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Sample Notice by School Management Regarding Cleanliness of Classrooms

In case you need to write a notification for the students of your school on behalf of the management to keep the school premises and classrooms neat, you can check our sample notifications for the same purpose provided below.

Sample Notice by School Management for Students to Keep the Classrooms Tidy

Dear Students,

The staff and janitors have complained multiple times about the mess the students are creating in the classroom as fun. The mess that you have been creating daily takes time to clear and tidy up so you have a tidy space to study the next day. this is not going to be tolerated and next time that we get a report by any staff member that a class has used pens on the walls and made drawings on the tables we will be calling the parents and the students will be fined. Please keep your surroundings clean.



DDG  School System.

Sample Notice by School Management for Students to Keep the Classrooms Tidy

Dear Students,

This is to remind every student to keep their classrooms and school premises neat. After the recent visit of the Principal in the classrooms we have noticed how the students have messed up the walls and tables by drawings on them and have used markets to ruin the furniture. This is not good behavior to ruin the school`s furniture or walls in the name of fun. This is to notify all the students that the next time any such incident is reported the student will have to clean the situation or maybe be fined according to the loss.



Shining Star  School System.

Sample Notice by School Management for Students to Keep the Classrooms Tidy

Dear Students,

Cleanliness is the best of virtues and good are the citizens who keep their surroundings clean. But we have seen how many students have ruined the walls of classrooms, especially the washroom walls. The school had to get the walls repainted seeing the situation. Next time that we catch any student through cameras writing on the tables/back of the chairs/walls. The student will be fined according to the damage he has done. Please keep your surroundings and the place you study in clean.



Hope  School For Boys.

Sample Notice By School Management for Students to Keep the Classrooms Tidy

Dear Students,

During the party that you had in school last week. Many students played with inks and markers without permission and spoiled the walls and floor of classrooms that the cleaning staff took hours to clean. This is to remind you all for the last time that any such behaviour will not be tolerated the next time. It is no one’s responsibility to clean the mess you create in the name of fun and it is very sad to see mature kids like you all doing it. Be considerate to the janitorial staff and keep the school premises clean all the time. Thanks.


JFK School For Boys.

25+ Fee Discount Messages By Parents

Here are the Fee Discount Messages by Parent Below are some examples of text messages for fee discounts by parents in case you want to write one.

1. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Respected Sir, I am Raya`s Father. I wanted to ask for a concession on this month`s fee as we are in a financial crisis. Hope you understand. Thanks.

2. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Dear sir, kindly reduce Rohan`s fee for this month to 50% as this is all I can pay this month with inflation. It will be a great favor. Thanks.

3. Sample Text Message For Fee Concession by Mother

Respected Sir,  as you know that I am a single mother and in a financial crisis right now. I will be very grateful if you reduce my son`s tuition fee so that it is easy for me to pay. Thanks.

4. Text Message For Fee Concession By Parent

Dear Sir, this is a request to reduce my daughter`s tuition fee for the coming 2 months as I have been laid off from work and need to find a new job to survive. This will be a huge favor. Thanks.

5. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount By Father

Respected Sir, this is to request you kindly provide me a concession on my Son`s school fee. I am struggling to pay for anything this month. I will be very grateful. Thanks.

6. Short Text Message By Father For Fee Discount

Dear Sir, my kid is in your preschool. I wanted to ask for a fee discount for this month as we are suffering from some financial issues and are not able to pay the whole amount this month. Thanks.

7. Short Text Message By Parent For A Fee Discount

Respected Sir, I am Karan`s Father and wanted to request a 50% discount on his sports fee. I am struggling to pay his tuition payments. He is fond of sports. Kindly provide me with a discount so he can continue taking his classes. Thanks.

8. Easy Text Message For Fee Discount by Mother

 Dear Sir, I was sick this month and a lot of money has been spent on my treatment I would be very grateful if you reduce my son Arjun`s fee for this month. Thanks.

