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Essay on responsibilities of a good citizen

Essay on Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

Citizen is a term widely understood and used for a person who lives in any country and holding a specific identification number. That number shows that this person is belonging to this country or that country. This is a general definition of a citizen, but I was thinking something else. See, now the world is changing and this world has now become a global village, it is very easy for anyone to see or have a conversation with any person of any community of any country!

The citizen is a global citizen now, identification numbers are just one identity, one number of recognition, but when it comes to communication, humane grounds, taking care of each other then it demands a high level of patience, tolerance and open mindset to cater each other in a befitting manner. What we all need to do is to minimize the threats of racism, caste, creed and sense of superiority. The game of putting others down should be curtailed to eradication level. Being a global citizen, it is our duty to:

  1. Remain polite towards others, let us listen to the problems of others.
  2. Don’t be judgmental for it kills humanity at large. Let us think before we come to a conclusion and pass comments on others! This other could be your family member, friend, or any bypasser.
  3. Extend a helping hand towards the ones who are in need, by need I do not mean the financial need, sometimes people just need a sympathetic ear to listen to their issues and many times they are not in need of any solution, they just want to vent out the pressure they kept inside them, God knows for how long!
  4. Do interrupt whenever any insane, stupid, and mean thing comes in your radius, it could be insulting behavior, offensive comment on any social media platform or in our daily life routines, wherever you see the evil, try to nip the evil in the bud. We should be torch-bearer of positivity and goodness and not of negative or becoming a bee who chooses to sit only on garbage, be a honeybee, reach out to flowers, take nectar and turn them into honey. In short, make yourself beneficial for humanity all in sundry.

Essay on Druga Pooja

Essay on Druga Pooja

It is an Indian famous religious festival celebrated each year. This festival lasts for five to six days. It usually starts after Mahalaya the lunar month in the city of Bengal because it is the majority of the festival of the Bengali community that is residing in India. This festival is marked with colors, people get themselves dressed in colorful clothes, specifically in their traditional style of clothing. After that, they gather at pandals to offer their prayers to the goddess Durga Devi. It is quite prevalent in the Bengali community that the goddess Kali has been originated or appeared from Durga’s head slew Mahisasura’s evils cohorts. Another festival known as Navratri is in line with is Pooja because that festival is also dedicated to Durga Devi, but it is nine days long festival. Both festivals coincide in quite a similar way. Each day of these five or nine days festivity is marked with the sole dedication of each day. Following are the things to don according to the Durga Pooja calendar:

Day 1: Panchami, Kartik, Bilva Nimantran, Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon, amantran and Adhivas.

Day 2: Shashti, Kartik, Navpatrika Puja, Kolabou Puja.

Day 3: Saptami, Kartik

Day 4: Ashtami, Kartik, Durgs Ashtami, Kumari Puja, Sandhi Puja, Maha Navami.

Day 5: Nabami, Kartik, Bengal Maha Navami, Vijayadashami.

Day 6: Dashami, Kartik, Durga Visarjan, Bengal Vijayadashami, Sindoor Utsav.

The religious festival is of utmost importance in Indian mythology because it celebrates the victory of Durga Devi over the evil Mahishasura who was the king of demons. The first day is celebrated as a welcome to the mighty goddess to home and the last or on the sixth day which is known as Sasthi, the worships and actual celebrations get their start.

In India it is celebrated each year with the same pomp and religious fervor. The day is marked with deep love, affection and devotion to Durga devi for keeping them safe from the demons of the king of demons the Mahishaura. It is their day of respect for this devi who saved their future which otherwise could be bleak and unsafe.

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

India is immensely surrounded by different cultures and flaunts a variety of festivals. One of the many festivals is Raksha Bandhan which means Protection bond. This is a festival or an event that is celebrated to glue the bond of brother and sister. In this festival, a ritual of tying a thread is done by the sister or sisters to the brother or brothers. The purpose behind this ritual is to remind siblings that no matter what the circumstances go by, you will never ever leave each other side in thin or thick!

