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Top 10 Watch Brands in India

PFA is a list of the top 10 branded watches in India for men and women. For more information, please contact us via our email.

Top 10 Watch Brands in India, for Men and Women

A good watch is a timeless investment. This unisex, must-have accessory is sleek, fashionable, and practical, and it will help you stay on track with both your personal goals and fashion sense.
Watches come in a wide range of styles and brands, from high-end to the mass market. In India, branded watches are immensely popular and frequently serve as a high-fashion statement. Each brand of watch nearly has its own distinct personality and tends to reveal a lot about the wearer!

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer, one of India’s leading luxury watch brands, is endorsed by the King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. This elevates its status among the Indian audience and places the brand among the best watch brands in India.

  • Cartier

With a Cartier watch, you are making both jewelry and a fashion investment. This is wearable jewelry that you can take with you anywhere. A Cartier watch is timeless and elegant, and it probably says everything about its wearer, which is why it makes our list of the top 10 best watch brands in India.

  • Swatch

Swatch was popular back then, and it is still one of the best watch brands for men in India, particularly teenagers! This brand is well-known for its vibrant colors, trendy vibe, and youthful spirit. Swatch is at the top of our list of types of watches for men and women because of its Swiss-made detailing.

  • Titan Patriot

Titan is available at the majority of Indian luxury retailers, malls, stand-alone flagship stores, and websites for the best online shopping in India. Not only is this one of the best watch brands in India, but it is also one of the most affordable. Wearing a classic and minimal Titan watch is a rite of passage for most Indians and a must-have addition to any collection.

  • Daniel Wellington

In India, young and self-made actors such as Radhika Apte and Ayushmann Khurrana support DW. These stalwarts exemplify the qualities that this brand embodies: confidence, panache, and an undeniable desire to succeed.

  • Apple

An Apple Watch is so much more than a timepiece! It is the best smartwatch on the market! Although not cheap, an Apple watch is still reasonably priced when compared to a traditional watch.
Track your workouts, calendar, life goals, health, and correspondence on the go with this amazing tech-watch hybrid from one of India’s best watch brands.

  • Rolex

This is not a cheap brand, and it is well known for charging exorbitant prices. Wearing a Rolex is a symbol of success and social standing, so the brand is not interested in being accessible to the general public.
In the ultra-luxe category, Rolex is unquestionably one of the most popular and best watch brands in India. The timeless timepieces with intricate detailing are the showstoppers, and the brand doesn’t need an ambassador or celebrity to endorse its appeal.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that has a firm grasp on the pulse of fashion, thanks to iconic global ambassadors such as Gigi Hadid. Add an up-styled TH watch to your collection to add an element of world-wise fashion and increase your style quotient by miles!

  • Fossil

The simple round watch faces and new digital and smart-hybrid editions from Fossil are striking, minimal, and versatile. These timepieces are exactly what you need to elevate your everyday style. As one of India’s best watch brands, Fossil has attracted hip brand ambassadors such as Disha Patani and Varun Dhawan, who are well-loved by audiences for their youthful exuberance and trendsetting style!


Casio’s latest launch of vintage-design watches has truly captured the collective imagination of the youth of India, perfectly encapsulating the psyche of the nostalgia trend in a fashion. Casio’s vintage launch has been a hit with the audience, despite being featured on the wrists of the coolest social media influencers out there, and some clever digital marketing campaigns.

Sample Job Application for Order Taker Post

Here are the Formats of Job Application for the post of Order Taker. Experienced or Non- Experienced Person can use these templates. Necessary Changes can be done.

Sample Job Application for Order Taker Post


The CEO,


California, United States of America.

Subject: Job application for experienced Order Taker

Respected Sir,

                       I estimate you will be well in your life. Lately, I had read about the post that your esteemed company had recently published in the local newspaper, stating a job for an order taker who must be skilled in sending off things aptly and within the required time frame. I feel suitable for this vacancy, as I am not a rookie in this field. I have work experience of five years in gaining customers’ satisfaction of different companies. With this application, I am sending the memo of customers’ responses and opinions about my order taking which will prove my words. If you recruit me for this post, I promise that I would never put you in a tight spot. Please feel free to approach me via my email account oprw-87654@outlook.com. Thanking you in anticipation of a positive response.

