Sample Business Proposal Letter for New Franchise

Sample Business Proposal Letter for New Franchise. Opening up of new franchise is a good way to start a sound and promising career. Such letter can help the ambitious souls for diving into the newer regime of businesses. Easy format is here.

Sample Business Proposal Letter for New Franchise

The Chairman,
Los Angeles Corporate Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Proposal Letter for New Franchise

Dear Mr. Betty,

How are you? Hoping would be sailing in the good boat of health and prime. I am Mr. Joe Andersen, former Chairman of Languets Super Call Company, United Kingdom. I sacked the job due to my falling health and for that reason, my family doctor suggested me to shift to pleasant atmosphere of America.

I am very well-versed in qualification of academic as well as professional career. I am teemed with a variety of experiences in the connection of business and very well aware of the problems and crisis management that arose suddenly in the
routine of calling scenarios.

I am dead assured that you had heard my name in the arena of Call Companies and familiar with my reputation and kind of nature I possess! I am giving you proposal of opening a new franchise in my area of residence. I need no introduction for my work and I am not at all a haughty person as well. This brag is just to assure you that I am still confident and feeling alive and fit for the new business. I had my space and blessed with ample experience as well.

I just wanted you to sign an agreement with me of permitting me to open the franchise on my desired place. I will be looking forward to you for a pleasant reply. Thank you.


Mr. Joe Andersen,
13 th April,2017

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