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Sample Teacher’s Comments on Students’ Report Cards

This package includes short comments on the students’ report cards. It is free to use for anyone who finds themselves in need of them. For more information contact us via email or the comment box.

Positive Comments

Handwriting Comments

Weak in Few Subject

Poor Performance

Bad Behavior Issues

Positive Comments

1- Excellent work! You have done a very good job, and I hope to see that you are keeping up this effort in the future as well.

2- Great job! I am seeing excellent improvement in your understanding, and you seem to be grasping the comments quite well. Keep it up.

3- Good work! I see that your understanding is improving, and you have made a very good effort and your diagrams as well. Hope to see this kind of effort in the future as well.

4- Nice work! I love the diagrams that you have made, and I love that you have labeled everything. I hope to see you improve further.

5- I am impressed! This is excellent work that you were displaying and a very nice improvement from last time.

Handwriting Comments

1- It is very difficult for me to understand what you have written, and I will not be checking this kind of work in the future. Please improve upon your handwriting.

2- I have checked your work this time, but will not be indulging this kind of untidy and bad handwriting in the future. I hope you know that I will be deducting marks for work of this quality.

3- Nice work, but the only improvement I would like for you to make is your handwriting. I advise you to practice a few times a week and come to me for tips.

4- Good job, and I have seen an excellent improvement as far as her handwriting is concerned. I would like for you to keep up the practice, and see me after class on Monday.

5- This is some incredible improvement in your handwriting since last time, and I am very happy to see it. Keep up the good work, and I expect even better work next time.

Weak in a Few Subjects

1- There needs to be more effort done in mathematics, science, and English. While there has been improvement, more practice is required if better results are to be expected in the final exams.

2- You need to work more on your mathematics. I recommend that you practice your classwork once you are home. If you do not understand something, please ask me.

3- I see that you are struggling in science. If better grades are to be expected in the final exams, please practice every day. Revise your classwork.

4- More effort needs to be made in English. Please adhere to the proper usage of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask.

5- Please practice your grammar every day. It is very important to understand tenses and plurals. See me on Monday.

Poor Performance

1- I am very displeased with your academic performance. You need to make a lot of improvements if you are aiming for a good grade in the finals.

2- There needs to be a considerable amount of effort made if you are thinking of getting a decent grade in the finals. Your grades as they are currently, will not be enough.

3- Please see me after class. The grades that you have scored will not be enough to get you a passing mark in the finals. A considerable amount of effort needs to be made if you plan on moving on to the next grade.

4- I am sorry to say that your performance has been very disappointing. You need to make a lot of effort if you plan on graduating and moving on to the next grade. Please see me after class

5- I am extremely disappointed in your grades this semester. I expected better from you, and I know you are capable of achieving much more than this. Please work hard if you want to pass.

Bad Behavior Issues

I1- am sorry to say that you have been an example of a very poorly behaved student this year. I expected better from you, I have treated you as an adult, but you have acted like a child. I cannot begin to describe my disappointment.

2- I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in your behavior this year. There are no amounts of apologies that could erase the way that you have acted. I have treated you like an adult, but you behave like a child.

3- It is very alarming to see grown-ups as you behave in such childish manners. It is astounding to me that you have not learned how to behave properly, or have not laid classroom decorum at all.

4- I am sorry to say that your child has been very difficult to deal with this year. Such behavior issues will not be tolerated next time.

5- What kind of behavior did you have displayed, that could be expected from a child but not an adult. I am extremely disappointed in the way that you have behaved.

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance. These sample memo will help you how to issue a warning notice to the employee for poor performance.

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

The company monitors and evaluates its employees every month and give promotions and rewards to those who deserve the best. We also deal with the employees who do not take work serious and neglects the responsibilities and duties given to them. It has been observed that your performance of this month is huge disappointment. The growth of company matters and you have not even did one sale successfully. We have been having continuous meetings from the prime day to rectify employees lacking’s but we believe that you have not even learned anything from those meetings too. As a sale oriented company, we have a lot of burden and progress of each day counts. We, here try to make teams which are enthusiastic and passionate enough to achieve their set goals. This is the warning letter to you to perform excellent in next month or else company will have to take a decision of terminating you from
your post.

