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Sample Letter to Employees for Health Insurance Policy

These letters are to introduce health insurance policy to the workers of the office. It can be applied to banks employees, firms, business companies. These easy formats are for office workers, teachers of high school, workers, and private office workers. It can be provided in the situation where employees are being introduced to new health insurance policy.

Sample Letter to Employees for Health Insurance Policy

To: All Staff Members

From: HR Department

Atrophy International.

Respected Employees,

This is to bring in your kind attention that our company has decided to introduce Health Insurance Policy for the employees. As you all are well familiar with the fact that our country is becoming a very expensive country to live in and medical treatment is quite exorbitant. We have advised our policy makers for the health insurance policy. It is a factual point that only company affords to give its employees’ health insurance Company, when employee contributions towards work target and sales have been remarkable. This time we have decided to share the contributions with employees. This announcement is for all the employees of the office. This health insurance policy would cover most of your monthly medical treatments. It includes major and minor treatments. It also includes your spouse and children health treatments insurance.

Warm Regards,

HR Head

Memo Announcing Health Insurance for Employees

Dear Staff,

I hope all of you are in good health. I am directing this letter to all of the employees working under sales department, only those employees are able to receive this letter. Therefore, the subject of my letter is to inform you about the new health insurance policy being introduced in the company. As this company is six years old and employees who have been working from six years with this company have often pointed about health insurance policy. We have devised the health insurance policy for all the employees working under sales department. We are planning to cover most of the employees of the office but this will be done gradually. Right now, employees who are single can take health insurance for themselves and their parent and employees who are married can take this opportunity to cover the medical treatments of themselves and their spouse and children.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Admin Department

Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge

This memorandum is directed to our floor Manager and team leader so he can take the job of new officer for time being or temporarily.

Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge

Dear Staff,

It is written to highlight an important issue. As you are well familiar with the situation we had after fire at our Texas branch, things are shambles for management right now. We have to arrange all the supplies and resources for the re-functioning of Texas branch but we are emphasizing on first getting the employees back to work in small office. As you know about this predicament, we have decided to make you a new officer in charge for the small occupied office in Texas. Your performance on the duty is up to mark and your projects completion is as pure as the driven snow. You’re unblemished and flawless work has made us appoint you as in charge of new office in Texas. I would like to discuss more about this with you in person. Please come to my office, whenever you are free.



Memorandum Example Assigning a New Officer-In-Charge

Respected Team Members,

This memorandum is written to inform you about a complicated situation. Our office in Ontario has lost its Finance Manager due to his resignation. His medical condition was not quite good so he had to leave the office on last minute resignation. As this uncalled situation was unpredictable so we have to make some intrepid choice right now. We urgently need a finance manager in Ontario and for that, we request you to take this position for an interim term of two months. Your experience in finance department has given us surety that you can handle this job well until we find right candidate for this job permanently. We want to discuss more of the details with you before you consider this request. I want to discuss some important parameters of this job with you. I would like to give you written memorandum to give you full authorization
his job temporarily.

Warm Regards,


Memo to Implement Company Rules for Internet Usage

These sample memorandum are written for office workers by high authorities of the company. Company has written this memo to implement new rules for internet usage.

Memo to Implement Company Rules for Internet Usage

Admin Staff Members,

This memorandum is written to inform all the employees about new rules of Company regarding Internet usage in the facility. In the company, we provide free access to internet to the employees because of engaging more productivity and using it for work-related activities. Recently, some activities are taken into account of employees which is strictly prohibited in the premises of the company. We have provided this facility so the company data is save in secret folders just accessible to the management and administration but some people have tried to break these certain laws. We are going to take action against those employees and also going to revise and renew the internet usage policy in company. Only confidential data of company is going to be accessible on the free internet. There should be confined use of internet and no social media usage is allowed.