Yours Truly,

Lee Keon,

17th April 2022

Sample Job Application Order Taker for Experienced Person


The CEO,


California, United States of America.

Subject: Job application for experienced Order Taker

Respected Sir,

                      With Utmost Reverence It is stated that I came across a trailer on the internet that demanded an order taker with not much work experience! I am a graduate and this opportunity is like heaven for me, as I was looking for jobs, part-time jobs to maintain my kitchen and other utilities. Companies, like yours, are rare to find, that only demand passion and loyalty together with experience. Let me tell you that your search has ended over here; I am the veracious person for this post and had work experience of 2 years in the same field. The reason why I want to join your firm is your strong work ethic and nice perks and bonuses after every three months. You can test my skills, and when and where basis, I will be true to my words. For your guarantee, I am sending a few illustrations of my expertise for your kind analysis. Waiting eagerly for your positive response. Kindly let me know about your response on my contact number +09873578321. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Kim Keon,

17th April 2022

Easy Format of Job Application for Experienced Order Taker


The CEO,


California, United States of America.

Subject: Job application for experienced female Order Taker

Respected Sir,

                     I hope you would be healthy and wealthy in your life and work. I simply loved to see a flyer of my dream job, on my way home! Thanking God for letting me see the vacancy in apt time. Sir, I must be the one, you are looking forward to, as I am skilled in recognizing the places, filling in the gaps, understanding the customers’ accents, and dialect, and being quick in writing the dictation of the order they would want to deliver. I have work experience of over three years and I am passionate about my job as I like free rides and meeting new people every time as I love to learn from people’s manners. I am ready to appear in the testing and training scheme of your company, I hope you would be satisfied with my abilities. Please write to me via email at tyd-777@hotmail.com. Waiting eagerly for your kind reply.

Yours Truly,

Na I Je Keon,

17th April 2022

Sample Cover Letter for QC Manager

A quality control manager is a person who ensures the quality and standard of the products of a company and ensures that the products meet the required criteria. If you are one and are looking for a job and trying to write a cover letter along with your CV, these sample cover letters given below might be useful to you. You can easily use these sample cover letters by modifying these and adding your information and details in the same way.

Easy Cover Letter for the Job of a Quality Control Manager


The HR Department,

Pharma Impex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.,

Date: 7th/ March/2022.

Respected Hiring Manager,

I hope you are doing well. I am Ankit Verma a qualified quality control analyst as you have known from reviewing my resume. I have attained a degree in business administration and hold a certificate in quality control management as well as mentioned in my resume. I have experience of 5 years of working as a quality control manager and performing quality control tests. I hold vast experience in performing quality control tests on raw materials, end products, and manufacturing processes as well. I have been wanting to work with your brand as I work in my niche and I am very qualified in doing what a quality control manager is supposed to be doing for your company’s products as I have worked with pharmaceuticals and can do pretty well. The job description that you posted requires a person who can define, maintain and set quality processes and tests on all the company manufacturing processes and products to keep up with the standard and make sure the products are safe to use and legally safe and underwent proper processes. I consider myself a very eligible candidate for this job as my experience and my knowledge in a similar field is my plus point and I can do the job very well. I hope you will be convinced enough after reviewing my resume to call me for the interview. I will be waiting for your call.


Ankit Verma.

Sample Cover Letter with the Resume of a Quality Control Manager


The Hiring Department,

Amul Foods Pvt. Ltd.,

Date: 5th/ August/2022.

Respected Hiring Manager,

I hope you are having a great day. I am Arjun Mehta. I am 27 years old Quality control analyst. I hold certificates in food sciences and processes approved by the quality council of India. I have a degree n Food Sciences as mentioned in my CV. I was very excited to know about the vacancy of a quality control manager in your company and know that you were hiring. After reading all the requirements you mentioned in the job description I considered myself highly eligible in this field and niche that is why I applied. You need a person to ensure quality control tests are being performed o all the samples of food and the end products of the company and ensure their safety for use. The company demands a person who can run these tests and supervise them all by himself, I have experience of around 4 years and I can supervise all these tests on my own and can lead the team bein a food scientist and can check all the ingredients and processes as well on my own and can maintain efficient measures for the preservation and safety of the end products.