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance

I hope this email finds you well. From the past few days I have been observing you that you’re not paying your decent attentions towards the assign tasks.  If you’ve something to discuss kindly do it with us. As, we can’t take any risk towards our work.

Complaint Letter Sample

Sample letter to hotel managment for poor service. Complaint Letter about a Coworker. Letter of complaint about co worker.If someone/customer are not satisfied with a product or service, you can make your dissatisfaction known with a firm but polite complaint letter against that person. Write a complaint letter to the manager of the hotel.These are sample easy formats of complaint letter.

Human Resource Manager,

Subject: complaint letter about co-worker behaviour

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you with a heavy heart and weakened spirits, in my entire professional life I have never been treated this badly. I have always been respected and dignity is a sacred possession for
me. However, my assistant has behaved very rudely towards me in a public meeting. We have worked together on a project these past weeks and the meeting was held as a briefing for the tasks
performed. When asked why his share was still incomplete he simply refused to answer, he then paired his obstinacy with denial and harsh language. If you wish to know more you can inquire at the
office and find out the reasons behind this unfortunate experience. I would officially wish to lodge a complaint against the said co-worker since insults are no way to go about the task at hand.


Mr. Naveed Anjum
23 rd October, 2016.

Sample Complaint Letter for Poor Service

Manager Customer Relations
The Hotel,
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: complaint letter for poor service

Dear Sir,

I have found my brief visit to your hotel sadly shocking. Although I have been a frequent visitor at the hotel I have always found my experience to be uplifting. Last week however I suffered the pain
and agony of poor service. The receptionist down to the room service every aspect of my stay was soured by inefficiency, complacency and poor attitude towards guests. My laundry was not taken care of and I was simply refused the service without an explanation. Moreover, I could not lodge a complaint to anyone; the receptionist was the most unhelpful person in the entire place and
everything took hours to be done. The bellboy was simply unavailable I will not be a patron of your hotel again whenever I visit the city.


Mr. Idrees Ilahi
23 rd February, 2015.

Safety Warning Letter Template

Sample warning letter to site contractor for not following
safety norms. Contractors are responsible for completing the project as well as seeing whether the working in progress is going very well or there is some sort of loophole in the working conditions. Conforming to working conditions’ safety norms is mandatory to avoid any risk. This warning should be written in firm words as human life is at stake and can be used by individuals who wanted to catch up such persons.

Sample  Warning Letter to contractor for
Safety Norms

The Site Contractor,
Bit lily Bran UNICCO Firm,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Warning to site contractor for not following safety norms

Respected Sir,

Be informed that, I am Mr. Rood Ralph, the spokesperson of Meteoric Clinic Clench Firm. On the behalf of my company under the direct command of the Chairman, it is to convey you that we had seen you working off the scale in the compound of the factory. We had already conveyed to you in the clearest words that we are in no position of compromising the safety of our workers at any cost, but you are found breaching in the set norms of safety.

You are not asking the workers to wear mask during the spray of chemical in the designed containers and you were mindful of the fact that these chemicals are toxic in their very nature and affect the persons overall health. Take this notice as a warning letter or we are by all means in a position to seize your work and freeze the remaining amount of your contract as you are not following the safety norms mentioned in the consent and breaking the laws not considering its harms.

Your compliance is welcoming or you would be responsible for
your own actions and the result proceeded to it. This is the first and the final warning being sent to you in this connection so take it very seriously.


Mr. Chairman,
Meteoric Clinic Clench Firm.
6 th November, 2017.

Sample Warning Letter to Contractor

Format of warning letter sample for site contractor on using poor material.  Constructions are made on certain reasons whether for business point of view or making of houses for living purpose or rental. Good quality material is required in any case and warnings are necessary in gearing the situation to right side. This format is helpful in finding the right words for right post.

Sample Warning Letter to Contractor

The Site Contractor,
Bristol Canoe Firm,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Warning for site contractor on using poor material

Dear Rick Dick,

Please be intimated that few months ago, you had signed the letter of agreement that said following things:

1-  The plot sized 1 kanal must be constructed as grey structured model.
2- The construction period must not exceed longer than four months.
3- A grade brick must be used in the building material.
4- Concrete and lantern material must be of excellent quality that will be used in the construction of the house.
5- In case, any of the above mentioned clauses ignored or found alternate to it and without intimation and consent of the owner, then the site contractor is liable to pay the fine for using poor material whether in concrete or bricks together with returning the poor material used in construction of the building.

