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Sample of Christmas Letter to Boss

Merry Christmas letter to boss. Greetings letter to Boss/Department head/ CEO sample. Sample letter format of greetings of Christmas to boss. Greetings on special occasions and especially on Christmas brings smile on persons to whom greetings were sent. This letter is a real help for the employees who wanted to wish their boss/ head on Christmas.

Greetings Letter to Boss Sample

The Chairman,
Wild life Insurance Policy Firm,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Greetings of Christmas to boss/ceo

Respected Sir,

I am John Parker. I am head of Sale Department and my subordinates chose me to extend Christmas greetings to you. I joined this company some good twenty years ago and relish almost every joy in this company under your supervision. I found you a man of letter and spirit and found no short coming in you! This is something hilarious to know!
You kept all of us as your family and never show your back on our issues whether it is related to our work or the dear family. We always found you there with us and we also take you head of our families as well. Our joy cannot be completed without wishing you good luck and life of health and wealth.

We are really happy on the announcement of yours indicating 30% bonus in our monthly salary and the excellent feelings kneaded in mesmerizing words. This amalgamation of words and feelings
make our lives brighter and livelier. We all are feeling a new surge of
enthusiasm in ourselves and determined to achieve the target well before the time! We will never put your head in shame: we assure you. We all love you and will leave no stone unturned for your sake. Please extend our warm wishes to your mother and family as well. Thank you.

Faithfully Yours,

Mr. John Parker,
Staff Representative.
15th December, 2017.


Christmas Letter to Employees

Sample letter format of greetings for Christmas to employees. Merry Christmas greetings letter. Christmas is a holy day for Christians and they take active part in its celebrations. This easy format of letter is a piece of help for the persons who wanted to wish their staff with good word choice.

Sample Letter for Christmas Greetings

The Technical Staff,
Wild life Insurance Policy Firm,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Greetings for Christmas to employees

Dear Staff Family,

How are you all? I hope you all will be fine in your lives and enjoying the best and ripen fruits of your health and wealth. You all know what a marvelous day is nearing us and what effect it has on our lives and on our spiritual lives. Bells of Christmas are ringing and jingling in air and echoing the atmosphere with its melody! We are on welcoming mode right after we heard the news of blessed Christmas!
I am pleased to greet you on its lovely arrival. You all are allowed to
have three days leave from the work and enjoy your life in ways you like them to be. You can enjoy feasts and shopping befitting to its level and in order to make this Christmas even more exciting, I am announcing 30 % bonus on your ratio of monthly salary! This a token of gratitude from my side on the quality and quantity of work you do for me and our company.

I extend love and prayer to your family as well and please do
remember me and my ailing mother on this special occasion of feast and fun. Keep enjoying and rejoice at your place and enjoy the life to its fullest. May you all be safe and healthy in your lives!

Best Regards,

Mr. John Andric,
15th December, 2017.

Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event

Application for advance salary for Christmas event, Loan for Christmas, Application for advance salary format can be used for employees and other staff members. This application can be used for employees in various categories. Changes can be done as per requirement. 

Request Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event

The Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Lahore.
strong>Subject: Advance Salary for Christmas

Respected Sir,
Please be informed that I am Henry John working in this organization as security guard since last three years. It is stated that the event of Christmas is nearby and for the celebrations with my family. I am heading towards my village. I have to manage the expenses and being elder in family I have to look after my parents and siblings.

Kindly, grant my salary for the month of December in advance, so that I shall be able to meet expenses in a well manner. I shall be highly obliged to you in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation

Henry John
Security Guard.
Date: 27th November, 2014.

Request Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event
Request Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event

Advance Loan for Christmas

The Director,
Falcon’s Agency, New York.

Subject: Advance Loan for Christmas

Most respectfully It is stated that an employee (Christian) is working in this organization under the Department of Accounts and their event of Christmas is in this month. For this purpose he has applied for advance loan. The detail of employee is given below:

Victor working as a junior accountant Salary per month: $800.

His working status is satisfactory and due to his personal needs he is requiring a loan of $500 for the month of December. It is requested to adjust the loan amount in next salaries. Attached is the application form for loan. Kindly, consider his request.

Yours Sincerely,
Manager Accounts,
Date: 29 November, 2014

Application for Advance Salary Format


Subject:  Application for Advance Salary (For Christmas)

 Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am ________ (name) working in your organization since_________  as a________. I want to inform you that on the event the event of Christmas I need my salary of upcoming month in advance. It is the end of month, and I don’t have enough money to spend.
As, I am only the earning person in my family and all are dependent upon me. For the Christmas celebrations I need some money for my home’s use and still there is one week in month’s ending. Kindly grant my salary in advance.
I would be highly obliged if you consider my request, and I shall be grateful to you. I shall be looking for a positive response.
Thanking you I remain.
Yours sincerely,

Sample Application of Loan for Christmas


The Finance Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Sydney.

Subject: Application of Loan for Christmas

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am Gloriana and serving this association since last two years as Office Secretary. I want to inform that the eve on Christmas is on its way and I am also getting married on this Christmas, next month. For this, I have to manage all expenses as well. Along with my salary of this month I need loan of $800.
 Kindly, grant me loan I shall be highly obliged in this regard.
Office Secretary.
Sample Application of Loan for Christmas
Sample Application of Loan for Christmas