Hindu religion is strongly and tightly knit around mythology, so according to mythologies,  during Mahabarat event of chains, princess Draupadi tore piece of her saree and tie on  lord Karishna’s finger, when accidently he nicked his finger, Lord Karishna was so touched with this act that he swore to take care and protect her no matter how hard the circumstances would be.

In remembarance of this event, the event is celebrated on each year on the full moon in the month of Shravan (a Hindu month). The special thing about this ritual is that it cannot be celebrated on any day or time of the month, it has special timing which is pronounced as ‘muhrat’, last year it was between 9:28 am to 9:17 pm in the night.

After tying the Rakhi, the sister applies a tilak to the brother’s forehead. Nowadays, Rakhi could be tied to the eldest sister, in case of the absence of a brother in the family followed by an exchange of gifts at both sides for at least that one day. Earlier it was just a common thread that suffices the need for the Rakhi, but now many different and stylish bands of rakhi are available in the market. New era, new customs! Hail the Rakhi Bandhan! Raksha Bandhan also has another word that is Bhai dooj, in which a knot can e tied to a male who is not a brother by blood, but a brother by religion or care-based. One such example was given in the famous movie of Indian industry named Praim, Ratun Dhunpaiyo.

Importance of Indian Festivals

Importance of Indian Festivals

India the largest known secular country in the world. Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroaster, and a number of other people who are different in religion, culture, traditions, and languages are inhabited in this country. According to one study India caters to 33 different sects and religions that are practiced in this vast country named India! The Hindu community is what makes up the largest population of the country. Hindus are the majority in number so likewise the number of festivals is bigger and outnumber the other people and religious, cultural, and seasonal festivals. Indian festivals are many in numbers like Diwali, celebrated by all Indians irrespective of religion and language, it is celebrated in the autumn season. Next in the chain is Holi, which is celebrated in the spring season, Dussehra is a nine-day-old festival claiming victory of Ram over Ravana the evil.

Ramadha and Eid ul fitr, a Muslim festival is also celebrated in the country, Christmas, is celebrated in the country by the Christians, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in remembrance of Ganesh, the lord to the home, Durga Pooja is a five-day festival celebrated in Bengal, Baishakhi  is a festival known to be linked with Sikh which is celebrated in April over the harvest of Rabi crops, Easter, another religious festival of Christians is celebrated in the country, Onam is the biggest festival in Kerala celebrated at harvest time, Raksha Bandhan  is celebrated to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters, Budh Poornima is celebrated by Gautam Buddha’s followers, Krishan Jananmashtmi is celebrated as a birthday of lord Karishna, Pongal is a four-day long festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Maha Shivratri is an annual event to honour lord Shiva, Bihu is a seven day long festival celebrated in Assam, Chhath Pooja is celebrated to show devotion to Sun god.  

There are many other known festivals, but the purpose of all these festivals is to create harmony and peace amongst different people and nations. Being a liberal country means knitting all the religions and making the different nations feel at home in order to promote the idea of unification and brotherhood.

How can we spend Holi festival in unique way?

Holi is a festival known to be linked with Indians, the Hindu community especially. It is celebrated in the season of spring, usually in March. It is marked with colours, dance, music, food and other related rituals. The powder is known as ‘gulal’ translated as coloured powder which they throw on each other or rub on the cheeks as a symbol of love and happiness. This tradition is times old and no newness is made in it. From ages, its been celebrated in the same way, wearing white dresses, decorating the plates with gulal powder, gathering in any open area, place or in streets, waving a handful of powder on one another or it can be rubbed on the cheek of the other person unknowingly, the festival is then prolonged on with traditional dances, or any other fun-to-do dance, singing of the famous songs and having done with the festivity, the day is ended with a sumptuous sight of food which is eaten by all. A happy day comes to an end!

