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Sample Class Christmas Party Letter to Parents

This article contains three easy formats of Sample Christmas party letter invites. These provide ease of access to anyone who needs them. If further help is needed, please refer to the comment box, or reach out via email.

Christmas Holiday Party Letter for Students

Dear parents,

We hope you are well, and in good health. As we all know that Christmas is just around the corner, and the air is filled with joy. This email goes to inform you that Silvilton Middle School will be hosting a Christmas Party for the children. This party will take place on the 2nd of January when the students return from their holidays.
The school will be decorated in red, white, and green. The children are also requested to adhere to the color scheme. This will be the only day that the school decides to forgo the compulsion of wearing uniforms. The children may bring snacks and have a party with their respective classes and class teachers. There will be party games organized by the class teachers.
This is a joyous occasion for parents and children alike, and we hope to bring some holiday cheer to the community by doing our parts. Your child’s participation is highly appreciated.

Have a happy holiday, Regards.

Letter to Parents about the Christmas Party

 Respected Parents,

As we all know, it is the holiday season. Christmas is right around the corner, and the spirits are high and festive. In the spirit of Christmas, the school has decided to host a Christmas party for students and parents alike. After the holiday’s end, on the 2nd of January, we hope to host an elaborate party.
Children may bring one or both of their parents, and go to their respective classes in order to enjoy the games and activities that are planned for them by their teachers. The kids are also encouraged to bring snacks for themselves and their class. They are also encouraged to dress in their favorite festive clothes. If parents want to volunteer to help the teachers set up the school for the party, their efforts will be highly appreciated.
While we appreciate any and all creativity, please adhere to the following rules: there will be no disrespect, abuse, or otherwise abhorrent display of manners. The school does not tolerate bad manners, and there will be consequences if any of these rules are broken.
The school wishes you all a very happy holiday break, and we hope to see you refreshed!

Letter to Parents Informing about the Christmas Break

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all well and in good health. We hope this email finds you well. This is to inform you that after two years, the school has decided to resume its Christmas party tradition.
Previously, due to Covid-19, the school had to discontinue its tradition because of the regulations by the government. We hope this decision brings you all as much joy as it brings us.
Parents are encouraged to join their children on the 2nd of January, 2022. You may come to the school and join your child in their festive endeavors in the classroom. There will be treats, snacks, games, and other festivities courtesy of the school. You are encouraged to participate. In the light of the moment, the school has also decided to forgo the uniform restriction; the children are encouraged to come wearing their home clothes. Preferably of the colors red, green, white, and yellow, but other colors are fine the school hopes that in these times, the children and parents alike will adhere to the rules and regulations. They will abide by the laws and maintain a healthy environment.


Sample Merry Christmas Letter to Clients

Beautiful Christmas Letters For Customers. Christmas Greetings to a Client. The work Dynamics these days have made a very informal relationship between clients and companies. Companies are usually wishing and replying to their clients very often. Wishing Christmas is one of that things. You can use these sample letters to write for yourself by adding your personal information and modifying these.

Letters to Clients Wishing them Merry Christmas

Dear Client,

Subject: Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas to one of our best clients. Your constant support has played a big part in our success. We hope you have the best Christmas of all and enjoy it with your family and loves ones. So many happy wishes this Christmas make the bests use of it. For our dearest clients, we have decided to give 25% off on all of our services till 15th January. We hope you have a great time at Christmas and have a happy new year.



Serene Industries.

Udit Kayshap.

Email to Wish Christmas to your Loyal Clients


Valuable Customers,

Subject: Greeting for Merry Christmas

A very happy Christmas to all of our beloved clients. We hope that this Christmas brings more success and a lifetime of our relationship with each other. For us, your relationship with us is the best Christmas gift. Remembering all of the successes we saw this year and all of the accomplishments we hope the coming year brings us better opportunities and bless our personal lives as well. Have a joyful and full of festivities Christmas with your family.

Have a good time.


Customer Care Manager.

The Nestle Company

Email To Clients Wishing them Christmas this Year


Dear Clients,

Subject: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our respected and beloved clients. We hope this Christmas is filled with luck, prosperity, love, success, and lots of happy events for you. We wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear to you all that we are grateful for your relationship with this company and we look forward to many years of partnership. We are indebted to you all for all the support and patience you have shown us every time. We wish the best for you and your families. May this Christmas bring us more ha[pines and accomplishments.