I can ensure quality standardized testing of all the samples along with packing and distributing. I consider myself a good fit for this position and think that you will be convinced too about this. I will be waiting for your call for the interview or your decision eagerly.


Arjun Mehta.

Sample Article about Benefits of Waxed Jackets

World is teemed with brands. Brands for elite, brands for mediocre, brands for all and sundry! Brands, brands everywhere as Walter De La mare stated: water, water everywhere, so it could be coined as brands, brands everywhere.

We are enveloped in an era of snobbery and mercenary mindset. We tend to live, just to gratify others, mostly. We are paranoid with ideas of fashion, jewelry, shoes, clothing and color combination. Nothing in this modern life is escaping show off, simulated in the name of taste and style.

Same goes for wearing clothes. The main function of clothing is to cover your skin and provide it a shelter from external harms, but the cult shifted to style, rouge and modish strains of delicacy!

Waxed jackets are one such idea, that appeals the mind of human being as it’s an excellent combination of style and luxury. One feels comfortable and stylish by wearing it and it saves from external damages to the skin. In order to help you understand what is waxed jacket, leather jacket and what are the benefits and drawbacks of these two types of jackets, I have written a very honest review regarding it. It is up to you to check the genuineness and purity of the jackets, purchased from any brand, non-brand available online or offline.

What is a waxed Canvas?

In stone age, primitive people use leaves to cover themselves from each other or to save themselves from harsh weather conditions. Times changes and they got shift from leaves to rags, then to unstitched clothing.

 Clothing once was the necessity, but in this modern era, in reaction to the changing cult and influx of fashion, human mind is prone to take interest in varied fabrics.

The need has now being shifted from fashion to comfort, but to a modern man, comfort must include fashion and style. Amongst many of the materials, canvas is the leading material that speaks of fashion and comfort alike.

 Canvas is always known as a synthetic material. It is a combination of linen imbued with wax. In other words, linen cloth is drenched in heavy coating of wax and then dried, processed to turn into fine fabric of canvas….named as waxed canvas.

History of waxed Canvas

 Necessity is the mother of invention’, the proverb goes true to all the past inventions, and could be the leading factor, torch bearer of the future inventions as well. Everything has a starting, so it would be with canvas. Many questions teem our minds like: why waxed canvas was invented. What was the purpose of waxed canvas? Who were the first people who wore the waxed canvas for the first time?

 Well, the sailors first used the canvas in 15th century. It was the need of the sailors to wear the cloth that can withstand the harsh weather of sea and can save their bodies from dirt and water. The only material they can think of was canvas. This idea hit the jackpot!

 The idea was caught from the sails; they noticed that the sails of the ship is durable and strong enough to bear the thunderous winds and driving rains. This observation leads to making canvas into something wearable. They inspected the canvas sails and turned them into waxed canvas, cut it into sizes and tailored their costumes.

 The idea went like fire in the wilderness. Now waxed canvas is used as a good material for shoemaking, umbrella making, car covers, sofa covers, mattress covers, gloves and jackets too.

Benefits of waxed Canvas

 Human beings are detrimental in weighing the pros and cons of things, then they made up their mind whether to buy it or not? Peculiarly benefits are the sensitive parts that allure human mind the most. There are countless benefits of waxed canvas, but few of the benefits are listed below:

  • Hardwearing

One of the benefits of waxed canvas is that it is hardwearing. By hardwearing we mean, it has the capacity of tolerating the harsh weather, especially the stormy weather, windy weather and rainy weather.

The ideal places to wear waxed canvas is cold and desert areas. In cold regions, the waxed canvas is the higher solute material that can withstand the adversity of cold weather and in desert area it can serve as a natural shield to sand and dust.

People in outdoor games, like cycling, mountaineering, hiking, skiing and riding mostly wear waxed canvas.

  • Durable

Durability is always on the mind of all human being irrespective of rich or poor as we all think that whatever we are purchasing must come with good lifeline. It should be durable enough to go through at least five years! Waxed canvas is a material that is durable. By durability we mean, it is capable of keeping heavy loads/weights.

 It is a sturdy material when blended with cotton fabric and can out shone many fabrics in resistance and strength.