The question that comes to my mind is that when new trends are followed in foods, dance, folk lore, music, dresses why not in celebrating the festivals? Why festivals are always linked with pomp and show and littered with loud music and hefty dances? Why not celebrating Holi in a new way? What you say? Agreed? Let’s begin now! Holi in a new bent… following tips/ways can be utilized as per choice:

  1. Instead of powder plate, try some seasonal flowers, arrange some carnival focusing on educating the children with the wild and exotic flowers grown in the spring season. It would be fun with learning for the young generation.
  2. Invite the needy or poor to the food table especially arranged for them, each house will dish out one dish onto that table, it will be pocket friendly and could be a free buffet for the deserving ones.

Arrange a sale on your old white clothes or give one free of cost to whom he or she likes to. Try it and you will love the new face of Holi.

Reducing Carbon Footprints:

 What is a carbon footprint? Ever heard about this term? No? Well, it is as simple as a shiny sun. Yes! It is all about fuel consumption. By carbon, we mean a hot gas that causes the temperature of the earth to rise. By footprints, we mean the effects, the trails of carbon that has on the earth. Earth herself is not causing the increase in the carbon footprints via natural disasters or ecological changes. We, human beings are responsible for its rise in the ecosystem, of which we are an integral part.

           Human beings are great thinkers, but always oblivious of the consequences of the activities they are indulged in! There are number of human activities that are very dear and beloved to them, but on the other hand, taking the planet earth into a perilous state. Few activities of such types are listed below:


          In winters, no one has the courage to avoid it. We all love the smoky aroma and spicy tasty of the hot sizzling chicken piece or mutton or beef piece. Apart of the cleanliness or halal haram concepts, the very ingredient on which the specific piece of meat is cooked on is a black coal. The coal is a house of carbon dioxide gas. Now, imagine the amount of smoke erupting from each BBQ tray. The each and every strand of smoke is piled up with carbon dioxide, contributing to the wellness of the atmosphere in which we all are breathing in and breathing out, and in breathing out, getting our carbon dioxide out too!

 Long Drive:

                     What a lovely weather! Oh! We got a weekend break! We aren’t gone anywhere since long! Let’s have fun! Let’s move out! These are few dear sentences that we all utter in different situations listed above. We all have cars, if not, we have Uber or Cream at our disposal. All the vehicles run on fuels, as we all know. The fuels arew loaded with carbon dioxide. In 1 liter of petrol, 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide is released. Multiply the liter with the release amount and then multiply it with your yearly consumption of petrol only! The results will be horrifying!

 Gas/ Electrical heaters:

                            We are too cold! Switch on the heater or the inverter. Water is too cold, switch on geyser! These are the usual habits of all of us. Again the amount of carbon dioxide is adding up in the already existing abundance of this dangerous gas.

Ways to reduce carbon footprints:

There are number of ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprints. Few are listed below:Reduce the cutting of tress/forests

Use public transport instead of private cars

Use cycle or prefer to walk to cover nearby distances

Wear warm/wool clothes instead of switching on gas/electric heaters/ inverters, too often

Make BBQ in pressure cooker (search for relevant recipes) and after its cooking, give it a smoke of 1-3 coals to give it a taste of specific BBQ.

Grow trees, whenever, wherever you like to.

Sample Notice of the Inability to Ship

We are writing to inform you about the failed shipment attempt. The parcel has not been received by anyone and is thus returned to our regional office. Kindly cooperate with us and provide us with updated information so we can provide you with our services on time.