Take lots of care.


Resource Head

Christmas Letter dedicated to Customers

Respected Clients,

Subject: Christmas Letter.

I hope you all are doing great dear clients. We are sending you warm hugs and all the best wishes this Christmas. We hope that you all will have the best Christmas this year. Taking this opportunity we would like to thank you for the never-ending and honest support and companionship you all have been blessing us with. If it was not for your support we would not have survived this deadly lockdown this year. You all have showered us with the support that we needed, for this, we are offering premium discounts for our clients and their families this year till 31st January. This is just a little payback for the constant love you have showered us from. We hope that you have the happiest Christmas and this new year brings a lot of pf success and happiness your way.


The Nykaa cosmetics

Merry Christmas Wishes to Potential Customers

To:  Company Clients,

From: Head of Human Resource Department.

Date: 25th December 2021.

Subject: Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas to all of our clients. Wishing that this joyous season brings you luck, joy, success, and prosperity. Loyal clients are an asset of any company and you have been the same for us. We want to thank you for your sincere support throughout our journey. We value our partnership more than anything. We are lucky to have you along with us on this journey. We would love to improve our services and be up to your standards. Feel free to recommend to us anything you like. Hope that this new year and Christmas bless you and your families.

Take care, remember us in your prayers.


Kay beauty

Christmas Holidays Announcement Email To Employees.

These letters can be used to announce the Christmas holidays to your employees. Announcement letter about Christmas holidays work schedule. You can make changes to these where needed.

You can visit applicationszone.com for more Christmas holidays announcement Emails

Sample Email to Announce Christmas Holidays to your Employees.

Subject: Christmas Holiday Announcement.

Dear All,

Merry Christmas to all of our hardworking and beloved staff. We are all excited to start our holiday season, in this regard company is announcing holidays from 20th Dec to 2nd January. Do not forget to collect your Christmas gift bag from the company before leaving. Hope you all have a good time. The office will resume on the 3rd of January 2022. Have a happy Christmas see you next year with a good start.


HR Manager,

Udit Kayshap.

Easy Email to Announce Christmas Holidays to your Employees.

Subject: Christmas Holiday Announcement.

To All Employees,

Hope you all are fine. We are very delighted to announce that in regards of Christmas holidays company shall remain closed from 20th December till 3rd January. We hope that you all have a great holiday time. The office shall resume from 4th January. Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year to all of you.

Have a good time.


Sam Robert


Head Manager.

The Nestle Company.

Easy Sample Email to Announce Christmas Holidays to your Employees.

Subject: Christmas Holiday Announcement.

Dear All,

Merry Christmas to our staff family. Hope you all are having a nice day. We are excited to announce this year’s Christmas holidays to you all. We shall remain closed from tomorrow 20th December till 3rd January 2021. This year due to lockdown and all the inconvenience that was caused to the company and all of us we all have suffered this year together in aligning ourselves with government SOPs and guidelines. But we did a great job and survived also grew. So as a Christmas gift company is giving a 10% increase in your this month’s salary to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication and sticking up with us. Hope you all have a great holiday time. Advance new year.

Take care,


Resource Manager.

Easy Template Email to Announce Christmas Holidays to your Employees.

Subject: Christmas Holiday Announcement.

Hey all, hope you all have been doing great just like this company that is doing great due to your hard work. In regard to Christmas and new year, we are delighted to announce that we will remain closed for 2 weeks starting from tomorrow till 3rd January 2020. As you all know that company made a profit this year because of you all and we stand by our intention and promise to give our employees back, we have personalized Christmas gift bags for all of you. Do not forget to collect.  We hope that you will enjoy your holidays and come back healthy and happy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


The Nykaa Cosmetics.

Email to Announce Christmas Holidays to your Employees.

To:  The staff

From: Head of Human Resource Department.

Date: 19th December 2021

Subject: Christmas Holiday Announcement.