HR Head

Employee Internet Usage Policy Memorandum

Staff Members,

As this information has come into our knowledge that employees are very un-professional while using internet in the company and most of them are trafficking the internet by opening certain malicious browsers on the web of company computers. Please read the attached file, in which it is mentioned that usage of internet is limited and employees are not allowed to open any un-official browser on the company computer. Internet is valuable business tool which we intend to be limited just to the business work. We have decided that we are going to put some restricted sites on your web which are your job related so only that will function in your computer set. Internet will only be accessible when reasonable professional work needs are identified. We will scan each employee’s work responsibilities and questions would be asked if unrelated browsers has opened in his computer set during work hours.

Human Resource Department

Memo to Establish Cell Phone Policy

This memorandum is for the company to establish new cell phone policy and it is applicable to all employees of the office to practice less use of cell phone.

Memo to Establish Cell Phone Policy

Dear Employees,

This memorandum is for the company to establish new cell phone policy and it is applicable to all employees of the office to practice less use of cell phone.We wish to inform you about some changes in the functioning policies of the company. This fundamental change has been made on the record of employee’s behaviour in the company. It has been decided that cellular devices use is only confined to workplace breaks. Cell phones are not allowed to be use in the company at working hours. Nobody is allowed to make any videos in the company facility or to take pictures in the premises of the company. If any of the employees are found to be crossing the policy, strict action would be taken against them. There should be professional behaviour adaptation at work, messaging between the calls with clients are not allowed. Employees who are found not to abide the cell phone of the company, could have a termination too. These new guidelines are also attached in the word document with this memorandum. If you have any question, please see me in my office.



Memorandum to Establish Cell Phone Policy

All Team Members,

It has come to my attention that many of employees in the office are not completing their work targets instead they are wasting their time on cellular devices. This memo is reminder for you about your work targets and mandatory completion of work hours. On taking note of employee’s leisure attitude, we have decided to establish new cell phone policy. Company has decided to emit employees of using the cell phone in the company facility at all. It includes no use of social media, messaging, games, taking calls or capturing videos and pictures in the office premises. In the order of emergency, there would be allowed to take an incoming call on the time of work hours and that should also be justified by the employee to the administration team. Please understand that we want to establish the environment in which company touches the new heights of success by achieving work targets.



Sample Memo to Implement the Shifting Policy

This memorandum is by office administration to aware employees about new rules of shifting turnovers.

Sample Memo to Implement the Shifting Policy

Respected All Admin Staff,

This memorandum is meant to inform everyone about new shifting policy. This office employee has always obeyed all the rules and regulation and we expected this attitude to be same throughout the time. It seems to have that some of the employees are having hard time with shifting turnovers. Many employees have approached me regarding their shifting problem. Due to the fact, I have taken this query to the management and they have come to the conclusion to
change the shifting policy. It is to inform you that there will be only swaps allowed with your fellow employee and that also, with the management approval. I have attached full form with detail of new shifting policy. If you face any problem in comprehending the new policy, feel free to approach me. I will be happy to help you. Please study the new policy thoroughly and implement it immediately.



Sample Memorandum to Implement the Shifting Policy

Dear Employees,

I am writing this memorandum on behalf of management and administration of office to inform you all about new shifting policy that has been added in office regulations policy. New protocol
has been made by taking into consideration of all the problems, employees were facing about their shifting turnovers. Previous policy is completely stranded because of some member’s disagreement on the policy. We hope that you all go by the rules and follow the new shifting policy rigorously. We have made all the changes in the policy. This new procedure implementation is appointed from tomorrow and people who wants to have shift turnovers can follow the policy. The file is attached with this memorandum. I hope that now this functioning policy would not be inconvenient for anybody. I am looking forward to everyone’s cooperation on this matter. If any of you have query regarding this new policy, please come to my office.



Sample Memo to Tighten Security

This memorandum is intended for people working in office and management team. It is written by management of the office to impose strict laws and security.