I was routinely on survey to see the progress of the work and to my
surprise, the bricks I saw at the back side of the portico were of low
quality but the price was taken from me on the basis of A grade brick. I was not expecting this cheat even after the clearest words as written in the treaty. I demand the last clause of the agreement to be fulfilled by you or otherwise I will freeze your remaining amount. I hope you understand what I say.

Mr. Marlin Chuhaan,
6 th November, 2017

Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client

Sample Apology Letter Format due to poor performance to client.Human beings are framed as to err is human. Accuracy sometimes evades from man but it is not tolerable by the high ups and sometimes the clients. Such format letter can be used by companies who wished to keep sound relations with their clients so as not to breach the trust grounds by accepting the mistakes on their part.

Sample Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client

Mr. Nela dur Sahaye
Carnation street phase 1 house no 23
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Apology Letter due to poor performance to client

Respected Sir,

Hope you would be sailing in cherished boat of good health and age by all means. Plenty of prayers for you. You were our valued customer and a consistent buyers of gym machines from us for the last many years. The deals we did in the past were up to the exact terms and conditions and thence we faced no turbulence so to say.

The recent issue arose very vividly but I was shocked to see the miss handling at that level and went totally silent. The issue came and went and I stood there with numbed senses. You were quite aware of the flaw that our factory faced due to the ignorance of the causal behavior of the assembling department. We had removed the person from his seat and we are full of remorse on not taking the right action at that right time. We now heartily wanted to convey you our heartfelt apology on the previous account. Kindly accept our regret.Thank you.
Mr. Arjun Aghnihotri
Vodka Steels
November, 30, 2015

Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client
Apology Letter due to Poor Performance to Client

Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher

Letter Format of written report of college party by the class teacher.This format letter is official for all school, academies, colleges and universities for demanding written report from the class teacher on annual end term party. Necessary changes can be done.

Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher

The Principal,
Malhotra College for Girls
Uttar Pradesh, India

Respected Section Head Ms. Pooja Batalia

With due respect, it is stated that I was given the task to cover the report of End of Term Annual Party by you supported by my co-teacher Ms. Sina Sahaye to devise the report in written mode displayed on your table at 10:00 am sharp. Our report comprises following searching in the End of Term Annual Party:

1. Ms. Gulshaar’s Wing had decorated the class according to the theme discussed in the meeting certain by you. Her girls were behaving in decent manner and an invitation card was given to the respected Principal to inspect the food and ornamental items displayed in her class in a very nice and unique manner. Visuals are attached for a proof.

2. Ms. Brahum Shraddha was ably and excellently controlling and monitoring the Wing in her own authoritative style. It was a pleasant sight to peek on the girls sitting in the most disciplined way.

3. Ms. Bophaali’s Wing was all in colour and a bit ill-arranged as they were all in funky party mood. The girls were adorned in filmy style and were looking good but it was not according to the party theme. They had their food items in their hands and were devouring its taste with less mannerism.

Sheema Kumaari & Deolali Arvin
Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher
Written Report of College Party by the Class Teacher

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample. This format to warn the teacher on misconduct on Parent Teacher meeting in school or college.This format letter is valid for all school, academies, colleges and universities for issuing warning letter to the teacher on misconduct.

Sample Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct

Mr. Perdeep Singh Ashook!

You are a senior teacher of this educational system and you are serving this institute from old time which we should not mention to you as you are well aware of the services you rendered very well to this system.To my utmost disbelief and shock I received a complaint from many parents on the account of this recently passed Parent Teacher Meeting that you were not behaving according to the rules and customs of the PTM. You went on in lengthy and somewhat detailed personal matters of the parents which is by no means a policy of our educational system.

The point is Mr. Perdeep Singh Ashook that if the result of your students were not up to the level then it could not be the responsibility of the parents alone! In our training sessions and workshops you yourself conducted skimmed the idea that in Parent Teacher Meetings teachers are supposed to only stick and move around the main issuing area that is students’ performance whether bad or good and not on the case histories of the students to check where the problem arises that results in poor and weak performance of the student.