Dear all, I hope that all of you are doing great and are having a nice day. We are very happy to announce that the office will remain closed for the Christmas holidays from 20th December till 2nd January 2021. This year was extra special for all of us as we got to have huge collaborations and launch our dream projects successfully and make huge profits. It’s all because of you all and we are thanking all of you by adding an additional amount in your payments that will be transferred to your accounts tomorrow. We hope that you will be happy with this Christmas gift. We will be waiting for you all on the 3rd of January till then happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.


Kay beauty.

Sample Apology Email for Not Attending Church Meeting

Sample formats of Apology Emails for not Attending Church Meetings are provided below. Apology For Not Attending Church Meeting Letter. Various templates are provided which can be used as per requirement.

Sample Apology Email for Not Attending Church Meeting

Respected Father (ABC),

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. This email serves as an official apology email as I am really sorry about not being able to attend the church meeting for the president selection. I understand that this was an important event, and the presence of every member was made mandatory but I faced an urgency at home. My wife went through a serious medical emergency and I took her to the hospital, she had to stay there for two days, making me responsible to stay there. By the grace of God, she is better now and is discharged yesterday night. I hope that you will comprehend my situation and accept my apology in this regard. I shall be thankful to you.


Priya Sharma


Easy Apology Email for Not Attending Church Meeting

Greetings of the day.

Dear Concerned Person,

Saint Anthony Church,

Please be informed that I am extremely apologetic for not being able to attend the church’s meeting for the past two weeks. I informed the administration that I am a full-time Ph.D. Student at the University of ABC and my final thesis presentation was going on along with the final exams. I was very occupied with the aforementioned things and couldn’t make it to any other thing or make any commitment. I was not aware of the first meeting, but the second one; I had to miss it deliberately. I hope that you will accept my apology in this regard. I make sure to attend the upcoming meetings with regularity and do my job with efficiency and effectiveness. I shall be very grateful to you.

Thanking you.


Vijay Khurana

Email for not Attending Church Meeting

Greetings Father Rovista,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. It is stated with deep reverence that my family friend passed away last week. The person was like my own elder brother and was very close to me. I was very upset to hear the news and couldn’t come back to routine, many days after the incident happened. I understand that attending the meeting was mandatory but under an emotional and upset mental state; I was not stable enough to appear anywhere. I am extremely sorry for not attending and missing the presentation I had to give, but I hope that you can cognize my condition and the scenario in which I couldn’t come. Kindly pray for the deceased. I shall be very thankful to you for accepting my apology.


Ajay Datt


Easy Template Email for not Attending Church Meeting

Respected Father Goerge,

I hope that you are doing well. I am embarrassed and extremely diffident that I have not been able to attend the church’s meetings for the past month. Actually, I went to my hometown a month ago, and there I got to know about certain property issues. Being the elder son of the family, it was mandatory for me to be present there along with the father as he is old. My hometown is in a village named ABC, which faces issues of mobile and internet signals, therefore, I couldn’t inform anyone. Sir, I came back yesterday and got to know that I am no more a member of the committee. I want to request for re-giving me the title considering my previous work and dedication. I shall be very punctual from now onwards. Thanking you in anticipation.


Riya Kapoor


Apology For Not Attending Church Meeting Email


The Father, Saint Marry Church

Dear Father,

With all my regard and sincere respect, I am writing this letter to ask for an apology that I was not able to attend the last church meeting. I know it should be my priority to come over there but I had a serious accident 3 days before the meeting. I was on my way to the city, and met that horrible accident, according to doctors, and reports I cannot move from the bed for the next 2 months as I have fractures at 3 places. I was trying to inform you but could not reach to you. I have some important points to discuss which were supposed to be discussed in the previous meeting. I am sending you those points, and request you to discuss them on behalf of me as I am not able to attend the next 2 -3meetings as well. I feel so miserable right now but I pray to God for my quick recovery and also request you to pray for me. I am trying to arrange a wheelchair so I can come. I will keep you updated with my health status, and other issues as well. Thank you for understanding my condition. May God bless you. Thank you.

Warm Regards and Apology,


Letter to Customers informing Pre Christmas Sale

These letter formats for the people who are going to shop for Christmas and shopping centers send pre-Christmas offers in the format of letter to tell them about sale.