Sample Memo to Tighten Security


The Manager Admin,

There has been fuss in the office lately about stealing and accusing. There has been two or more incidents recorded in which someone has left their belonging and it got stolen from there. This is important for the management of the office to take strict actions against the people who are stealing things. We don’t want to accuse anyone of theft so there is only one possibility that management needs to tighten the security so issues like this won’t happen again. I also encourage employees to take care of their belongings and act more vigilantly around the office.
We have never faced such scenarios in the office before. We want everyone to take care of their electronic devices and do not leave their important stuff on the table. I hope that everybody compliance in this matter.


HR Department

Security Memo Example

Dear Employees,

This memo is being directed to the employees of the office. I am writing this to inform you all that there has been uncanny incidents occurring around the company. Employees are complaining of their stolen belongings. Management of company has also reached out and complained about the negligent behavior of employees around the office on their stuff. It has been seen that all of you leave your stuff unattended and then it gets stolen. As you know that this company is not one side data based, it has connections so flow of people all day is usual.
There could be many people who could be involved in stealing stuff and even stealing some valuable information regarding companies’ strategies. So, it is advised to all of you o be vigilant about your laptops and electronic devices. Please refrain of leaving anything important on your desk all openly. I am looking forward to everyone’s compliances on this matter.

Warm Regards,

Security Adviser

Circular of Leave without Intimation

Sample letter format of a circular of leave without intimation. Circulars are meant to remind or give me news to be followed in the near future or it is given to warn the persons for their certain actions. These easy formats are regarding the taking of leaves without intimation.

Circular of Leave without Intimation

Greetings! How are you? We hope and pray the goodness for you in your lives. We are one and together we run the system as our company’s motto brags! We are caring and believe in the weaknesses or the emergencies of our workers which they face in their respective lives but it is to intimate that no further leave will be entertained if got without prior intimation to the governing body. If the same act is repeated in future please think of yourself as not a part of this system!

Best Regards.

Office Note Regarding Office Leave without Informing by HR

Dear Employee,

This is not a good sight to see that employees taking the intensity of work at office, lightly. We have observed that you are not coming to office from two days without giving any prior notification of your leaves. We here at company, believe in the employees who commit to their challenging work with all honesty and never take surprising leaves without notifying the office management. This is considered extremely un-professional and childish and does not comply with rules of company. This office has some rules to obey and some disciplines to maintain so the environment is not distorted by any means. In any case of emergency as per the policy of company, employee need to inform other day of being absent and if employee doesn’t coordinate or go by company rules then separation with company is the sole situation we find better. Warning letter will be issued to you, if same behavior seen again.

Robert john

HR Head

Circular of Leave without Intimation for Teachers


Good day! We hope you all will be satisfied in your lives and departing the true essence of knowledge in its true spirit. Teachers are the backbone of all educational institutions and we are mindful of their hectic routine and mental pressure. Granting and taking of leaves is a common activity and is valued everywhere, but without intimation to the high ups is not a good thing and will not be entertained in positivity in the near future. Your healthy compliance in this connection is required by the administrative staff. Thanks.

Circular of Leave without Intimation for Students

Greetings! How are you all? Young minds are fresh and receptive in their nature for their brains are like blank slates on which anything good or bad could be written or imprints upon. Teaching is a river which flows into sea and knows no reverse path so we recommend you not to take un-necessary leaves and especially without intimation to the teaching or administrative staff. We hope you will take care of this reminder in the future. Wishing you days filled with knowledge and wisdom to be imparted to you by your teachers!

Best Wishes,

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance. These sample memo will help you how to issue a warning notice to the employee for poor performance.

