity for both of us to see each other after very long time. As we both are working so it is impossible for both of us to get time for each other. But besides building our careers we have to find time for each other. I will bear all your expenses including travelling, medical, and personal. You will visit me from India for 15 days on visitor visa and leave on the finalized date. You will be living with me in my apartment which is solely owned by me only. I hope that this letter will help you in your visitor visa process. Kindly show this letter to your consulate. I have sent all the required documents. I hope to see you soon.

Yours Sweetheart