Letter to Customers informing Pre Christmas Sale

Valued Customer,

At Cougar and Gifts, we offer incredible discounts this Christmas just for our customers. We have always valued our customers and their patronage has been the reason of our little store success. We always find new ways to put smile on our customers face and this time we have taken the opportunity of Christmas just right. As you know, that Christmas is just around the corner so we are going to put on our pre-Christmas exciting sale. We have stocked all the Christmas stuff at our store for you, fires, beautiful wreaths, chocolates, fun lights, Christmas tree and ornaments. We have got all the Christmas accessories stocked in and cherry on top we have unbelievable amazing discounts on it too. We are offering up to 50% off on all the store items, which also includes wrapping the gifts for your loved ones. We hope to see all our customers at our pre-Christmas sale.

Wishes for Christmas

Inquiry Officer

Letter for Customers to inform Pre Christmas Sale

Mr& Mrs Joseph


It’s the time of the year! Holiday season is reaching soon and Christmas lights are going to sparkle at every place. We believe it is time for you to do some pre-shopping for Christmas but there is no sale on all the stores and things are not affordable? Don’t worry, we got you undercover. We have come up with our pre-Christmas sale where you can buy anything and get marvelous discounts. We will do the gift wrappings, even choose the right card for you. There is 50% off on all the Christmas ornaments. Wait, it gets better, we can ship it at your home and that is also free. This is happening for the very first time that we are giving unbelievable thrilling discounts with the offer of free home delivery. You can just call us and tell us all the details and we got you! Don’t waste time and rush to our stores!

Warm Wishes for Christmas Event

Manager Sales.

Sales Letter to Customer for Christmas Special Offer

These letter formats for the people who are going to shop for Christmas so shopping websites send sale letters to the customers about their Christmas special offer.

Sales Letter to Customer for Christmas Special Offer

Mr & Mrs Mehta,


I am writing this to inform our amazing customers about this fabulous Christmas special offer. We know that Christmas is just around the corner and you are excited to have a lot of fun with your family and friends and you must be thinking where I would get all the accessories for Christmas so worry not anymore because we got you all! We have these amazing Christmas discounts going on at our stores just for our customers. We have 50% off on clothing and 25% off on home products. We want to fill your Christmas with all the magic and bring smiles on your face. Visit your nearest store and avail the greatest discount as soon as possible because everybody knows that we stock out as we stock in. We hope to see you at the store early this week. Thank you for your patronage and being the loyal customer.

Warm Regards,

Sales Officer,

Rahber Johnn

Sample Sales Letter for a Special Christmas Offer

Dear Customer,

Exciting gifts and exciting surprises all on your way! Yes, you heard me right. This letter is to notify you about the special Christmas offers at our mall. The opening of Mall is due on Christmas and with that opening celebration, there will be 25% flat off on all the brands in the mall. Christmas is the event which fills your heart with love, joy and happiness and this is our motive this Christmas to make the customers happy and make their Christmas exceptionally fun and astounding. There would be off on all the new and old articles and that is not just it, we have so many wonderful activities and games for all the customers. Everybody wants to get gifts at Christmas for their loved ones, right? So visit our mall and take advantage of these special offers and buy your loved one’s ecstatic gifts. Hurry up, reach to our Mall and shop till you drop!


Relation Officer,


Sample of Christmas Letter to Boss

Merry Christmas letter to boss. Greetings letter to Boss/Department head/ CEO sample. Sample letter format of greetings of Christmas to boss. Greetings on special occasions and especially on Christmas brings smile on persons to whom greetings were sent. This letter is a real help for the employees who wanted to wish their boss/ head on Christmas.

Greetings Letter to Boss Sample

The Chairman,
Wild life Insurance Policy Firm,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Greetings of Christmas to boss/ceo

Respected Sir,

I am John Parker. I am head of Sale Department and my subordinates chose me to extend Christmas greetings to you. I joined this company some good twenty years ago and relish almost every joy in this company under your supervision. I found you a man of letter and spirit and found no short coming in you! This is something hilarious to know!
You kept all of us as your family and never show your back on our issues whether it is related to our work or the dear family. We always found you there with us and we also take you head of our families as well. Our joy cannot be completed without wishing you good luck and life of health and wealth.