Sample Memo for Non-Performing

The company monitors and evaluates its employees every month and give promotions and rewards to those who deserve the best. We also deal with the employees who do not take work serious and neglects the responsibilities and duties given to them. It has been observed that your performance of this month is huge disappointment. The growth of company matters and you have not even did one sale successfully. We have been having continuous meetings from the prime day to rectify employees lacking’s but we believe that you have not even learned anything from those meetings too. As a sale oriented company, we have a lot of burden and progress of each day counts. We, here try to make teams which are enthusiastic and passionate enough to achieve their set goals. This is the warning letter to you to perform excellent in next month or else company will have to take a decision of terminating you from
your post.

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Performance

I hope this email finds you well. From the past few days I have been observing you that you’re not paying your decent attentions towards the assign tasks.  If you’ve something to discuss kindly do it with us. As, we can’t take any risk towards our work.

Sample of Circular for No Smoking

Notice about smoking. Here are easy formats regarding stop smoking.

Sample of Circular for No Smoking

This organization has strictly prohibited the smoking in office premises. It has been said that smoking is like paying to have your life cut shorter. Smoking is harmful to health and can deteriorate the lungs. It can cause cancer which is very lethal and dreadful. No employee should be found smoking in common places of office like cafe, stairs, rest rooms lifts and cabins. We do not have smoking policy here. We do not appreciate the smoking and would take strict action against employees who would not obey the regulations. It is moral duty of each of the employee to make the environment healthier by not promoting activities like smoking. Safety of each other is a responsibility of each individual and should not be ignored in any case. This letter applies to each employee of the office regardless of their post. All employees should act in accordance with No smoking Policy.

Smoke Free Workplace

Dear All,
Smoking is prohibited during the office premises. Kindly, follow this rule to make the environment smoke free. Or else strict actions will be taken against the concern person.

Interoffice Memo Email Sample

Interoffice Memo Email Sample for internal office employees.You can use these format emails according to your need.

Employment Induction Request Email

Human Resource Manager,

With reference to our telephonic conversation, kindly arrange to prepare the employment induction of the following below mentioned designations.

Designation: Site Project Manager, Site Supervisor

Salary Package( 1000$-1200$)

Your utmost cooperation on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Helmy  Joseph       .
Deputy Projects Director
Extension: 329

Request Email to Release Passport for Visa Process

Subject:  Release Passport for Visa Process

Dear Sir,
Thanking you in advance for your usual cooperation.With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly be informed that I need my passport for the process of Australia Visa in order to meet my son in this case, Kindly allow to release my passport for visa endorsement process in Australian Embassy In Jeddah.

Thanks & Regards,
Eng’r. Arshad Iqbal
Site Engineer

Email for Internet Access During Office Hours

Subject: Request for Internet Access

With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly arrange to provide an Internet Access to Mudassar Azeem (Structural draftsman) Civil & Structural Dept. Purpose helping engineering software (AUTO CAD 2014, Revit Structure 2014).

Thanks & Regards,
Mudassar Azeem
Structural Draftsman

Permission Slip for Marketing  Sales Employees

Subject: Approval of  Outdoor Visits through Permission Slips 

All Marketing Staff,
If any of the employee leave from the office without taking the approval from management strictly action will be taken according to the company rules and regulations.With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly be informed that no permissions will be accepted for the site visits or for any business meeting till it have been approved from the Top Management. The head of department will prepare and issue an interoffice memo for the purpose of the meeting and site visit with attendees’ name before minimum one day from date of meeting and delivered to Eng’r. Magdi Hassan (Projects Director) in order to get the approval from the top management.

Best Regards,

Eng’r. Rana Ali(Deputy Projects Director)

Email for Projects/Enquiries Status

This instruction email by Mr Abraham (Projects Director), kindly submit the status of the Enquiries received and the offer submitted to the client during the vacation period of  Mr Pitter. Also, kindly submit the list of projects awarded to MTMM during last two (2) months with the Hard Copy of Contract of Agreement.

The above mentioned will be submitted maximum by tomorrow (i.e. Thursday, 2nd January 2014).