9. Text Message Asking For Fee Concession By The Parent

Dear Sir, I am struggling to pay for my son Rahul`s fee from last month. I would like to request a discount on his tuition fee so it is easy for me to pay. Thanks.

10. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount

Respect Ma`am, this is to request a discount on my son`s tuition fee as we are not financially stable and want to provide him with an education. We will be very grateful. Thanks.

11. Sample Text Message For Fee Concession By Parent

Respected Sir, kindly reduce my daughter`s fee to 60%. This way it will be affordable for me to pay and for her to continue her education. Thanks.

12. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Respected Sir,  this is to request you to kindly provide a discount on Varun`s Fee For the educational travel that the school is providing. I am struggling financially but would like him to go. I will be thankful.

13. Short Text Message Asking For A Discount On Fee

Dear Sir, my family is struggling financially as there is no stable income right now for us. Kindly reduce my children`s fees to 50% so it is easy for us to pay and they can continue studying at your school. Thanks.

14. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount

Respected Sir, I will be thankful if you reduce the fee for me this semester for my daughter as we are struggling financially. Kindly provide a discount on her fee. I will be very grateful. Thanks.

15. Text Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Respected Sir,  as a widow it is very hard for me to pay my son`s fee. I would like to request a 70% discount under the orphan help program. I will be grateful. Thanks.

16. Text Message For Fee Concession

Respected Sir, kindly provide a discount on my kid`s tuition fees as I lost my job this month and I want them to continue their education. I will be grateful. Thanks.

17. Text Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Respected Ma`am, I wanted to ask for a discount on my daughter’s tuition fee who is studying at your university. It is very hard for me to pay the whole semester fee this time. I will be very grateful. Thanks.

18. Message For Fee Concession By Parent To The Principal

Respected Sir,  I am a poor person and can not afford to pay the whole fee for my kid who is studying in your school. kindly provide me with a 60% discount on his fee. I will be grateful. Thanks.

19. Text Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Respected Ma`am, I am a daily age worker during this pandemic I can not pay the fee for my kids. I would like to ask for a concession. I will be thankful. Thanks.

20. Text Message for a Discount On Fee

Respected Sir, I have to ask for a discount on my daughter`s university for this semester as I can not afford to pay for all of it and I want him to continue studying without any breaks. Kindly help us in this situation. Thanks.

21. Text Message For Discount On Fee

Dear Sir, I just received a call to pay my son`s fee but I don’t have the full amount and would like to request a discount as I am under financial stress right now. It will be kind of you. Thanks.

22. Short Text Message By Parent For Fee Discount

Dear Sir, I am unable to pay my son`s school fees as I am under some loans and am under financial stress. Kindly provide us with a discount. I will be grateful. Thanks.

23. Text Message Asking For Fee Concession

Dear Sir, I am under financial stress. I would appreciate it if you provide a discount on my children`s fees for this month so that they can continue their studies. Thanks.

24. Short Message For Fee Discount By Parent

Respected Sir, as you know that I am a single parent and it is very hard to pay for anything in this inflation. I would be grateful if you provide a concession on my son`s school fee so it is easier for me to pay. Thanks.

25. Sample Text Message For Fee Discount By Mother

Dear Sir, I am an undereducated single mother trying to make ends meet in this time of inflation. I would be thankful if you provide a discount on my children`s school fees so that they can continue studying without any trouble. Thanks.

Sample Leave Application for Match

Here are Sample request letter by the student to principal/headmaster for permission to sign leave to take a day off for the (Cricket , Football) tournament as it is necessary to keep scholarship valid.

Leave Application from Office to Play a Cricket Match

Dear Sir,

Our cricket team’s match is scheduled for (date) at (time), and I need a day off on (date) from the office so that I can participate in the match easily as I am the member of team. My participation is mandatory So I hope you will not disappoint me.