We are really happy on the announcement of yours indicating 30% bonus in our monthly salary and the excellent feelings kneaded in mesmerizing words. This amalgamation of words and feelings
make our lives brighter and livelier. We all are feeling a new surge of
enthusiasm in ourselves and determined to achieve the target well before the time! We will never put your head in shame: we assure you. We all love you and will leave no stone unturned for your sake. Please extend our warm wishes to your mother and family as well. Thank you.

Faithfully Yours,

Mr. John Parker,
Staff Representative.
15th December, 2017.

Christmas Letter to Employees

Sample letter format of greetings for Christmas to employees. Merry Christmas greetings letter. Christmas is a holy day for Christians and they take active part in its celebrations. This easy format of letter is a piece of help for the persons who wanted to wish their staff with good word choice.

Sample Letter for Christmas Greetings

The Technical Staff,
Wild life Insurance Policy Firm,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Greetings for Christmas to employees

Dear Staff Family,

How are you all? I hope you all will be fine in your lives and enjoying the best and ripen fruits of your health and wealth. You all know what a marvelous day is nearing us and what effect it has on our lives and on our spiritual lives. Bells of Christmas are ringing and jingling in air and echoing the atmosphere with its melody! We are on welcoming mode right after we heard the news of blessed Christmas!
I am pleased to greet you on its lovely arrival. You all are allowed to
have three days leave from the work and enjoy your life in ways you like them to be. You can enjoy feasts and shopping befitting to its level and in order to make this Christmas even more exciting, I am announcing 30 % bonus on your ratio of monthly salary! This a token of gratitude from my side on the quality and quantity of work you do for me and our company.

I extend love and prayer to your family as well and please do
remember me and my ailing mother on this special occasion of feast and fun. Keep enjoying and rejoice at your place and enjoy the life to its fullest. May you all be safe and healthy in your lives!

Best Regards,

Mr. John Andric,
15th December, 2017.

Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event

Application for advance salary for Christmas event, Loan for Christmas, Application for advance salary format can be used for employees and other staff members. This application can be used for employees in various categories. Changes can be done as per requirement. 

Request Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event

The Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Lahore.
strong>Subject: Advance Salary for Christmas

Respected Sir,
Please be informed that I am Henry John working in this organization as security guard since last three years. It is stated that the event of Christmas is nearby and for the celebrations with my family. I am heading towards my village. I have to manage the expenses and being elder in family I have to look after my parents and siblings.

Kindly, grant my salary for the month of December in advance, so that I shall be able to meet expenses in a well manner. I shall be highly obliged to you in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation

Henry John
Security Guard.
Date: 27th November, 2014.

Request Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event
Request Application for Advance Salary For Christmas Event

Advance Loan for Christmas

The Director,
Falcon’s Agency, New York.

Subject: Advance Loan for Christmas

Most respectfully It is stated that an employee (Christian) is working in this organization under the Department of Accounts and their event of Christmas is in this month. For this purpose he has applied for advance loan. The detail of employee is given below:

Victor working as a junior accountant Salary per month: $800.

His working status is satisfactory and due to his personal needs he is requiring a loan of $500 for the month of December. It is requested to adjust the loan amount in next salaries. Attached is the application form for loan. Kindly, consider his request.

Yours Sincerely,
Manager Accounts,
Date: 29 November, 2014

Application for Advance Salary Format


Subject:  Application for Advance Salary (For Christmas)

 Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am ________ (name) working in your organization since_________  as a________. I want to inform you that on the event the event of Christmas I need my salary of upcoming month in advance. It is the end of month, and I don’t have enough money to spend.
As, I am only the earning person in my family and all are dependent upon me. For the Christmas celebrations I need some money for my home’s use and still there is one week in month’s ending. Kindly grant my salary in advance.
I would be highly obliged if you consider my request, and I shall be grateful to you. I shall be looking for a positive response.
Thanking you I remain.
Yours sincerely,

Sample Application of Loan for Christmas


The Finance Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Sydney.

Subject: Application of Loan for Christmas

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am Gloriana and serving this association since last two years as Office Secretary. I want to inform that the eve on Christmas is on its way and I am also getting married on this Christmas, next month. For this, I have to manage all expenses as well. Along with my salary of this month I need loan of $800.
 Kindly, grant me loan I shall be highly obliged in this regard.
Office Secretary.

Sample Application of Loan for Christmas
Sample Application of Loan for Christmas