  • Waterproof

Human beings, whether they live in high lands or low lands, in dry or humid areas, they are always hit by rain, storm, pollution, dirt and number of other natural disasters and we need to save ourselves from its harmful effects. Coming to this the only material that comes to our mind is waterproof material. It can save our cars, homes and clothing too!

Waxed canvas is the only material known as good enough to avoid simmering of water inside.

Raincoats and umbrellas are good examples of canvas as a waterproof material.  People also use canvas as a shield to cover their cars, parked outside.

It is benefitting to the feeding mothers as they can just spread canvas sheet on their sleep areas and put the baby to rest over there. The urination will not seep through the waxed canvas sheet.

  • Always in Fashion

The sole need of clothing is not covering the body or shielding it from injuries, sunburns or other pigmentation. Nowadays it include fashion and style too.

Human beings are blessed with aesthetic sense that is the reason why we tend to seek comfort with style. We need to make ourselves comfortable, but we all loathe the idea to attire ourselves that envisaged us as heavy, chubby and sheep like in appearance.   

Fashion is nothing more than an idea that makes you look  good even in the eyes of the beholders, so we are nearly obsessed with the idea of style with comfort.

Canvas fabric, weather it is canvas leather or canvas cotton fabric, we love to wear it due to its sleek outlook and resistance to dirt and wrinkles.

  • Waxed Jacket Patina
  • Patina is a chemical process in which a soft sheen is developed on the surface of the leather that gives style to the jacket.       

The person who is wearing that waxed jacket patina looks classy as it gives character to the product. It is the most desirable feature in leather products, especially in jackets.

Vintage looks are trending, so the special sheen of the jacket, leather jacket add panache to it, thus making it more stylish and attractive an outfit to wear. The glazed jackets blazed the fashion nowadays.

Waxed Jackets Vs Leather Jackets

Waxed jackets and leather jackets are in comparison. Why so? The answer is simple. We always make comparison just to see the amount of difference between the two.

Leather jackets are relatively lower on its handling with water. Waxed jackets are way more proficient in their handling of waterproof feature.

In our planet Earth, we, human being enjoy varied climatic zones, and the zones with cold, humid, dry, dusty climate or weather conditions are more inclined to face extreme weather conditions.

It is difficult for natives to endure the harsh weather with typical clothing or clothing suitable to majority of the people around the world.  

Both the costumes have their unique features, but advantage is given to waxed jackets as it is more durable, sturdy and waterproof.

Downsides of Waxed Jackets

 Like advantages, there are much wider range of disadvantages as well. Waxed jackets are durable, greased with sheen, patina glee, dirt proof, waterproof or water resistance quality, stylish, trendy, tartan lining are attached to it to make it comfortable.

The checkered inners are made of tartan lining, the fabric, it is used to make the waxed jackets look sophisticated and comfortable.

To call a few, the cons of sailcloth, the waxed jackets are listed below:

  • Lack of Breathability
  • Waxed jackets are coated with paraffin wax, which make it look as super chic, but paraffin wax has its disadvantage too when it comes to clothing; the paraffin wax is highly and rich in its sticky, gluey properties and mostly result in breathability issues.

Nothing escapes through it, no dirt, no water and hence no air too! For breathing, living human, it is difficult to wear it in humid, dry, dusty and hot climatic areas or weather conditions.

This feature is making it a big negative a clothing for kids and old people. Both are physically not apt or strong enough to cope up with enclosed waxed jackets greased with either linseed oil, fish oil or paraffin wax.

  • Waxed Jackets are heavy

Leather is never lightweight, as we all know, but when it comes to water resistant, waxed fabric, coated with fish oil, linseed oil or simply paraffin wax, it does give weight to the jackets made of waxed canvas, could be fashioned out of cotton fibers, cotton clothing clubbed with tartan lining or other synthetic fabrics.

Clothing of any kind  are never meant for young people and enjoyment can never be restricted to them too. There is whole lot of old people who love to travel a lot and who love to wear modish clothing as well. What is there for them in name of trend and comfort? By all means, old people cannot wear heavy clothing! Waxed jackets are heavier for their stature, as they had become fragile physically.

  • Pricier than Synthetics

World is always categorized in terms of financial classification. The whole world is not rich. The whole world is not poor. The whole world is not mediocre as well. In fact, it is the combination of all the three strata— the economic groups. The leading brands seldom keeps in mind the demands of the poor or the middle group. The hinge is always the rich economic group.