Yours Faithfully,

Your Name

Leave Application to Participate in Cricket Tournament

Dear Sir,

Our cricket tournament is starting on (date), which will continue for three days in (name of place/venue). I am a key player in my team, and my participation is essential. Therefore, I request you to grant me three days off (date to date) from the office so that I can play well with my team members and watch the rest of the matches. I hope you will give me leave. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter to Play Inter-University Match

To Head of department,

Hello Sir,

I am a student of the faculty of life sciences batch 2021- 2024 and as I am enrolled on the sports quota in this university on the basis of my sports skills. However, the moment of concerning hand is that I need leave on the coming Tuesday due to my semifinal match for inter-university competition, and the match is in KARACHI and as I am the captain of our team, so my presence in this match is significant, so I would like you to grant me academic leave for this Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,


Leave Application for Football Tournament


As you know that tomorrow is the final match of our intercollegiate football tournament. It is an important event for our college, and also for my career. I have always been a promising player of our football team.
Our mid-term exams are also starting tomorrow, and owing to the football match I am not able to come to college tomorrow and take the first paper. Kindly allow me permission to skip the first paper and ask the Controller Examination to re-schedule this paper for me next week.

I will be very grateful to you.

Thank you!

Leave Application Format due to Sunstroke

Here are the Sample Leave application due to sunstroke during summer by the advice of the doctor to stay away from sunshine or stay indoors etc. Students and employees both can follow these formats. You can change the format as your requirement.

Leave after Sunstroke by an Office Employee

The Managing Director,

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Subject: Leave Application for Sunstroke

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

It is stated that I am working as a Cashier (Job designation) in your Bank branch (company name/Address). I was not feeling well for several days. So on an appointment with my physician he diagnosed that I have been attacked by sunstroke that is the reason my health has got seriously damaged. The doctor has advised me to take rest for one week (as your requirement). The medical report has been attached to this application. For this reason, I would not be able to attend the office for one week. You are requested that kindly accept my leave application for one week from (date) to (date).

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.


Sample Leave Application Due to Sunstroke

The Principle,

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Sub: Leave Application Due to Sunstroke

Respected Sir / Madam,

With due respect, it is stated that I, (Name), (class or grade).  Had sunstroke last day from my way back to school. I am not able to move and attend my classes. The doctor has advised me bed rest and strict medication for next week. I assure you to keep track of my daily work with the help of my class fellows. Please grant my leaves for 5 days that is from (date) to (date). (As your requirement). The medical report has been attached to this application.

I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours obediently


Email Message for Leave Due to Sunstroke

Respected Sir,

Due to a sunstroke, I am not well and cannot attend the office for the next few days. I request you to please accept my leave from (date to date). I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name, Designation

Sample Class Christmas Party Letter to Parents

This article contains three easy formats of Sample Christmas party letter invites. These provide ease of access to anyone who needs them. If further help is needed, please refer to the comment box, or reach out via email.

Christmas Holiday Party Letter for Students

Dear parents,

We hope you are well, and in good health. As we all know that Christmas is just around the corner, and the air is filled with joy. This email goes to inform you that Silvilton Middle School will be hosting a Christmas Party for the children. This party will take place on the 2nd of January when the students return from their holidays.
The school will be decorated in red, white, and green. The children are also requested to adhere to the color scheme. This will be the only day that the school decides to forgo the compulsion of wearing uniforms. The children may bring snacks and have a party with their respective classes and class teachers. There will be party games organized by the class teachers.
This is a joyous occasion for parents and children alike, and we hope to bring some holiday cheer to the community by doing our parts. Your child’s participation is highly appreciated.

Have a happy holiday, Regards.

Letter to Parents about the Christmas Party

 Respected Parents,

As we all know, it is the holiday season. Christmas is right around the corner, and the spirits are high and festive. In the spirit of Christmas, the school has decided to host a Christmas party for students and parents alike. After the holiday’s end, on the 2nd of January, we hope to host an elaborate party.
Children may bring one or both of their parents, and go to their respective classes in order to enjoy the games and activities that are planned for them by their teachers. The kids are also encouraged to bring snacks for themselves and their class. They are also encouraged to dress in their favorite festive clothes. If parents want to volunteer to help the teachers set up the school for the party, their efforts will be highly appreciated.
While we appreciate any and all creativity, please adhere to the following rules: there will be no disrespect, abuse, or otherwise abhorrent display of manners. The school does not tolerate bad manners, and there will be consequences if any of these rules are broken.
The school wishes you all a very happy holiday break, and we hope to see you refreshed!

