Warning Letter for Teacher on Frequent Absenteeism

Sample warning letter for teacher on frequent absenteeism. Warning letter for absent without approval. Warning Letter for Frequent Absenteeism to Teacher.Teaching is termed as mother of all professions as all the other professions take their birth from it. Teachers have heavy duties of teaching students not only syllabus, but also manners and culture and if teacher is not punctual then a lot of things will suffer which is not a good sign and deserve a warning letter. This easy format can be one such help for the high ups who want to draft good words and reasons to limit the teaching staff to certain limits.

Warning Letter for Teacher on Frequent

To Whom It May Concern

Reason of Warning: Warnings are sent on the grounds of late coming, taking leaves without prior intimation, misbehaving with the colleagues, beating students for no reason, using harsh language with the parents, frequent absenteeism and insubordination. All these actions are held objectionable and deserve warnings. On getting three warnings, the teacher will consider herself terminated from her/his seat.

Explanation: you are seen and held accountable for Absenteeism on frequent basis. This attitude is consider as reckless and unprofessional as your frequent absenteeism lagged behind the teaching and the learning of the students.
Possible Actions: You will be fired on getting three warnings from any of the above mentioned reasons. Refrain yourself from getting them.
Teacher’s Comment: if you have anything to say in this account you can give your write up here:
Areas to Develop on: You must come to school on regular basis and if you are facing any serious problem then you should avail immediate leave of a week or so, but avoid taking leaves on and off from the school as it disturb the routine of the work and the school.
Best Regards,

Mr. Principal,
13 th February, 2018.

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