The struggle is just to entertain the rich?  What about the other two groups? Aren’t they affected by weather conditions? Aren’t they given the basic right to wear clothing to avoid or endure the harsh weather conditions?

 The pricing of waxed leather jackets or waxed jackets are higher and hence could not be afforded by low-income group. This feature is counted as disadvantage.

How to wax a jacket

There are two ways of waxing the jacket: industrial and home based. The list of necessary equipment required are as follow:

First Method:

List of Required Materials:

  1. Item of clothing to be waxed: cotton, synthetic, leather, canvas
  2. Wax: paraffin, fish oil, linseed oil
  3.  A firm surface: iron board, marbled floor
  4. A heat source: hairdryer, blower
  5. Plenty of time: preferable in your vacation or holidays.

Process of Waxing a jacket:

  • Eliminate the candle (wax) from its aluminum container. Remove the taper. Leaving a block of wax behind.
  • Look for a flat, well-founded surface and lay out your item of clothing onto it.
  • Scrub the wax block, fish oil/linseed oil with the help of brush over the clothing you have chosen. When you are applying the wax, make sure to compartmentalize the desired clothing. Always begin with the sleeves, front half and rear half later.
  • Cover the chosen fabric area fully with wax, the more the better.
  • The wax now needs to melt into the fabric of the clothing: cotton, canvas.
  • Dry the wax onto the fabric. Never go for iron as after applying the iron right to the wax, the iron began to smoke profusely. It can cause fire, which can lead to set the fire alarm to alarming mode. This method can give way to running to fetch a cloth to dry the melting wax, or you could experience panic attack on wondering what had happened to the waxing! It can frustrate your neighbours also, as we all are living in a sensitive age of terrorism.
  •  Use Hairdryer for drying the wax, it would take just few seconds to completely dry out the wax onto the fabric of your choice.
  • Repeat process after ten to twenty minutes to achieve a double coating of wax. Do not forget to do the same on the other half of the sleeve, smearing two coats of wax and disbursing particular care to the areas of intersection or edges, as we often ignore what is hidden or covered.
  • Reprise the same set of steps on the other sleeve and then to main body (back and front of the jacket), avoid doing it on tartan lining.
  • Apply the coat almost thrice to get modish and impeccable finished look.
  • When applying the wax, pay particular attention to seams, seam junctions and buttons of the jackets.
  • The jacket, including hood should be completely covered with wax coating.

Second Method:

List of Required Materials:

  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Fish oil/ coconut oil/ linseed oil
  • Hairdryer
  • Required attention
  • Required focus

Process of Waxing a Leather Jacket:

  • Take soft cloth/ brush
  • Apply small amount of wax/ desired oil mentioned above.
  • Start the application from sleeves, upper sides
  • After drying the sleeves, apply the first two steps on the other sleeves.
  • Get hold on back of the leather jacket and repeat the first two steps.
  • Dry the wax/ oil with hair dryer.
  • Take buttons, seams, and pigeonholes into special consideration while polishing the wax on the leather jacket.
  • Repeat the process three times to get excellent result.


            The idea of waxed jackets initiated in 15th century. The inventors were sailors, at first. They came up with this idea by looking at the sturdiness of the sails of the ships, the travelled in. it fascinated them and trickled their mind that leads to wearing the same fabric onto their bodies as well.

              The canvas fabric gave hype to synthetic materials prevalent in those times. The invention leads to idea of waxing other fabrics made from cotton fabric. The idea hit the world like fire and buzzed the brands. They came up with waxed canvas jackets, waxed leather jackets and waxed denim jackets.

                Waxed jackets have their pros and cons that can be used as good idea, threshold to decide whether to buy it or not? People can take advantages and disadvantages into consideration while buying the waxed products. If one is not happy with the price, then the person can wax his or her jacket at home as well. Two methods are famous in making outfits into waxed outfits. Enjoy your costume with skill and wisdom!

Emergency Leave Application for Relieving Child from Hospital

These are sample leave application letters for office due to surgery of yourself, your father, mother, uncle, son, daughter, brother, or sister in the hospital. You can follow these Formats as an Email letter.