Letter to Parents Informing about the Christmas Break

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and in good health. We hope this email finds you well. This is to inform you that after two years, the school has decided to resume its Christmas party tradition.
Previously, due to Covid-19, the school had to discontinue its tradition because of the regulations by the government. We hope this decision brings you all as much joy as it brings us.
Parents are encouraged to join their children on the 2nd of January, 2022. You may come to the school and join your child in their festive endeavors in the classroom. There will be treats, snacks, games, and other festivities courtesy of the school. You are encouraged to participate. In the light of the moment, the school has also decided to forgo the uniform restriction; the children are encouraged to come wearing their home clothes. Preferably of the colors red, green, white, and yellow, but other colors are fine the school hopes that in these times, the children and parents alike will adhere to the rules and regulations. They will abide by the laws and maintain a healthy environment.


Sample Formats of Apology Email for Ragging to Juniors

Sample formats of Emails for Apology Email to Principal or Head for Raging/Juniors Ragging are provided below. Apology Letter to the Principal for Ragging. Multiple templates are here.

Easy Apology Email for Ragging

Respected Head of the Department,

Department of Computer Sciences.

Sir, I am writing this email to apologize to you for ragging the juniors. It was not intended and even though I am aware of the college rules and regulations regarding the ragging of students, knowing that is it strictly banned. Our friends’ group was only inquiring about the names and details of the newcomers when a girl promptly took it as ragging and made a huge mess. Sir, you can ask the newcomers; as it was a regular chit chat and they were laughing with us as well. The girl made lodged a complaint against me whereas, I still want to apologize for the act. It was not any sort of ragging; I am not blaming her either, she may have misunderstood it. I request you to accept my apology in this regard. I will make sure such a situation is never created again. Seeking your kind help.

Yours Obediently,

Nisha Gupta

Sample Apology Email to Principal

Respected Sir,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. Sir, please accept my deep apology for the ragging of the junior. I am very well aware that the act of ragging is prohibited on campus. I along with a bunch of friends was trying to have a chit chat with the newcomers and unintendedly we started ragging not realizing that we are being watched. Sir, it was my mistake and I sincerely apologize for the act. I have also said sorry to the juniors if they have felt bad but it was just for the sake of fun and no serious intentions to hurt any other person was there. I hope that you will provide me with another chance and dismiss the action taken against me. Kindly accept my genuine and heartfelt apology. This shall not happen ever again.

Thanking you.


Varun Kumar

Easy Template Apology Email to Principal for Ragging

Respected Principal,

Hope this email finds you well. I am writing this email to apologize as I have been charged with ragging a junior yesterday. Sir, that junior is my family friend and we already have very good terms. The senior teacher saw me with the newcomer and mistook it as if I am teasing the boy. Sir, you can inquire with the boy as well; we are already friends. Even though I am not at fault but still I want to apologize if any inconvenience was caused because of me. I shall be highly obliged to you if this complaint can be removed from my conduct file as well. Thanking you in anticipation.


Neha Sharma
Student ID

Apology Email to Senior for Ragging

Dear Sir,

This email serves as an official apology email for the ragging of a junior. Sir, I did not want to hurt the feelings of any person intentionally. It was not intense ragging and we all were in a very friendly mood. I wasn’t aware of what the boy was going through and he had recently lost his father, the questioning on the father’s occupation went ahead and later I got to know that his father passed away a few days ago. I am deeply sorry for my misconduct and I want to apologize to the boy as well. Sir, I never wanted that things go wrong like this. We were trying to have a friendly introduction to each other when the boy got hurt. Please accept my apology in this regard. I shall be very careful from now onwards.