Sample Notice of the Inability to Ship

Dear customer, 

This is to inform you that your package was not delivered to the address mentioned. Your parcel left our regional office on October 29, 2020. The delivery person reached the mentioned building and waited for the residents to show up at the door. He waited for a long-time but no one was present at the shipping address. Thus, it was not delivered. We believe that it is our responsibility to inform you of this issue and make arrangements for another delivery attempt. You can contact our regional office for another shipment or visit the nearest branch. We would also recommend you inform the receiving party to be aware of this delivery. If the package is not delivered this time, it will be returned to your address. Your tracking number and other delivery details file is attached. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 

Sample Notice of Inability to Ship

Dear customer, 

We are writing this to inform you of the failed shipment attempt. Your parcel was received at our office on October 26, 2020. The parcel left our office on October 28, 2020, at 2 p.m. Our delivery person reached your provided address to find that it was the wrong address. The residents of the house and the neighbors confirmed that no such person lives in or near the address provided. We would like to request you to contact our office or visit the nearest office to change the shipment information. We would suggest you do it in three working days. In case you cannot manage to do this, we will deliver the parcel to your address. Kindly cooperate with us in this matter so we can arrange redelivery and provide you the best services. We will be waiting for your prompt response. Thank you.

E- Commerce World Effect

E- Commerce World Effect

E-commerce is the need of new-age. Not many consumers like to go out on rush streets to buy their favorite things or even day to day necessities. Every business is going online. E-commerce is known as internet commerce which means selling or buying goods via the internet and transfer of money through . This is all possible in the new age of today.
People are now going online. Have you ever wondered why so many stores have online existence more? Most of the stores don’t even have the physical experience, they are online and sellers are earning a lot of bucks through online selling. E-commerce is the new trend and this trend is going to be here for now. Everything is going online transport, clothing, grocery, and shopping.
If you like something, you don’t have to go to buy it from the store. You can just sit at your home and order your favorite dress. Just because of E-commerce, buyers and sellers both are getting a lot of benefits through it. The buyer doesn’t have to use any transport to get to the store. Buyers are busy in their life that they prefer and trust online shopping more. Many sellers who cannot afford to buy the store physically are earning more with their online stores using the right marketing strategy. This e-commerce world is broadening up in every aspect. People are having jobs sitting at home and making a career out of this opportunity of E-commerce. Many Entrepreneurs are starting their first step with e-commerce.
1. E-commerce is more convenient:
To have a convenient and flexible experience, people choose e-commerce over physical buying. Online stores are open 24/7 people don’t have to wait in a queue or schedule their time to go to the market to buy specific things anymore. E-commerce is a more convenient and safe time.

2. Increase your target audience:
E-commerce increases your reach. By having an online store, you will be available globally. People can reach your store living in any city in any country. This gives your brand a lot of opportunities to increase the conversion rate.

3. Helps you grow your business:
When you provide online, your consumer develops a bond from you, and if your product quality is up to mark. People will love to have more products from your website as they trust your brand. You have the opportunity to grow your business by launching new products.

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Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Mileage Claim

These sample letter formats are written to an employee when he has been found to have submitted the wrong mileage claim. Many companies authorize their worker/employees to use the facility of petrol /fuel. HR department can write different reasons in letter according to need.

Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Mileage Claim

Mark Johsan,
Batala Pvt. Limited, Mumbai

Dear Mark,

I am issuing this warning letter to show our concern about your wrong mileage Claims. It is very unprofessional and un-ethical on so many levels to forge a mileage claim. We got to know about this issue from management’s department and that is why I am contacting you as main person from UBL Company. We are in utter shock to know that after providing such facility, employee will still put wrong information about mileage he has never traveled. You have exploited the great facility provided by the company. We have complete faith in our employees
and by this trust we are running this business for years but cases like these make us disappointed in such employees. You must know submitting wrong mileage claims is an offense and it can lead to termination. But, considering your years of work with us. We are giving you this warning letter to not to do anything like this again or it will end in termination.


HR Department

Warning Letter to Employee for Wrong Expenses Claim

Dear Harry,

Subject: Warning Letter

I am issuing this warning letter to you from the behalf of company “Accountancy Ltd”. You have forged the bills from the official trip to Dubai from Company. This is considered as a complete fraud by claiming fake bills. You have put us this organization in deep embarrassment and disappointment. Your position as “senior manager” is in question right now. This is extremely un-professional and not acceptable by any means. Therefore, I am giving you this warning letter so you refrain from doing anything like this again in future with this company. If any thing like this happens again, we have to take strict legal action against you and
terminate from this company as dishonest employees don’t add any value to any reputable company. I hope you understand this and work upon your mistake and don’t repeat. You are further advised to submit a written explanation or an apology letter about your behavior.