This is the first Warning given to you and if you collect three more Warning Letters that we regret we cannot ask for your services anymore.

Lt. Col Sherma Patail

Date: 29th Aug., 2015.

Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample
Warning Letter for Teacher Misconduct Sample

Warning letter for Teacher

Madam Ayesha Latif,
Senior School,
Good Field High School,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Subject: Warning letter for Teacher

You are hereby being warned that your absence without prior consent has been noted. It has come to my knowledge that you were informed on a priori basis that you may not take leave from school for two days during the annual examinations. Your absence created inconvenience for the students; it has also been found that the exam paper that you handed in to be conducted had certain semantic errors.
Previously it has been brought to my notice that your conduct towards your peers was not up to the mark. The school administration has high expectations of its staff members and believes that certain behaviors, insults, personal comments are unacceptable. You are being notified that is the last warning
being issued in this regard, further behavior of the like shall not be considered acceptable.

Madam Nargis Danial,
20 th September, 2016.

Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Sample Termination Letter for Poor Performance for Teachers and Employees. If any teacher from School/College/Academy is to be terminated from her current position due to her poor performance, lack of capabilities and careless attitude towards his/her work the provided template of termination letter can be used. Wordings should be clear and shouldn’t be harsh.

Sample Termination Letter

Mrs. Jasmine Steve,
Senior Science Teacher.

Subject: Termination Letter for Poor Performance

Dear Jasmine,

This is to inform you with repentance, that school management of Cambridge School System has decided to terminate you from your current designation of Senior Science Teacher. Though you had a span of 3 years of teaching and experience but somehow you are not fulfilling the requirements of students. As, you are well aware that we at Cambridge, have developed student oriented system and feedback from students is taken on priority. Since last two years, we are getting negative ranking of your evaluation.

This issue has already been discussed to you but we think that you are neither able to overcome the situation nor satisfy students’ study requirements. To fire any person isn’t simple chore, we again had comments session with students and come to know that apart from teaching your behavior is not appropriate for class decorum. Furthermore, it was sought that majority of students in your subject scored lower grades after assessment from external teacher.

After accomplishment of our research & owing to all these reasons, we had to take the final verdict of your termination. We hope that you will try to improve your teaching skills if you have to continue in the same profession.

We wish you best of luck for your career.


Anna Amber
Cambridge School System.

Sample Termination Letter
Sample Termination Letter

Sample Dismissal Letter for an Employee’s Poor Performance

Dear Mathew,

It is to inform you that your performance have been monitored stringently foe past two months. You have been very irregular and giving no performance at all whole month regardless of warning letters been sent to you. We hire employees expecting excellent results which will eventually help the company to grow. Main
targets have to be completed in due time, which you were failing consistently. This company had huge expectations from you but your lack of interest have led us to take the final decision of your termination from this company. Please take your letter from office and you can stop coming to office from following day.



Warning Letter for Failing to Fulfill the Commitment

Sample Warning Letter For Failing To Fulfill The Commitment, due to poor performance and not fulfill the job commitment higher management issue this letter. This letter for department head/manager or for any employee.Format is given below.

Warning Letter for Failing to Fulfill the Commitment

The  Event Manager ,
Gourmet Office,

Subject: Poor Performance and not Fulfillment of Commitments Made

Dear Arshad Rana,

Kindly refer to the commitment made in meeting held on 11-3-2015 in your office under the chairmanship of undersigned.

It is sorry to say that no any commitment has been fulfilled made by your department staff even after laps of two weeks, which reflects that you and your staff have not taken any interest to fulfill commitments made. Moreover you were directed vide letter no 417 dated 13-3-2015 that every field officer will visit at least 5 event course and will submit report to undersigned daily, but no one bothered and did not submit any visit /tour note to undersigned.

It is once again directed to submit tour note on daily basis to undersigned without any fail. You are requested to take it serious and explain the reason of irresponsibility and disinterest in work within two days positively for further proceeds into the matter against the defaulters.

Copy is forwarded to information and further necessary action to the Chairman and HR Department.

Program Director,

Rana Ajmal

Warning Letter For Failing To Fulfill the Commitment
Warning Letter For Failing To Fulfill the Commitment