Emergency Leave Application for Relieving Child from Hospital


The HR Manager,

Muslim Finance Bank,

Qutub Minar, India

Subject: Leave Application


I am the senior general manager at your esteemed bank that is Muslim Finance Bank, Qutub Minar Main Branch. I have been an employee in your bank for more than 15 years and I have had nothing but the best job during my whole tenure. Sir the reason that I am writing you this letter is that I am a single mother, my husband died in a car accident two years ago. However, my son, Aliyan Khan is in the hospital. He got into some trouble at the school and he was beaten really badly and he is admitted to the general hospital for two days and tomorrow the doctors have decided to relieve him from the hospital premises.

As per there is no one else in my family, neither there is a guardian for my son. However, I have to go to the general hospital tomorrow morning and fill out all the discharge papers so that he can be easily discharged without any problem. So I request you to grant me leave from my job tomorrow so that I can go and take care of my son without any backhead thoughts of my job. I hope you will understand and help me out with this problem. I am hoping for a quick and positive response from you, thank you for your time and cooperation.


Alina Khan

Senior General Manager

Sample Leave Requesting to Relieve Daughter from Hospital


The HR Manager,

State Bank of India,

Qutub Minar, India

Subject: Leave Application

Greetings Madam,

I hope you are well when you receive this message. Hello, my name is Maria Singh, and I am the senior general manager of State Bank of India, Qutub Minar Main Branch. I’ve worked for your bank for over 15 years and have had nothing but the finest jobs during my time there. Sir, I am sending you this letter because I am the mother of two lovely girls, and it is with great sadness that I inform you that my oldest daughter was in a vehicle accident and shattered her foot. However, she has been hospitalized at the local clinic and is due to be discharged by the physicians today, and I need to go fill out the discharge paperwork.

My reason for coming is that my husband is on a business trip in Malaysia and won’t be back until next week, so I need to get to the clinic and release my kid. So, please give me a leave of absence from work tomorrow so that I may care for my son without having to worry about my career. I’m hoping you’ll understand and assist me with this issue. I’m looking for a prompt and favorable response from you, thank you for your time and cooperation.


Maria Singh

Complaint Letter to the Airline for Canceled Flight

This is a Sample Complaint Letter to Airline for Cancelled Flight. You can send this complaint letter to an airline company and ask them to cancel the flight that you have booked previously and now due to some emergency, you will not be able to make that flight.

Complaint Letter to the Airline for Canceled Flight


The HR Manager,

AirBlue Airlines,

Chandigarh, India

Subject: Complaint Letter to Airline for Canceled Flight

This request letter is in response to an AirBlue flight that was canceled at the last minute. I was on a business trip with many connecting flights when AirBlue Airlines canceled my flight in Chandigarh, leaving me stuck at Delhi International Airport. This is really unacceptable because I was on a work trip and arriving late is unprofessional. While I appreciate that delays are sometimes unavoidable, I believe that a customer should be notified of the cancellation well in advance of the scheduled departure time so that he or she may make alternate arrangements. I was trapped in the terminal for around an entire day since I had received no prior notice.

I hope you would examine your rules, and in the event of a flight cancellation, you should notify passengers far ahead of time so that they can also make alternative plans. I hope you report this to the appropriate authorities and ensure that this situation does not occur once more to me or anybody else, since it is tarnishing your airline’s excellent reputation.


Ikram Irfan

Complaining Letter about Canceled Flight


The HR Manager,

IndiGo Airlines,

Delhi, India

Subject: Complaint Letter to Airline for Canceled Flight

I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with your IND22015 flight delay from Delhi to Mumbai. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with a problem like this. Passengers purchase pricey tickets even though they have a vital job to complete or because they need to be at a specific location for a specific reason. But I presume you don’t think our commitments or tasks are significant.

I had a crucial meeting to attend that I was unable to do so due to your terrible service. This is not an appropriate manner in which to interact with your passengers. We are not compensated handsomely for such errors. If we pay a premium for your airline, we expect excellent service. The aircraft was delayed without warning because we had to wait for 4/8 hours at the airport. No one on the staff was willing to work with us. I’m sorry, but your quality has deteriorated. I will never fly with your company again. This was my most recent and most traumatic encounter. Thank you very much.