Best Regards,
Head of Civil & Structural Dept

Email to Arrange a Car with Driver

Subject: Request to arrange a Car with Driver


With reference to the above mentioned subject, you are kindly requested to arrange a Car with driver on upcoming Wednesday, Early Morning (i.e. 12th August 2015) @ 06:00am in order to attend the meeting at MADA Gypsum Office In Yanbu.

Your kind assistance for this matter will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Mr. Ayman M. Johnn                                                                       
Manager of Engineering Dept

Request Email to Update the Specification of the PC   

IT Manager,

With reference to our discussion, please be informed that the specification of the desktop which is in my used is not performing well according to my requirements due to the following mentioned below:

  • The speed of the system is too slow
  • Storage capacity on near to end
  • It take several minutes even to open an email
  • Some time the system becomes hanged and not responding in order to proceed or to continue my work and May it will cause lose the data or something else.

You are kindly requested to arrange for the new system or update the specifications of my PC which is in my used. The specification of the system is attached for your reference.

Your anticipated cooperation for this matter will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Ajmal Khan
AutoCAD Operator

Request to Arrange for the Business Cards




Subject: Request to Arrange for the Business Cards

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, you are kindly requested to arrange for the business cards (In Arabic & English Both). The details are as follow:

Sr. No- Name of Engineer- Designation- Mobile
1. Mustafa Rasheed        Project Manager 0503 678543

 (?????? ???????)

??? ?????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????
0503 757 573 ???? ????? ?. ????? ???? ?????? ???? 1

 Your utmost cooperation for this matter will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Mr.Mustafa Rasheed

Project Manager

Request to Deposit Amount Against Tender Documents                                    

Project: Supervise the Implementation of Sewage Projects
Subject: Request to Deposit 6,000 SAR for the Tender Documents

Respected Sir,

With reference to the invitation received from National Water Company dated 2nd April 2014, regarding the above mentioned project (See the attachment for your reference), kindly arrange to deposit an amount of 6,000 SAR (Six Thousand Saudi Arabian Riyals) on the below mentioned account details in order to collect the Tender Documents for the above mentioned project.

Also, kindly be informed that the last date of the submission of the offer is 1st May 2015.

Beneficiary Name: National Water Company (NWC), Madina & Taif Business Units (MTCBU)

Beneficiary Address: Madina(MTCBU), Saudi Arabia, P. O. Box 1367, Madina 21955

Telephone: 00966 123456789

Beneficiary Bank: Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF)

Account No: P123450000 000 927 8370 1194

Swift Code: BSYUPHYU

Thanking you in advance for your usual cooperation.

Best Regards,

Eng’r. Ali Hassan                                       Eng’r. Ayan Ali
Projects Director                                        Deputy Projects Director

Email Request to Arrange Lunch for Employees

Date 26th May 2015  Ref No: IOM/05-2015/980
 To: Procurement Dept Origin Engineering Dept.
Attn: Mr. YahyaHead of Procurement DeptMr. Ali  Khan
Secretary / Procurement Dept
From Eng’r. Eng’r. Ali HassanManager of Engineering Dept
Project: Fire & Safety Consultation 
Subject: Request to Arrange for Lunch

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly be informed that our supporting staff will continue their work in break time from 01:30 pm up to 05:00pm in order to finalize our tasks’ for the above mentioned project. You are kindly requested to arrange for the lunch for (4 Persons), the lunch time is from 02:00pm up to 02:30pm.

Your utmost cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Eng’r. Ali Hassan

Manager of Engineering Dept

Request Email for Taxi Fare

Project: Site & Supervision of Arar Airport   
Subject: Taxi Fare


With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly arrange to release the taxi fare (original invoice is attached) which was been spent during the travel to handed over the laptop of the Arar site to our engineer in — ———–

The detail of the invoice is given below:

Sr. No Description Invoice Value Notes
1. Address 40.00 Invoice is attached
Total: 40.00 Invoice is attached

You are kindly requested to reimburse the above mentioned invoices.