Anushka Sharma
Student ID

How can you help Students with Learning Disabilities?

The following article includes points on How to Help Students with Learning Disabilities Focus on Their Strengths.


Pupils who are disabled have a physical or mental disability that significantly restricts one or more key life activities. Typically, handicapped students perform poorly academically. Many children with impairments struggle to recall information that is delivered physically or audibly. The majority of these children have trouble remembering spelling words, math skills, vocabulary terms, and instructions. Disabled pupils have difficulty paying attention. They are unable to filter out irrelevant stimuli and are drawn to them. Social skills difficulties can be as devastating as academic challenges for kids with impairments.

Ways To Help Disabled People

Not all youngsters are equally capable of learning and comprehending. Some comprehend faster than others, some grasp slower, others see differently, and some understand better through unusual means. Here are some suggestions on how you may assist them.

  1. Being Aware of Oneself

In general, we attempt to keep the facts from children with learning impairments so that they do not feel different. We must recognize that labels are only as good as the people who use them. If we develop a culture of self-awareness, the child will be able to deal with it.

  1. Determine their Strong Points

Allow them to participate in a variety of activities so that they can discover their genuine passion. In general, children with learning impairments have a creative imagination and excel in one or more extracurricular activities. When you force them to try new activities, such as singing, dancing, drawing, karate, and so on, they will learn what they are excellent at.

  1. Adaptive Coping Techniques

Their failure to learn or understand seldom causes tension in them, resulting in emotional outbursts. Tactical approaches to dealing with recurring inabilities must be devised. Change the subject or the method it is taught whenever the condition of tension appears reachable.

  1. Make no fun of them.

People often make fun of disabled kids, which is really unjust since they are not this way by choice; they were born with these issues, and they already have a lot of difficulties interacting with others, but when people make fun of them, they lose confidence and hope. So this must be stopped, and if anyone observes someone making fun of a handicapped person, he or she must do all possible to stop it.

Causes and Preventions of Child Obesity

The following is an essay on the causes and solutions of child obesity.

Causes and Preventions of Child Obesity

It’s difficult to find someone in this country who hasn’t heard of the term “childhood obesity.” Unfortunately, this is a really severe issue that a big number of children throughout the world face on a daily basis.

Actually, a number of factors, all of which operate in concert, increase a child’s risk of obesity. Nowadays, it is common to observe students doing their schoolwork while consuming junk food or fast food. Eating a lot of high-calorie meals, such as baked goods, vending machine snacks, and fast foods, will undoubtedly lead to weight gain. Genetics and DNA have a role in the causes of childhood obesity. On the other hand, children now live in a technological age, where being idle is another element that contributes to weight growth. They also recommend that children get at least one hour of physical activity each day and limit their television use to two hours per day. Childhood obesity has a mental impact; they are harassed at school, in the park, and even in their own families, which can lead to despair. But the good news is that all of these issues are easily remedied. In this case, parents can play an important role in prevention and treatment. They can recommend a healthy diet with the help of a pediatrician. The rising problem of childhood obesity can be reduced if we, as a culture, concentrate on the causes. Obesity has a significant impact on children. Youth self-esteem and confidence are frequently impacted. The debate over children’s dietary issues, notably obesity, is manageable. To begin, parents should keep a careful eye on their children and make time to prepare healthy meals for their families. Finally, the school’s nutritional program must be established, and instructors must constantly educate their kids about good eating habits.

In conclusion, it is clear that children are nutritionally susceptible due to a lack of guidance and assistance. However, while this issue is unavoidable, there are still solutions that may be applied, and with strict monitoring and reinforcement, this challenge should be resolved in the near future.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Students

The following article is regarding the Covid 19 situation and how it has affected the academic and mental lives of many students.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Students


The coronavirus outbreak has spread to almost every country in the world. Its spread has caused national economies and businesses to calculate the costs, as governments attempt to implement additional lockdown measures to combat the virus’s transmission. This virus has not only harmed our physical health by causing dangerous symptoms like headaches and high fevers, but it has also harmed the psychological health of children and the elderly. Many people have died as a result of the illness, and many more are still infected and on the verge of death.