Daniyal Irfan

Resignation Letter to the HR Manager by Bank Employee

Sample resignation letter for branch manager, bank manager, production manager, sales manager, purchase manager, and branch level positions. You can modify these Formats according to your need.

Sample Resignation Letter to the HR Manager by Bank Employee


The HR Manager,

India State Bank,

Indore, India

Subject: Resignation Letter

Greetings Madam,

For the last 5 years, it has been a wonderful pleasure to work inside this bank’s name. In my field, I have a lot of opportunities to study and progress. With this, I’d want to notify you that, after considerable consideration, I’ve chosen to resign as audit head. In the last few years, I’ve realized the need for further education and have decided to take a sabbatical from my studies to seek a Ph.D. in the topic in order to enhance my tasks and obligations. I’ve always been fascinated by how different marketplaces are audited, and I’d like to develop my interest in this field.

Humbly approve my resignation and inform me of the procedures to be followed in the future. Also, it would be great assistance to me if you could provide a reference letter; this would assist me in getting into a reputable institution. Sir, I am expecting a prompt and positive response from you. Thank you for your time and cooperation, as well as all you have taught and assisted me with over my five years at your distinguished bank.


Ali Sethi

Branch Manager

India State Bank

Sample Letter of Resignation for Bank Job


The HR Manager,

Muslim Finance Bank,

Qutub Minar, India

Subject: Resignation Letter

Greetings Sir,

I hope you are in good health when you receive this message. Sir, I’m writing to advise you that I’ve decided to resign from the business. It was a hard choice to make, but I had no choice because I was offered a new position. As you are aware, I am now married with two children and must support them, but the wage package I receive from your bank is insufficient.

Working for your organization was a pleasure, and I received valuable work experience for my future profession. Working with your firm has helped me advance in my profession, and I appreciate your encouragement and belief in me. Please provide me with an experience letter so that I may begin my new employment. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Appreciate the time and cooperation, as well as all you’ve taught me and helped me with over my five years at your prestigious bank.


Saif Ali Khan

Senior Accountant

Letter to College Administration for Refund of Excessive Fees Paid

Sample application format for College Fee Refund. You should show proper cause in a formal manner. You can modify this format as your requirement. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Letter to College Administration for Refund of Excessive Fees Paid


The Finance Department

Aston University,

Birmingham, UK

Subject: Application for Fee Refund


I am a computer science undergraduate student at this Institute with the roll number 1101-CS-2022. I started at the department of computer science in the first week of January. This letter is to request a complete refund of my 7000 Great Britain Pound tuition charge. According to the College’s refund procedures outlined in the Student Manual, a full refund will be issued if the student withdraws from the course within six weeks of its start date. I am within that limit, as evidenced by the included withdrawal paper.

I am compelled to discontinue this course due to an automobile accident in which I broke both of my legs. I will be unable to attend the class for the next seven weeks (two months) since I will be having physical therapy. A note from my doctor, DR Harry Styles, as well as a copy of the hospital records, are enclosed. Thank you for your time and consideration in this situation; I look forward to obtaining the full refund.

If you have any queries or want further information, please contact me at 002124587 or alisblack@gmail.com.


Alis Black

Request Letter for Refund Fees


The Finance Department

Aston University,

Birmingham, UK

Subject: Application for Fee Refund

Respected Madam,

With all due respect, it is stated that I am an enrolled student at your prestigious university. My name is Harry Ali and I am a student of your university’s political science department with a roll number of 767900. I was happy studying at your university and I enjoy being here in the UK but as you may be or may not be aware that I originally belong to India. I have my parents back there in my country, I live alone here.

But last week my parents got into a severe accident and they both faced heavy injuries. I request you to please refund my fee for this semester as your policy says that I can if an important issue arrives. I need this money to get back home and pay the medical expenses of my parents so that I can be fit and sound and I can easily pay attention to my studies instead of getting worried about my parents all the time.

I am hoping for a quick and positive response, I hope that you will take my issue at an urgent speed and help me out in every way you possibly can. Thank you for your time.


Harry Ali

Sample Formats of Apology Email for Ragging to Juniors

Sample formats of Emails for Apology Email to Principal or Head for Raging/Juniors Ragging are provided below. Apology Letter to the Principal for Ragging. Multiple templates are here.

Easy Apology Email for Ragging

Respected Head of the Department,

Department of Computer Sciences.

