Request Letter to Doctor for Free Medical Camp

Sample Request Letter to Doctor for Free Medical Camp. Free camping are arranged to facilitate the remote areas and the dwellers of that area on the basis of humanitarian stance. Student federation are active nowadays very mindful of health issues and many a time they arranged such campaigns. This format is meant to assist the persons or federations for medical camping.

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Sample Request Letter to Doctor for Free Medical Camp

The Head of Oncology,
Sunshine Breast Cancer Care Hospital,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request Letter to Doctor for Free Medical Camp

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humbleness and gratitude that I am President of Student Council of my college.My college is located outside the vicinity of London and remote from the access of advance facilities of health. The awareness level regarding health issue is of minimal level at my side.

I, with the help of my college mates, had recently arrange medical camp on Hepatitis in my area and the results are fruitful as people are now boiling the water for drinking purpose and taking cleanliness measure in food as well.

Breast cancers are very common nowadays. It is sad figure that the outburst is alarming due to the lack of awareness. All I wanted is a favour of sending efficient and willing doctor from your doctors’ team on
humane basis.

I request you to please arrange the free medical camp for my area as we are not rich to pay you the expenses that’s why we are demanding a willing doctor but with your permission. Kindly grant us the permission for doing so. We want heath of ladies as well so that they can participate even more in the development of our nation and country. Thankyou very much for your concern.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Elizabeth
Cross School System.
25 July 2016

Request Letter to Doctor for Free Medical Camp
Request Letter to Doctor for Free Medical Camp

Request Letter for Free Medical Camp

Dear Sir,

With utmost regard and estimation, it is stated that I am the president of Social society in the university. There are rising diseases in the society which are deteriorating the health of people. We have decided to arrange medical camp in the under privileged societies. There are some dangerous diseases which could be eradicated easily by taking some precautions like hepatitis. We would like to raise awareness on the diseases like that so people would take precautions regularly.
This is our little step to the progressive and healthy society. I hope we get the approval of this letter. We have worked a lot on this idea.Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,


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