Effect On Academics

Millions of children miss school every day as a result of emergencies and ongoing humanitarian crises. The COVID-19 outbreak has exacerbated the plight of students in countries affected by or emerging from, conflict and disaster. Education is a fundamental entitlement for children, youth, and adults in emergencies, and it must be prioritized from the start of any and all disaster operations. Students are unable to focus on their studies, online classes are confusing for many, and some students do not have the financial means to purchase laptop computers or internet access in order to participate in the class. Students aren’t getting the attention they used to in on-campus classes, which has led to a drop in academic performance for many. The most significant impact is caused by the manner in which the exams are administered; false markings, late submission due to a lack of internet, and misplaced exams are just a few of the many reasons.

Effect On Mental life

The frustration that one student feels from being confined at home all day, not being able to go out and play football or simply hang out with friends, cannot be expressed in words. This indicates that even if one does not have the virus, he might be impacted during the pandemic. Many studies have indicated that anxiety and sadness are common, with women being more impacted. They’ve also seen a disrupted sleeping pattern, which correlates with both anxiety and sadness. In addition to the eating problems that many people have experienced, being bothered by the fact that they have nothing to do today tends to make them desire more food. Staying away from friends physically and only communicating with them over the internet has harmed more people than anybody can think, and this may cause damage even after the epidemic has finished since it will be tough for them to adjust to this new situation.

Application for College Continuation Certificate

The following application I is by a student to the vice-chancellor of his university in which he requests for a college continuation certificate so that he can continue his studies.

Sample Application for College Continuation Certificate

The Vice-Chancellor,

The University of Mumbai,


SUBJECT: College Continuation Certificate

Respected Sir,

My name is Ali Irfan, and I am a History student at your renowned university. I finished my final examinations two months ago and received a 3.7 CGPA by the grace of God. Sir, I am writing to beg for your assistance in obtaining my college continuation certificate. I wish to continue my education at Oxford University since I qualify for scholarships, but I can’t apply now. The reason for this is because the entrance procedure demands a bona fide letter from my previous studies institution, which I do not have.
It is sincerely asked that you assist me with this difficulty as soon as possible so that I can obtain my college continuation certificate and apply to Oxford University to continue my studies. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Yours Obediently,
Ali Irfan – 1101
History Department 2017-2021

Email to the College Asking for College Continuation Letter

Date: 15th March 2022.

To: The Principal,

Excellence College For Boys,

Subject: Application For College Continuation Letter

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I require my College Continuation Certificate from the college and I would want you to issue me the certificate that I require for certain issues as I want to transfer from here to another college in Delhi as I am moving out. The details that are required for the form are as follows,

Name Ankush Ahuja

Age: 20 years old

College Roll no: 452

Session: Batch 2024

Program: Business Administration

Subjects: Economics, Managerial Studies, Business Communication.

Moreover, I have cleared all the remaining dues and charges on me already and no fee is pending. Kindly issue my certificate as soon as possible so that I can continue my studies without wasting any time. I will be grateful. Thanks.

Yours Obediently,

Ankush Ahuja.

Application for College Continuation Letter

Date: 28th August 2022.

To: Admissions Department.

Mumbai University.

Subject: Application For College Continuation Letter

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I want my college continuation letter to continue my side after the program change as I want to transfer from Business Administration studies to BSc in Accounting and Finance. I have studied for 2 semesters and I want to transfer now. To continue my studies in the finance department I want you to issue my college continuation letter. The details that you need for the certificate are given below.

Name Viad Mishra

Age: 20 years old

College Roll no: 10058

Session: Batch 2025

Program: Business Administration Currently,

Transfer To: Finance Department.

Kindly issue me a college continuation certificate so that I can continue my studies in the desired program. I will be grateful. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,
Vaid Mishra.