Sir, I am writing this email to apologize to you for ragging the juniors. It was not intended and even though I am aware of the college rules and regulations regarding the ragging of students, knowing that is it strictly banned. Our friends’ group was only inquiring about the names and details of the newcomers when a girl promptly took it as ragging and made a huge mess. Sir, you can ask the newcomers; as it was a regular chit chat and they were laughing with us as well. The girl made lodged a complaint against me whereas, I still want to apologize for the act. It was not any sort of ragging; I am not blaming her either, she may have misunderstood it. I request you to accept my apology in this regard. I will make sure such a situation is never created again. Seeking your kind help.

Yours Obediently,

Nisha Gupta

Sample Apology Email to Principal

Respected Sir,

I hope this email finds you in the best of your health. Sir, please accept my deep apology for the ragging of the junior. I am very well aware that the act of ragging is prohibited on campus. I along with a bunch of friends was trying to have a chit chat with the newcomers and unintendedly we started ragging not realizing that we are being watched. Sir, it was my mistake and I sincerely apologize for the act. I have also said sorry to the juniors if they have felt bad but it was just for the sake of fun and no serious intentions to hurt any other person was there. I hope that you will provide me with another chance and dismiss the action taken against me. Kindly accept my genuine and heartfelt apology. This shall not happen ever again.

Thanking you.


Varun Kumar

Easy Template Apology Email to Principal for Ragging

Respected Principal,

Hope this email finds you well. I am writing this email to apologize as I have been charged with ragging a junior yesterday. Sir, that junior is my family friend and we already have very good terms. The senior teacher saw me with the newcomer and mistook it as if I am teasing the boy. Sir, you can inquire with the boy as well; we are already friends. Even though I am not at fault but still I want to apologize if any inconvenience was caused because of me. I shall be highly obliged to you if this complaint can be removed from my conduct file as well. Thanking you in anticipation.


Neha Sharma
Student ID

Apology Email to Senior for Ragging

Dear Sir,

This email serves as an official apology email for the ragging of a junior. Sir, I did not want to hurt the feelings of any person intentionally. It was not intense ragging and we all were in a very friendly mood. I wasn’t aware of what the boy was going through and he had recently lost his father, the questioning on the father’s occupation went ahead and later I got to know that his father passed away a few days ago. I am deeply sorry for my misconduct and I want to apologize to the boy as well. Sir, I never wanted that things go wrong like this. We were trying to have a friendly introduction to each other when the boy got hurt. Please accept my apology in this regard. I shall be very careful from now onwards.


Anushka Sharma
Student ID

Does Technology Play a role in making People feel more Isolated and Alone or not?

The following is an article on the topic: Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated and alone or not? And if it does how exactly this change takes place.

Does Technology Play a role in making People feel more Isolated and Alone or not?

The globe has shrunk to the size of a hamlet, and we are all connected through the internet and other technical means. Technology has brought us closer to the rest of the globe than ever before. We can now purchase and sell anything with the touch of a single button. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world. This is the age where we can get knowledge, entertainment, and so much more from the comfort of our own homes.

Technology is not just a menace to teens; anybody who uses technology on a regular basis suffers from loneliness and despair. People were more sociable a few years ago. People are becoming more self-conscious and doubting their self-esteem as a result of false beauty standards. Nowadays, social judgment is used as an excuse to avoid interpersonal connections. In this sense, social media platforms have played a significant influence. Because they are afraid of being evaluated by others, many are now hiding behind screens and avoiding personal connections. This justification, however, makes them feel even more lonely and alone. Instead of going out, many utilize social media to remain in contact with their friends. Humans are replacing people with technology tools such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, among others. As a result, they are feeling detached and lonely, which is exacerbating their depression.

There is no dispute that individuals feel alienated or separated from the rest of the world as a result of their excessive usage of technology. This is the period of the year when virtually everyone experiences loneliness or a lack of connection in their lives; it is also known as the Epidemic of Separateness. The latest technologies are isolating us in many ways; technology is separating us from one another as we are addicted to our latest gadgets such as smartphones, computers, and all other latest devices. These technologies demand our complete attention, and these technical instruments are pulling us apart. Feelings of separation or isolation can lead to a variety of psychiatric issues, some of which are life-threatening.