Thanking you in advance for your usual cooperation.

Best Regards,
Admin Manager

Flight Booking Reservation  Email 


Subject: Flight Booking Reservation  

With reference to the above mentioned subject, Please arrange for the flight booking reservation for. Mohd Abdul Raja (Head of Electrical Dept).

The schedule of his travel is mentioned below:

Name of Staff:

Sr. No Name of Person Designation Travelling Date Mobile Attendances Status
1. Mohammed Abdul Raja Head of Department Friday 25th August 2015(Evening) 0443 678904 Confirmed

 Note: The flight will be reserved one way only.

Thanking you in advance for your usual cooperation.

Best Regards,

Head of Electrical Dept

Scope of Work Information Email


Subject: Scope of Work      

All Concerns,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly find the below given link to download the scope of work received from our client regarding the design review consulting services for the GEMS Plant located in Lahore Industrial City.

Link: —————-

You are kindly requested to review and evaluate the received information/data and send your feedback maximum by upcoming Sunday (i.e. 05th July, 2015) in order to prepare our comprehensive and competitive technical & commercial proposal accordingly.

Also, you are kindly requested to appoint one person from your dept to attend the meeting with GEMS on upcoming Monday (i.e. 6th July 2015).Thanking you for your anticipated cooperation for this matter, for further clarification don’t hesitate to contact undersigned.

Best Regards,

Coordinator Project       

Joining of New Person for Site Work

Subject: Joining of New Person (Surveyor) at Al Sugar Site


With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly be informed that Hassan Ali (Surveyor – Al Sugar Site) will report on upcoming Sunday (i.e. 4th May 2014). His last working day at Multan Sumou site is last Thursday (i.e. 1st May 2014). Whereas, Saturday (i.e. 3rd May 2014) he take permission for his personal intention.

This is for your information and record.

Best Regards,
Mr. Haji Ali
Deputy Projects Director

(Mobile: 033445567)

Joining Job Email after Annual Vacation

Subject: Joining Job after Annual Vacation

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that Mr John Petter (Senior Structural Supervisor) is reported / Joined duty at  Head Office in Structural Dept today (i.e. Wednesday, 29th July 2015) after his annual vacation.

This is for your information and consideration.

Best Regards,
Admin Human Resource


WithDraw Job Resignation Email

Respected Sir,

With reference to my  last resignation via email/06/2013 dated 30th June 2013, regarding “Resignation of My Services”, kindly be informed that as per the discussion with —————-yesterday (i.e. Monday, 16th September 2014), I am agree to withdraw my resignation.

Thanks & Regards,

Secretary \ Doc. Controller

Monthly Invoices Status Update Email


Subject: Monthly Invoices Status

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly update the latest regarding all of your projects Monthly Invoices Status maximum by Thursday (i.e. 19th December 2013).

This is for your information and follows up.

Best Regards,

Arshad Khan

Acting Projects Director

Email for the Maintenance of Accommodation Air Condition

Subject: Invoice for the Maintenance of Accommodation Air Condition


With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly find herewith attached the original  invoice which has been spent for the maintenance of the air condition in accommodation.You are kindly requested to reimburse the payment which was done by me to the technician with an amount of 180.00 SAR (One Hundred Eighty Saudi Arabian Riyals) yesterday (i.e. Friday, 31st July 2015).

Your kind cooperation for this matter will be highly appreciated.
Best Regards,

Maintenance Department

Delegation Visit Detail Email from Head Office  

Subject: Royal Commission Delegation Visit to Head Office  

All Department Heads,

Please be informed that a delegation from Royal Commission is visiting MTMM Head Office by upcoming Sunday (i.e. 22nd February 2015).

It is requested to all Managers, Head of Departments, and Engineers & Technical Supporting Staff to make your present necessary at office during the visit of Royal Commission delegation.

Thanks in advance for the anticipated attention on this matter.

Best Regards,
Head Office