HR Manager,


Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

Here are sample easy formats of excuse letter for employee and students. Everyone like student/Employee/Teacher/Worker may need to compose an excuse letter of absence for some reason. The letter should be easy short and meaningful.

Excuse Letter of Absence due to Toothache

The General Manager
Firhaj Groups and Co
1000-K Marry Heights

Subject: An Excuse for Being Absent due to Toothache

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well and is safe from Corona virus. I want to inform you that I am suffering from extreme pain from past three days due to my filling. I am having sever toothache. I woke up today to get ready for office but due to extreme toothache, I felt extreme dizziness and weakness and I gave up. After that, I went to a dentist and he sedated me and did the treatment carefully. He has prescribed me some painkillers and assured me that my toothache will be okay after taking medicine. My dentist has advised me to take rest and I should take leave from office but I feel much better now than today’s morning. Due to this sudden problem, I could not come to office. Therefore, I am informing you to consider my leave for today’s off. I would be very glad if you comprehend my condition and cooperate. Thank you.

Yours Sincere,

Koply Sharma

Excuse Letter for School / College Absence

Respected Teacher,

I am writing this to inform you that I could not come to college today due to utmost pain in my tooth. I am having this issue from a week and I didn’t know what was the reason behind my toothache. I didn’t want it to get any more severe so I got it checked and treated from the dentist. Recently, I got braces, that was the reason behind my severe toothache from many weeks. I was not able to eat anything or talk. I am not used to braces yet that is why I am still having problems and my gums are swell all the time. I still have some toothache but my dentist has prescribed some painkillers. I feel little bit better now. It is my request to you to please consider my absent from college as sick leave because of urgency I was not able to inform you about my condition on right time.

Yours Obediently,

Student’s Name:————


Roll No:—————-

Best Ten Tips to Spend Time during Quarantine

Best Ten Tips to Spend Time during Quarantine

Quarantine surely confines your outgoing and lifestyles are affected when less opportunities pop up. Its really hard to spend time doing something productive in quarantine. Following are best ten tips to spend
time during quarantine:

  1. Take Masterclass for the course you always wanted to do but never got a time for it. It is the best time to spend working on things you wanted to do for a long time.
  2. Be a pro-chef! Learn how to do cooking. Make some delicious food with the help of YouTube videos and your mum around in quarantine. Serve everyone yummiest food ever.
  3. Keep yourself active! Don’t rely on munchies. Even if gyms are closed, workout at your home and be physically fit. You can take virtual classes by your instructor while quarantined. This will also make you habitual of working out from home. It is one of the best tip to spend time during quarantine.
  4. Work on your passion. The passion you always had but never got a chance to be excel on it. This is the right time to work on it and be the master of all skills.
  5. Start writing journal. This journal will help you make record of all of the historical moments you are witnessing during quarantine.
  6. Start eating healthy. One of the best tips you can adopt in this quarantine is start eating greener. Fortify your immune system with all the greens. Keep yourself healthy and support your immune system with veggies.
  7. Try to spend your time in quarantine by learning about world, politics and climate change. Explore about international and national tourism. Enhance your knowledge and be a little wiser in this quarantine.
  8. Awake the artist in you. Create some quarantine masterpiece. Utilize the time by spending it on creating an art that you are going to preserve and cherish for whole of your life. Painting is a great way to spend time and be productive at same time. Take the inspiration from surrounding or channel your ideas into your art.
  9. Quarantine can be little too hard on your mind sometime. So, it is okay to do something fun for yourself too. Watch your favorite season and have some fun time. This is one of the best tips during quarantine for your mind to freshen up and be functional.
  10. Read a happy book. Reading is important, it opens your mind and make you feel a lot of stuff at same time.